Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babasa liking the sofa and asking Ankur its price. Mohit and Vikram like the big home, and Mohit says his salary is 30000rs. Vikram says ask for job for me too. Mohit says then shall I take over the saree shop and jokes. Ankita thanks them for coming, and this show they regard them as family. Babasa jokes on food and Ankita smiles. Ankur says this to everyone, that they are lucky, as their foot has brought smile on Ankita’s face. Ankita congratulates Sandhya for her twins, and says we should have a small party at home.

Bulbul comes and asks why are they partying, is Ankita bringing new baby for them. Ankita says Lord heard her prayers, and Sandhya will bring two babies, she can play with them. Bulbul asks really, and hugs Sandhya thanking her, and asks her to bring the twin babies, they will play and have fun. Bhabho says some months should go fine, then Meenakshi’s baby, Sandhya’s twins, Pari and Misri will make a line of babies in our house.

Sandhya prays and smiles seeing Sooraj practice fatherhood with the teddy bears. She asks what happened. He says nothing, I m trying to manage. She jokes saying its tough. He says no, and gives her one, saying if four hands manage, then we can, we have family too. She says we will play with them. She asks if the babies cry. He says I will manage them. He says some things are not to be learnt, they are in heart.

She says when the babies cry, I will give them to you, don’t spoil them by love. Sooraj asks them to ask Sandhya did she get spoiled by his love. He says if we have two sons, then Jai Veeru, if its girls, then Jaya and Veera. She says its filmi names. He asks her to say if she thought something. Ankita comes and gives them babies’ pic frame. Sandhya says its nice. She reads and says it means we had one wish and Lord have two. Sooraj thanks Ankita. Ankita says most welcome.

Babasa and everyone sit for dinner. Shaalu’s child is unwell and she says she brought the child along. Ankita says I will come. Babasa says Chavi called and says she reached well and got good housing. Sandhya says yes, and asks Ankita about that kid. Ankita says yes, some cold and cough. Babasa asks Sooraj not to eat much at night, else Sandhya will go out and walk. Babasa asks for mango pickles. Bhabho says she has to think something so that Sooraj and Sandhya sleep peacefully. Shaalu brings the baby holding him in baby carrier, and Sooraj gets an idea.

Sooraj ties Sandhya’s leg to his leg. He asks her not to be naughty, as he heard Bhabho saying what mum does, babies learn that. She says one can go on me, and other will go on you, cute, simple, I will manage that one. They have a sweet argument and she goes to sleep. Sooraj talks to the baby and says he will take care of them, and do their good upbringing, your life will go ahead by your choice, I will become the best dad. He says now you both sleep, else your mum will wake up. He rests to sleep.

Sandhya wakes up and Sooraj makes her sleep again. Its morning. Sandhya says its unfair to have such veg food and you are having pakodas. He gives her and she smiles. Bhabho asks was it fine at night, did Sandhya woke up. Sooraj says no, it was fine. Bhabho says she is going with Babasa, and Emily has gone to Meenakshi’s Maayka. He asks her what is he eating. He says Sandhya is pregnant, I can’t share her feelings, but I can share the food like she is eating, to have same taste. Bhabho says she might have worked from last birth to get husband like my Sooraj. Sandhya says see what Bhabho said. They smile and hear someone asking to save her child.

Everyone ask Bulbul to open the door and Bulbul refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lost intrest to see the show……

    sooraj can use the idea of tighing legs in rathi house…no need to leave rathi house…
    Stupid director…..non sence of dragging.

  2. now whats dis bulbul drama??????
    what kinda ajeeb names they put 4 d characters……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yuk

  3. How sweeett hubby u r….every husband should think about wife’s feeling when she is pregnent…
    And one good news— suraj won’t leave DABH..deepika clears that issue..

  4. Yipeeee my suraj is not leaving the show …he is awesome

  5. He is the best….love him….he is the best of all… you suraj rathi

  6. Love you suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj. ….really u r the best…,thank god u r not leaving the show becoz of that stupid sandhya. …idiot

  7. Love you suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj. ….u r the best actor ever seen on TV

  8. Someone tell me.did deepika apologize to anas or otherway round.will anas leave the show.please someone answer

    1. At that time , Anas will not

  9. kick the director

    Director is such a careless man. He has no control to their artist. If he takes any responsiblility, Anas Rashid & Deepika Singh’s fight is not caused.
    But nice to hear, both are sort out their problem.

    today’s episode is nice. sooraj is nice to reveal their dream about upcoming child.

  10. I love sandhya and her boobs i want to kiss her forever

  11. You are correct ns4

    1. sycho ravi….. u must visit mental hospital or psychiatrist

    2. sycho ravi….. u must visit mental hospital or psychiatrist

    3. plz change ur name as DRAINAGE…

  12. very nice. Thank God your problem solved. Suraj and Sandhya you both are perfect couple.

  13. Ever since the director is changed the story line is going all wrong . no interest in d show now pls bring back d old director rohit……..

  14. 1000 no episode , Dabh will take leap.

    before leap story turns to dangerous.
    sooraj sandhya give their one baby to
    bulbul without bhabo’s opposing.
    when bhabo makes to bulbul ,
    bhabasa will die.

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