Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chavi taunting Meenakshi’s mum about the gift box being empty and no necklace in it. Emily’s mum also taunts her. Meenakshi asks her did she forget it at home. Vikram says your mum has done limit today. Meenakshi’s mum says I got it, I just checked sometime before. It means it got stolen. Meenakshi asks her to come and takes her. Sooraj and Sandhya are in room, and say everything is same here. The light goes. Sooraj says how did the light go. Meenakshi gets her mum in room and asks how can she blame on them for stealing if she did not bring anything. Meenakshi’s mum says I agree I always lie, but I really bought it for you. She argues and says I got it to get more respect, I went it to buy at less cost, I m ruined. Vikram comes to them.

Her mum describes it. Meenakshi shows a pic and asks it is this one. She shows Chavi’s pic. Vikram says its Sandhya’s gifted one. Meenakshi says yes, but how did it reach the market. Vikram says there is something that Chavi is hiding from us. Sooraj asks why did she come to him on his one call. She says you know it very well. He sees their shadows. She stands far and it looks like she hugged him. He recalls in FB, about meeting Ankur outside the house. He asks him to come. Ankur asks by what right are you calling me now, the relation ended the day you dropped Sandhya in govt quarter. Sooraj says whatever happened was over, but I understand your worry.

Ankur says no, this is lie, you can’t understand anyone’s pain expect your Bhabho and family, else you would have not hurt her, she has kept relation, as she came her by seven promises, and you have raised question on her vows and kicked her out, if she does not have place on your life and family, then why did you send Chotu to our home, why did you invite Sandhya, by what relation, are you taking advantage of her love and feelings. Sooraj says no Ankur ji, Bhabho wanted this. Ankur says Bhabho wanted you to get Sandhya come back home, why did you not agree at that time. He asks him to answer. He says I will tell you the truth, that you know Sandhya loves you a lot, she will do anything for you, she has hope that she will come back here, you want to give her hope and not accept her by heart. Sooraj says its happy function at home, we can talk later, please come.

Ankur says I m not done yet. He says after so much, she left everything and came here, for the hope that everything will become fine, and you are tying her in this hope that she has rejected abig change in her life. Sooraj asks what offer, I did not understand. Ankur shows the training letter to Sooraj, that two police officers from the country are chosen to get training in Scotland police, its like a dream come true, and Sandhya is one of them. Sooraj says its very good and proud thing for all of us.

Ankur says its not good, she is unlucky, as Sandhya is rejecting this offer for the hope you will accept her, I came to meet you for this, else I would have never come here where she was so much insulted, I tried to stop this relation from breaking, but you all refused it, then why are you finding it again in past, it has just memories, not relations. He says you refuse Sandhya for Bhabho, and invite for Bhabho, break her all hopes, end it, as she can move on in her life, you have broken her heart, don’t break her dreams.

He says I feel your family is creating problems in her duty, Bhabho have her promise and Babasa tested it, its enough, she gave many tests, not anymore, break the relation, so that she can move on in her career. She says you love her, so you can do this for her. Sooraj cries and sees Sandhya. Sooraj moves away and the shadows change. She again comes infront of him. He says forgive me, I did a big mistake. He says I should have not called you here, but I called you for Bhabho’s happiness, I did not think the meaning. She asks did you call me as Bhabho wanted. He says yes, Bhabho wanted you to come, and I invited you, I did not think you will get a new hope, I m giving you hope that you may think things will get fine between us.

He asks her to end her hope. Sandhya cries. He says I called you here for Bhabho’s sake, I have sent Chotu to you as you teach him well, and Meenakshi’s gift has our names, as I did not wish any issue to happen at the shop. He gives the money for Chotu’s fees and Meenakshi’s gift. She says you are not saying this, its your fear that’s making you say this. She smiles and says even you have the hope that our relation can get fine, else why did you dance with me, were you helpless. She says what did I see in your eyes, I know you still love me, you are open book which I can read, I know you.

Sandhya says I know you love me, I will say what you want and why, as we both know each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ankur what type of brother r u? She already said that what he did was big mistake and she excused him and then why are you creating problems in her life when its going to be settled..

    1. Soorath has silently rejected Sandhya Ji after his mom was shot during flight hijacking incident. He left Sandhya ji in her police quarter. No more testing to Sandhya ji by Rathis family. Rathis family is a full of crap. I think Sooraji should marry like meenakshi, then he will know the difference between Good wife vs bad wife. There is no point complaining about Ankur.

    2. Saradha killivalavan

      If you are unable to understand soorajz attitude and the way he tackles all the problems you please stop watching the story.don’t be so selfish human.

    3. Of course, I will not watch any show which ill-treat women. He called Sandhya ji when he filed case against government officer. Then, he called Sandhya Ji as “ASP Sandhya” after Sandhya Ji resolved the issue. I know Sooraji attitude very well. He forgot all the sacrifice was done by Sandhya ji to Rathis family. He left her because, his mum lost one kidney. When Bhabhasa did not appreciate Sandhya Ji, Soorath did not support Sandhya Ji. Is this a good attitude? He did not tackles this issue very well.

    4. Ankur is right. Sooraj left Sandhya for Bhaboo and invited her to function for Bhaboo… What a crap…

  2. Saradha killivalavan

    As I already told the writer should definitely wash out the Ankur character his presence will not allow Sandy to lead a happy life.He troubles her in either way. But they will definitely become together due Sandyz brilliance or due to her pregnancy. Hope to see the best result I the coming episodes.

  3. Sandhya suraj to telling is true and 100% correct.

  4. I wish sandhya gets pregnt…
    and babasa and sooraj requesting hr to return home….

    1. Saradha killivalavan

      I hope sooraj will not call her when he knows that she is pregnant. He has to call earlier otherwise Sandy may think that he calls back only for the sake of the child and not their true love. Moreover Bhabhoo will not let her go back once she stepped into the house. I hope sooraj will not call her again since sandy will not leave the house
      Their true love holds them together as they are Able to read each other.

  5. In bad time sooraj lost his intelligence and throw out sandhya .But when he understood her mistak and want to forgive from sandhya, ankur provokes sooraj for leaving her.

  6. are you know english?
    when ‘his’ and ‘her ‘use in gender?

    1. Before pointing at somebody first see ur own english…..u hav written ….are u know english…it should be…do u know english…… plz from next time first look at yourself…. 🙂 🙂

  7. Ankur is right. If Sooraj really wants Sandhya then he should have tell Ankur that I can’t live without Sandhya…. But he did not tell that seems he still feel that whatever happened to Bhaboo is because of Sandhya only….

  8. Life is not a game(regardless of this being tv series). Soorj can’t change his mind whenever he wants. He needs to learn that parents are very important but he has to live with his wife forever! He would never ask his mother to leave so why would he ask his wife. She will be mother of his children one day!

    1. I totally agree with you.

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