Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th September 2013 Written Update

Bhabho tells Meena that she had been to SurYa house to give the marks sheet. Meena wants to know about Sandhya wearing maxi and she indirectly questions Bhabho. Bhabho has flashback of she giving marks sheet to Sandhya and Sandhya taking her blessings. Bhabho assumes Meena is talking about Sandhya’s studies and Meena assumes Bhabho is talking about maxi. Meena asks whether Bhabho is hurt (assuming seeing Sandhya in maxi) and Bhabho answers it is their wish and she won’t interfere (assuming Sandhya’s IPS). Meena feels happy that Bhabho has no issues with maxi.

Suraj while making envelopes notices marks sheet and opens it. Sandhya still making bed and lost in Bhabho world. Suraj opens marks sheet and sees Sandhya has got 80% and says it is

less than before but not bad. Sandhya still in Bhabho world. Suraj reads all the marks of each subjects and appreciates. Sandhya suddenly remembers something and comes to Suraj. Suraj thinks she is going to tell something about marks but Sandhya is worried that she did ask Bhabho to have tea when she had come. Suraj teases her that she has made a big mistake and when they will go back to RM, Bhabho would teach her. Sandhya is worried over her mistake but then realizes Suraj is teasing her. Suraj reminds her that now she has completed graduation, she needs to study for civil service exam and apply for UPSC as DSP had informed him. Sandhya says she will manage everything. Suraj says he knows she will but she needs to go to bed early so that she can wake up early tomorrow and accomplish all. He makes her sleep and tells that he will be seated until Sandhya is asleep. Sandhya is unable to sleep and still thinking about Bhabho, She suddenly remembers something and asks Suraj whether her pallu was over her head when Bhabho had come. Suraj is irritated and he asks her to sleep. Sandhya is going on and on and Suraj shuts her up and asks her to not speak. She finally agrees and fakes sleeping. Suraj then sleeps turning to the other side. Sandhya opens her eyes again. Suraj feels tickling and warns Sandhya but Sandhya says she is not doing anything. He then gets up and feels something crawling and finally a cockroach falls from his kurta. Sandhya says it is cockroach and throws it out.

The next morning, Bhabho got up early and is soaking mehendi powder. She remembers everyone by name and adds handful of mehendi and worries it is only two daughter-in-laws and not three. She then starts washing some vessels. Emily comes down and offers to do. Bhabho asks her to on the geyser.

Someone gives the pot to Bhabho for washing. Bhabho thinks it is Chavvi seeing the nighty and wonders how come Chavvi got up so early. Meena says it is her and not Chavvi. Bhabho looks at her and she is wearing a nighty with feather-like designs. Bhabho shouts at her saying what dress she is wearing, looking like some bird’s nest. She shouts at her for being shameless. Meena is shocked and says she is following Bhabho’s words. Bhabho is shocked what and Meena reminds her the previous night conversation where Bhabho tells they can do whatever they like assuming IPS. Bhabho shouts that Sandhya was not wearing maxi and she was referring to her studies. Meena realizes and asks Bhabho to forgive as she had a misunderstanding. Bhabho shouts her to change the dress quickly and leaves from there. Emily is laughing loud watching this and Meena feels insulting and vows to take revenge for Emily laughing on her.

Sandhya wakes up and sees it already 8 o’clock. She is shocked and runs to open the tap. Suraj is getting ready and tells her water has stopped and he could manage only a half bucket of water. Sandhya is worried she has lots of work to do and there is no water. Suraj tells her they can bring water from street tap. Sandhya says she will go but Suraj stops her asking her to do some other work and he will get water.

Suraj is filling water in the street. Bhabho, Daisa and co. coming that way speaking about Teej preparations and all. Daisa notices Suraj and does not miss the chance to mock Bhabho. She asks Suraj why he is filling water as water had come on right time in the houses. Suraj says “yes, but,” and looking at Bhabho beside stops himself. Daisa says Sandhya got up late and it is not her fault as all know Sandhya is a baby when it comes to housework and now, there are no elders also in the house to guide her (looking at Bhabho). They leave from there. Suraj takes the water. Bhabho is thinking about Sandhya’s house management and thinks she might not remember Teej also. Bhabho is worried as she does not want Sandhya to forget Teej as it is symbolic of Suraj’s long life and family’s prosperity. She thinks of how to remind Sandhya about Teej.

Precap: Suraj notices that Sandhya had marked a big circle on the date of Teej on the calendar. He thinks he was simply worried but Sandhya remembers it and has marked it already. Sandhya standing in the line for UPSC application. She is thinking she could not have breakfast in a hurry and thinks of having some samosas.

Update Credit to: b2011

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