Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Zakir seeing the staff gossip about Sabarwal’s death and Zakir’s involvement. Sandhya scolds them and says we are part of a system, Zakir is honest and he is facing this, this can happen with you too, I m warning you this matter should not go out. Zakir leaves. Zakir gives Sandhya all the documents and his passport as well. He says this is all the research of RK’s case, and it has all the updates. She says yes, it will be needed. Zakir cries. She says I m sure you will be clean out of the enquiry. Zakir asks can I go out if you permit. She nods yes, and stops him. She says a friend won’t permit you. They hear people protesting against Zakir. They go out to see.

The media comes there. Sandhya and Zakir looks on. Sabarwal’s wife blames Zakir for his death. Sandhya says I understand your pain, police is doing the work. The lady pushes Zakir. The reporters call Zakir a traitor. Zakir says I did not get this uniform by begging. He says he did not cheat. The people try to beat him, and Sandhya stops them. She says I request you all to respect the laws. Sandhya brings Zakir somewhere. She says even Lord has to give agnipariksha when time comes. Zakir says everything changed in one moment, no one respects me now, they make fun of me behind my back.

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She says I regret that its tough to explain everyone. She says tomorrow everything will change, it’s a trap and its RK’s network behind this, they did this as you got the arms, so that we get weakened, but we should not become weak. Zakir nods yes and says we will blame each other here and they will burn our home, its easy to spoil anyone’s image and doubt on honesty, strength is in unity and RK is not a human, he is a filth of our society, till we get rid of doubt, the disease won’t go.

She reminds him what they learnt in academy, trust me, we will win. She says we can’t lose. He says yes, but they also taught honesty should not be doubt. She gets the news about RK’s update, come soon. She says we are coming. She says lets go Zakir. Zakir says you go, our ways are differed now, you do your duty. He leaves. Sooraj tells Bhabho that they should get Meenakshi now. Meenakshi comes with her mum. Her mum gets angry and scolds them as Vikram left her home. Bhabho says she understands her pain. Bhabho says your daughter did mistakes too.

Meenakshi’s mum says whats your son doing, you want freedom from my daughter, fine, I have a condition, give her rights, if Vikram worked on the shop, she also worked hard. Meenakshi says what are you saying, I don’t want share, but Vikram. Her mum says Vikram got a woman in his life. Bhabho asks Meenakshi will she go when she gets the share. Meenakshi says no, I won’t leave with share, I will stay here, I don’t want any share. Meenakshi’s mum asks for their share.

Sooraj says Meenakshi is still the bahu of this house, if you want to end relation, then talk about share. Her mum says what relation, it will be only deal now, will we be quiet if you throw out Meenakshi, I will bring everyone here. Vikram shouts enough. Babasa says why did he come. Vikram asks them to get lost. Her mum says we won’t go, we will not leave you. Vikram pushes them out of the house. Sandhya thinks how to tell everyone about Zakir, they will be shocked. She sees Vikram shutting door on Meenakshi and her mum’s face. They leave. She thinks where is she taking Meenakshi.

Chavi tells Dilip and Pushpa that its not safe to keep jewelry at home. She suggests that they should invest money. Dilip says yes, we can invest in property, its safe and beneficial, Chavi’s idea is not bad. Chavi says yes, there are good projects in city, you can think about this. Pushpa says she agrees with Chavi, they should sell jewelry and buy property. Chavi gets glad.Pushpa says my jewelry is fake, why don’t Chavi sell her jewelry. Chavi is shocked. Babasa tells Sandhya everything, what Meenakshi’s mum said, she wants shop’s half share, find some way.

Bhabho says I wanted to unite them, but all this happened. Bhabho asks her to solve the problem. Sandhya suggests something and Babasa agrees. He asks Sooraj to get Vikram fast. Soorraj brings Vikram and they start the acting. Vikram says he will not leave Meenakshi and put case for baby swapping on her. Babasa says this will take long time, find some way that you can stay with Prema with love. Bhabho asks Sandhya to tell some way as she knows law. Sandhya says she has a way, but…. Babasa says we will agree. Sandhya says there is a way where Meenakshi’s mum won’t mind, and Vikram can be in peace.

They agree to listen to her. Sandhya says the way is like Vikram decided to start a new life with Prema, lets make Meenakshi remarry. Vikram is shocked. They look at his reaction.

Maya tells Disha and Prema about getting arms again. Prema says if she gets the material, she can do this work in Rathi house. Prema says the work will be done.

Update Credit to: Amena

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