Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pawar telling Sandhya that the money she caught was his money. She looks at the goons. He says I also kept an eye on you. She fools Pawar and says lets talk there, not infront of everyone. She says come. Pawar says I will be back, don’t shoot. He asks so what were you saying. She says will you take whole money, even I got this IPs post after much hardwork, so I want 20% and 80% yours. He says what are you saying, are my ears ringing, please repeat. She says yes, I m taking 20%. He says I will fall in your feet if you say this. He says but first day, you said someone else. She says I need money, I have to show honesty to staff.

He says you know this very well as you handle many men. Pawar says are you playing a game of police and thief. She says no, will I take risk being your enemy, its start and then we have to share everything. She says we don’t have any witness, about this gunman I will handle him, the news will print that the goons took the cash. Pawar smiles. She says this deal is good for you, you know my powers. Pawar says felt I m the khiladi, but you are the best. She says education works. He says first day, honesty trailer and now the real film. She says tell me do you agree. He says yes, I m not a fool, it will be fun.

He says I agree. She says good. I will take my money and then you take. Sandhya gets in the car and takes the money. Pawar asks the goons to take the money. Sandhya says take this. The man takes it. Sandhya says you look his right hand, you got good money, he will give you half. She says looks like he gives you less money. She says but you should give you more, he is using you, will this go on. Pawar calls him. Sandhya says will you work this while life or do anything big. She says I don’t have any profit, but if you want to do anything big, I can help you, lets share 50-50. She says you don’t have time to think, if you want to become rich.

Pawar says bring my money. Sandhya asks do you agree, give the money to him, else agree with me. The man agrees. Sandhya says take this money and meet me at Jaipur highway, go run. The man runs. Pawar is shocked. Pawar asks his goons to catch him. Pawar too leaves. Sandhya says lets go. The gunman sits in the car. Pawar sees the man running and follows him. The man falls. Pawar and his goons catch him. The man gets afraid. Pawar scolds him. Pawar takes the money bag. The man apologizes. Pawar beats him for cheating him and taking away his money. The man says Sandhya was telling me to do this, to take 50%.

Pawar asks did you take money from this. The man says no, I was running. Pawar opens the bag and sees newspapers. He is shocked and gets angry. The man says Sandhya has fooled you and me. Pawar says she has played smart, I have to teach her a big lesson, I will not leave her. Pawar leaves with his goons. Kavita scolds Pawar for failing and gets angry. She says Sandhya has given me second shock, first seized wine and now cash. She says no, I won’t let you ruin my dream. She says I have to something to get more votes which Sandhya can’t stop. Its morning, Bhabho calls Meenakshi. Meenakshi starts her talk and asks where did Sooraj go at night. Bhabho says you also do night duty with Sandhya, you will know everything.

Bhabho says stop this talk. Laxman comes and brings vegetables. He says I will help you. Bhabho says no, we will do it. Laxman talks to Meenakshi and taunts her. Meenakshi is scared of losing money. Bhabho calls Chaturi to help them. Laxman thinks Chaturi won’t come as he filled her ears. Meenakshi is shocked to see Chaturi doing fashion. Bhabho sees her too. Everyone are puzzled. Meenakshi says you are looking fashion shop, did you not hear Bhabho calling you. Chaturi taunts her and Meenakshi scolds her. Bhabho asks Chaturi to do the work. Chaturi says I will not do. Bhabho asks what, are you mad, go and do. Chaturi says I have a meeting, I m going out. Bhabho says are you drunk. Emily asks what meeting.

Meenakshi says her friends might be coming to go to Mela. Chaturi says you are right, now I won’t work here, Mrs. Agarwal called me so I m going to meet her, I m getting late. Bhabho says then why did you tell to increase your pay. Chaturi says you should have understood. Babasa says let Sooraj come, then we will talk about it, make a tea for me. Chaturi leaves. Laxman is happy. Bhabho says let her go, I won’t stop her. Chaturi thinks no one is stopping her. Chaturi comes back and acts sweet to Bhabho. She says she will help Bhabho.

Babasa says Chaturi won’t leave our house. Bhabho says Sooraj and Sandhya told me to increase your pay last week. Chaturi is happy. Sandhya and Sooraj come. Laxman tells Bhabho and everyone about Sandhya seizing money from Pawar by becoming Maa Durga. He says she faced Pawar and his goons who had guns. She was not afraid and made them run. He says she saved the money. Bhabho gets worried and looks at Sandhya.

Bhabho calls the gunman and asks him to fire in air. He says I can’t fire. Bhabho says I m giving the order, shoot. Taisa smiles.

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