Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi threatening the pandit to go. The man asks his goons to beat Meenakshi. Zakir comes and stops them when the goons were about to hit Meenakshi. Sooraj brings the police. Everyone is shocked to see them. Zakir asks them not to move from their places. Taisa gets worried thinking who called the police. Meenakshi tells Sooraj that they are doing Misri’s child marriage. Zakir says I have seen everything, no need to say anything. He says I arrest you all for the crime of doing child marriage. He says you are criminals of humanity, not law.

Sooraj asks Taisa that she knows its crime for child marriage and Misri is so small who can’t take her name, what happened to her senses. Taisa asks him not to give any lecture, Misri is my grand daughter, who are you to interfere. Meenakshi says I m her mum, I gave her birth. Everyone is shocked. Vikram cries thinking about Misri who caught his finger, she identified him, but a father could not identify his daughter. He says why did Meenakshi do this, how can she make a father away from his daughter. Sandhya and Emily cry. Taisa asks Meenakshi is she mad. Meenakshi says I gave birth to Misri, she is part of my heart and body, she is not yours, but Bhabho’s grand daughter.

She says she is my blood. She says I can’t see this happening with my blood, my daughter. Sooraj can’t believe this. Meenakshis ays she won’t let this marriage happen. She says give my daughter and takes Misri. She hugs Misri and says I m your mum. She removes her ghunghat and bridal things. She kisses Misri and says I gave you birth. Taisa asks is she mad to say this again. Emily says how can any mum do this. She says how can she swap her child with someone else. Sandhya says even when we forget this, the question is why she did this, she has some reason, else she won;tt give her child to anyone else.

Vikram asks Sudha to tell whats the reason why Meenakshi did this. Sudha cries. Meenakshi sees mahendi on Misri’s hands and apologizes to her. She says she will make her literate like Sandhya, I will make you officer and you will shine my name. Meenakshi cries. She says I will not let your life ruin in child marriage. Taisa asks Meenakshi what is she saying, how dare she tell this. Taisa scolds her. Meenakshi says if I did not have courage today, no mum would have forgiven me, the truth is she is my daughter.

She says I can’t see this, my love made me go against you, I m criminal of you all, as I have swapped Misri with Kanha in the hospital, to have a son. Everyone is shocked. Meenakshi says Misri is my daughter. Taisa says do you think I m mad that I will believe you. Sooraj asks Meenakshi not to tell like this, it’s a big thing she is saying, if she is saying to save Misri, don’t worry, police is with you, you know swapping child is a crime. Sudha says Meenakshi did this to have a son, to please Bhabho with a grandson and make you proud of having a son. She says Meenakshi loves you a lot so she did this. Vikram says yes I can see her love that she swapped kids.

Sandhya says lets go home. Vikram says which home where I have a wife like Meenakshi. Sandhya says I know she did wrong, but please lets go home. Sooraj asks Meenakshi to tell the truth. Meenakshi says I m not lying, I know you won’t believe me, I lied many times in life, so no one believes me, but Misri is really my daughter, I swear on her. She hugs Misri and cries. Taisa’s bahu asks her not to come in Meenakshi’s words, she is a liar and wants my daughter, I won’t give her. Meenakshi says no, she is my daughter, go to hospital if you want to know the truth.

She says I m ready to do any tests, she is my daughter. She says no one can deny this. Everyone is stunned. The guy’s family sign to run, but Zakir stops them. Zakir says he will not leave the pandit and Taisa’s family too. Everyone will be charged in this case. He says he will not leave anyone. The guests apologize as they came as relatives. Zakir says come with me else I will drag you to police station. He asks Lohya to arrest all of them. Zakir thanks Sooraj for helping police for doing his duty and he will take action on the, but what Meenakshi did is a legal crime. She says I have to take action against her. Sooraj says yes. Zakir leaves.

Chavi says she has done all the work and now can go to market and get best rakhis for her brothers. She says but Dilip’s document is going to come, someone has to be at home, but Pushpa will manage. Psuhpa stops Chavi and says she has to go to market to get rakhis, does she want anyone. Chavi gets an idea and asks her to get utensil shine powder. She explains the address. Pushpa does not understand. Chavi asks what happened, I know its tough, so I was thinking will you find or not, shall I go and get the items. She says I was not going as Dilip’s document is coming, but things should look good infront of guests, you receive the post.

Pushpa says I m glad to see you worry for home, but you have to arrange home items too, you be at home. She says ask the maid to clean the utensils and change the curtains at home. She says tell me what you want, I will bring. Chavi says nothing. Pushpa leaves. Chavi says she left leaving all work on me and went to market alone, I will do something that she sends me to market herself. Meenakshi tells Sooraj that she did not tell Vikram, but when she has given Misri to someone else, she did not sleep with peace. She says she loves Kanha a lot, but I could not forget Misri.

Zakir comes with Taisa. Taisa argues with Meenakshi. Meenakshi says she is my daughter, I won’t give. Sooraj says we will discuss and solve this, where will you take her, you are not going home, this truth will come out one day, so be patient. Taisa gets angry and says I will not leave Meenakshi. Zakir says come and takes her. Misri cries and Taisa stops seeing her cry. She leaves. Misri gives hand to Taisa as she wants to go to her. Sooraj says Meenakshi lets go home and talk. She says what will I tell them, how will I explain them. Sooraj says you have to accept your mistake, regret for it, you have to face it.

Bhabho asks Vikram what did Meenakshi do. Sooraj asks Meenakshi to say. Meenakshi says Kanha is not your grandson, he is Taisa’s grandson. Bhabhi is shocked and goes to her in anger.

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