Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho getting unwell. Vikram and Mohit asks the nurse and doctor about her. The doctor says we removed the bullet but her kidney is badly affected. We had to remove kidney to save her life and she is serious now. Babasa asks why are they removing kidney. The doctor says the infection would have been throughout the body. Sooraj asks her to tell is she out of danger, will she get fine. The doctor says we can’t say anything, as we don’t know how much infection has spread. They all are shocked. Babasa says when she sees me, she will be fine, let me meet her. Mohit stops him. Vikram says you can’t meet her. Babasa says I can’t be here, let me go. Sooraj cries. Sandhya recalls Babasa’s words.

She goes away and cries standing far from them. Zakir comes to her. She says Sooraj ji, Babasa, I can’t manage them, my family is breaking, everything is ending, Bhabho has to survive. He says I wish we could take time back and save Bhabho from getting shot, but Sandhya whatever happened, you can’t blame yourself. He says I heard what Babasa told, and his anger, his pain was saying it, not his heart, I was there with you and protected everyone, we did this against RK and its our bad luck that Bhabho got shot, its not our carelessness, no one can blame you, I will offer Namaz and Bhabho will be fine, only Lord knows what will happen now.

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He says whatever is the result of the operation, you can’t blame yourself. Meenakshi informs others. Vikram and Mohit give hope to Babasa. Bhabho recalls her life and Sooraj. She recalls her family and the happy moments. Emily sees Bhabho getting senses and smiles. She tells everyone to come soon. They all see Bhabho and smile. Bhabho recalls her children, their weddings, Sandhya and Sooraj. She gets disturbed thinking about terrorists and cries. Her heart rate drops. The nurse calls doctor. Meenakshi says whats happening.

Sooraj recalls how Bhabho was shot to save his life. He sees Bhabho infront of him as bright light. He smiles and is she fine. She stops him and says don’t hold me, I have to go now, I have to come to take your leave. Sooraj asks leave? What are you saying Bhabho? Where are you going? Bhabho cries. He asks where is she going? She says my time is over, even I did not wish to go so soon, all my work is incomplete but its said children are part of a mum, and I don’t have any worry in your presence, will you complete my works. He asks what is she saying, don’t tell this. She says I know you will do your best and take care of the family.

She says don’t forget your family, I wanted to see your children, but I have to go, I don’t have any worry, get a good job for Mohit and take care of Meenakhi, but control her. She says take care of Babasa. He asks can he stay without her, did she not think of him, will she leave him? Everyone run inside the ward and see Bhabho. He doctor treats her. Bhabho sees everyone and looks for Sooraj. Sooraj tells Bhabho that he will die without her. Babasa asks Bhabho to leave him. The doctor asks them to go out. Babasa asks Bhabho not to go. She gets serious and closes her eyes. They all are shocked.

Bhabho’s heart beat sinks. Everyone cry seeing her. She is heart pumped and still her heart beat goes flat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. one more crap agan gona b started……..hw can one be so lazy dat he cant even drink his own tea n is being offered by someone…n what names r they keeping 4 d characters???titu??chi………..didnt they get gud names?if no they would have atleast googled it so that they would get a few……….

  2. Tell director to end the show if they are going to make bhabho die and all are going to blame sandhya for her death..
    This is becoming a BIG CRAP SHOW!!

    1. S u r correct sandhya life is over.they bringing sooraj character as negative

      1. Don’t bring sooraj character as negativetive.he is the only person who always loves cares and supports her and that is the beauty of diya baati

  3. nothing happend to babhoo…this is only for TRP stunt…babhoo never die ..b’coz she has to correct chavi….and she has to wear the hairfill ornament..she will come back soon as safe and to support sandhya

  4. What a stupid show. Pathetic writer and the maker of the show

  5. sujal in trauma, lost his senses, no more feelings for sandhiya, he will blame sandhiya. For his mums condition, rathi fammily will throw her out, zakir will suport her, she will cry in his shoulders…in anger she will except zakir, zakir loves her, but never expressed to her, as she had proper loyal husband(sooraj)…and very in love couple, zakir will express his love and care for her….she will never love some1 same as Sooraj, very heart broken, and angry aswell, in her fammily,…y are backing her….in stead of suporting her….

  6. New twist Sandhya pregnant, bhabho serious but Sandhya reveals her the news she comes back to life, babasa feels guilty of saying bad stuff to Sandhya and ask for forgiveness……

    1. Are u sure ??

  7. I hate bhabo n bhabhasa

  8. All commenters have better imagination than the writers of dabh!

  9. The producer, director and writer have become mad to tale a bad turn in the once upon a nice serial.. They have no care for the viewers feelings or opinion. Insiead of giving only suffering to Sandhya they can end the serial by killing Sandhya, Sooraj along with Baboo.It is really very sad.

  10. It seems Till January 1st this hospital scene will be dragged.. on January 1st they will come home and celebrate new year.

  11. d most dumbest show foolin all viewers !! actors witout evn a facial xpression. dumb ppl

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