Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2013 Written Update
Episode starts with Emily entering the Rathi house first, and she is welcomed by Meena, and just after a minute Bhabo and SurYa enters, and Bhabo gives Meena the expensive lehenga and Chavi is jealous on seeing that.

Meena is very happy and says she will gel well with the expensive jewellery of Bhabo and this beautiful lehenga, Bhabo asks Sandhya to give her bangles and Sandhya gave them those, and Meena is all the more happy, but Chavi cannot digest with Meena getting everything, and says to Bhabo of partiality, says she never buys good things for her own daughter.

Bhabo says the love she is getting is more than enough and why she is hankering for all the jewelleries and dresses, says her to stop wearing high-heels, Chavi says it is not her, and Bhabo asks then whose it is, Meena says Sandhya’s friend has come to wish Meena congrats for her godvarai

Meena asks Emily to do a good make up of her so that she can win against Dhaisa’s DIL anyhow and Emily goes around doing make-up.

Suddenly Meena goes out for some work, Emily spots Mohit and calls him, Mohit is shocked to see Emily at his own house and manages to ask her that how come she is here?

Emily says how come he is acting that he got all tensed on seeing Emily here and says him to talk to Bhabo about their wedding fast as she had to hear a lot of things from her parents for keeping things hanging in balance and her parents are really worried as to Mohit’s intention. Mohit says he is trying to find some suitable opportunity but is yet to get that opportunity.

Bhabo now spots Emily and asks how come she is here. Sandhya too came and asks her, but Meena came and says she has brought her over here to do make-up in proper way so that she can give a good fight to Dhaisa’s DIL, Bhabo was not approving of assigning Emily to task, but Meena pleads with Bhabo and says ther make-up is important to win over Dhaisa’s DIL and finally Bhabo gives-in with her demands.

Bhabo also gave a payal to Meena for wearing. Meena is elated on getting that and says Bhabo cares her more than even her own mother.

Meena takes away Emily with her.

Sandhya looks worried and was about to go away when Bhabo asks her to accompany her to kitchen, and asks her to cut some fruits and give it to Meena as she will forget about eating and taking care of her health while dressing and doing makeup.

Sandhya says if she will give fruits to Emily also or not, Bhabo thinks for a moment and then says to give her fruit also as she is a guest here, but asks Sandhya to use a separate utensil for that.

Sandhya says it will look odd, but Bhabo justifies herself, saying that in their house people eat meat, fish and so on, and so it is imperative for her to give in separate utensil
Sandhya was in a pensive mood and was cutting fruits, finally was taking it in a single dish, when Bhabo came at the last minute and accosted Sandhya, Sandhya says it won’t look good if we differentiate with guests, but Bhabo says this is a matter of different cultures and habits, and asks Chaturi to send the fruits on a different dish. Bhabo sends off Sandhya to her room to dress up for the occasion.

Sandhya was dressing up, and was wearing jewellery when Suraj came, and says he was surprised to see Emily in the house with her sad state of affairs and why she chose to come here at this time of crisis, Sandhya says she is also worried and tells Suraj that she knows that the boy is of Hanuman-Gali itself and Emily was conversing with her but she could only spot the boy’s watch, but couldn’t see her and neither did Emily tell her the name of the boy.

Suraj says whoever it may be, but he doesn’t know how to love a person properly, also says he doesn’t know the meaning of true love He further says had that boy loved Emily truly, then he would never have left her in this state and would have been by her side as her biggest support.

Now Mohit comes and hands Suraj some boxes, says those boxes were in his room and Bhabo asked them to bring down as and when required, and so he is giving to Suraj.

While he was handing over the boxes, Sandhya notices Mohit’s watch.

Mohit’s watch suddenly set Sandhya thinking

Precap—> Sandhya is busy looking after the guests, Bhabo is busy arranging everything, Emily was looking out for Mohit here and there and was about to set foot on the area where the idols are kept, and Bhabo stops her just at the right moment and went up to her to teach her some rules

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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