Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with suraj telling bhabho that if it was a truth he would have accepted without any further argument. adds that he knows that sandy is telling lie & doesn’t know the reason behind this & he can’t give up her dream for this lie. Suraj tells that he will prove it too. Suraj asks sandy what was she doing in that shop late night & tells that she has proof for everything always & promises that he will not question further if she proves. Everyone gets stunned. Suraj asks her the reason.

Suraj asks her to prove it. Sandy keeps quiet meanwhile someone knocks the door & chaturi finds a wrapped stuff. Sandy asks her to give it to suraj & tells him that the answers are there in that. Suraj opens that & finds a photo. Everyone gets shocked.
Surya packing the sweets the last day. Babasa comes & asks suraj’s help in opening the box. While opening the lid hits his photo & the frame breaks. Bbabasa considers it as a abshagun. Sandy tells that she will correct it before tomorrow.
Flashback ends

Babasa recognises that phot. Sandy tells that she went to the shop for taking this photo & adds that she took candles along wth her. Bhabho asks suraj whether he wants some more proof & asks emily to bring the second matka. Emily is worried. Suraj is disheartened & sits on the sofa

Bhabho asks mohit whether his wife went to pick up pot or make the pot. Mohit goes to call her & orders her to follow bhabho’s deeds. Emily tells that she needs to tell him some imp matter. Meena goes to spy on emily. Emily confesses the truth to mohit & meena hears this Emily tells that sandy is taking the blame on her for her sake. Emily tells that she will tll the truth to bhabho but mohit stops her telling that bhabho will leave andy with this matka but hse will ask him one lakh. Emily tells that it is not right. But mohit asks her to choose btw him & sandy. Meena thinks it is good opportunity to tell everyone abt emily to bhabho. Meena tells that it is important. Meena tries to tell something but stops seeeing on sandy. & starts blabbering that some they must do some pooja to avoid buri nazar on this wedding adds that after this chavi ‘s life got spoiled and now suraj’s shop. Bhabho shuts her up.

Bhabho tells that it is all because of sandy . Meena thinks that she will make emily dance to her tunes here after & feels happy for the second MP & adds that for the sake of sandy’s second MP she has to kep something secret.

break: Bhabho breaks the second MP telling that sandy hide the truth from everyone that she left the shutter open & made suraj suffer loss. Suraj is upset

Bhabho tells that bcoz of sandy’s work sura suffered loss & she kept mum & treats this as second mistake & breaks the matka. Suraj shed tears. Sndy looks at thes like a robot without any reaction. everyone leaves the spot one by one. Vikram suspects meena. Emily creis & leaves. Meena smirks & leaves.

SAndy also shed tears now & stares at the broken matka & keeps her hand on suraj’s shoulder bt he leaves out of ire & disappointment.

Break : Sandy talking to her parents photo that she can’t fuflfill her dream leaving her beloved sin disappointment & pain.

Sandy comes to her room & closes the door. She looks at her parents photo & starts telling apologising for not fulfilling their dream. Adds that suraj did his best to support her & her dream & tells that she broke his heart today bcoz she can’t leave behind her family for her dream. Then she looks at suraj’s photo & tells that she knows that those matkas were very important for him & if he see from her angle that she can’t bear those pain of bhabho. Those three matkas were a big pain for bhabho. Adds that what win & loss in btw beloveds. Adds that she can’t give so much pain to her mother & also she is ready to give up her dream for her mother.

Precap: Dilip & his mom arrive at RM. Emily tells that they can’t see chavi now. Bhabho & chavi stay back at balcony & bhabho worries how long can they hide the truth. Dilip’s mom asks sandy to tell the truth. Sandy tells that the matter is something like… & the precap stops.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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