Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Bhabho what did the doctor say. Bhabho asks them all to get tea, soak pulses, get toys and clothes, everything in double quantity. Sandhya smiles. They get puzzled why is Bhabho saying two for everything. Mohit says yes, as Vikram will also have baby along with Sooraj’s. Bhabho asks Babasa to get chains for Meenakshi and Sandhya’s, one for Meenakshi’s and two for Sandhya’s. He asks what, why two for Sandhya’s, whats this riddle, I don’t understand.

Sooraj also smiles and looks on. Bhabho takes book from Misri. Babasa jokes on her. Bhabho draws of four foots and Babasa asks why did she make this. Bhabho says how to explain you all, that Sandhya will be giving birth to twins. They all get glad. Vikram and Mohit hug Sooraj. Babasa too hugs him and says congrats, you made me grandfather of two grandchildren. Vikram and Mohit become horse and Babasa jokes that he is seeing donkeys became horse for the first time.

Bhabho says Sandhya’s news is known to everyone, but don’t say anyone about the twins. She says she has sleepwalking habit and we have to take care of her. Mohit says don’t worry, I will be awake till half night then Vikram. Vikram says yes. Sooraj asks them, will Babasa do your work. Babasa says he will be awake all night. Bhabho asks Sooraj how can he be awake all night and be at shop in day, he will get ill, we need some solution. Emily says we should keep Sandhya where there are no stairs and no need to stay awake. Bhabho says she is right, we will go somewhere till her delivery, then come back. She asks where is such place. Ankur comes and says he has one house in his sight. They smile seeing him and welcome him.

Ankur greets them. Bhabho asks him does he know such place, can they get today. Ankur says Sandhya can go there right away. He says her Maayka, my home. He says I know you will not wish to leave Sandhya, I want you all to come there and stay with her. Ankur says my home will also look good, don’t say no. He asks Bhabho to talk to Babasa and Sooraj.

Emily says we can stay in rented house, it will be ours, what Ankur said is by his greatness, but staying in Maayka is not any tradition, what will people say, its matter of 6 months. Babasa says yes, I know Bhabho can’t stay anywhere more than 15 days. Mohit says we will see any rented home. Ankur insists and says Ankita and Bulbul will get lucky to stay with you all. Bhabho says if you asked me before, I would have said no, as I was much in traditions, but I m not that Santosh now, which has traditions imp, Sandhya taught me to go with the time, my family and their happiness, safety is first, I just know she will be good there in her Maayka, my grandchildren are valuable to me, this house has my life, and all this is nothing infront of Sandhya’s twins. Ankur smiles.

Emily says we would have been together if we went in rented home, as we know relations well now, how will we stay alone. Bhabho says calm down. Ankur says yes, she is right, Sooraj and Sandhya can’t be happy with incomplete family, we want everyone to come. He folds hands and says don’t say no. Sandhya and Sooraj smile. Bhabho thanks him.

They all pack bags and come out of the home. Bhabho locks the door. Emily gives the foot prints marks and asks her to fix on both sides of the house, as she will have babies in her hands when she comes back. Bhabho fixes it and smiles.

Bhabho says she will come home with her hands full. She prays and cries. Daisa asks her where is she going with her family. She jokes on Bhabho. Bhabho says since Sandhya came, we got new traditions, and you are also proud of her. Daisa says she is right. Bhabho asks her to bless Sandhya. The ladies bless Sandhya. Bhabhi is happy as the good news is double.

Sandhya and Sooraj talk about managing babies and he practices with teddy bear.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How many more episodes for 1000

    1. 11 more episodes to hit 1000

  2. Again new dram of changing home…………….
    But this is too much show off in care sandhya. there is one solution for sandhya sleepwalk…..
    sandhya and sooraj hands to be tied or can use police that sandhya can’t walk without sooraj in sleep

  3. plz..end this serial as it is..don’t want to see the people after the leap..main thing is don’t want to see BHAHU as widow… we want bhabhu and babasa be together….

  4. I’m waiting for SS children.
    Nice & happy episode.

  5. Hope that they don’t show that one of the baby has a problem…

  6. I heard a news that suraj’s chrctr is going to replace…i can’t see another suraj in that chrctr…

  7. If the reason behind deepika to slap anas was true thn the replacement can happen

  8. sooraj is going to be replaced by somebody

  9. As per FB, Depika is in Dubai and then when did this incident happen

  10. If sooraj don’t want to fuuck sandhya i am ready for it

    1. I agree with You ravi you speak the truth

      1. don’t behave like this…be humanity

  11. Me too ravichandran

    1. @ravi: such an idiot u areeeee…..fool,stupid,sycho
      y are u using My name in comment

  12. If sooraj replaced by others …
    May be stop watching…
    Can replace Sandhya…
    I love sooraj acting compared to Sandhya

  13. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The incidence that Deepika slapped Anas is very nasty and if it’s real Deepika should be penalized for her audacity. In the earlier episodes in Singapore they hugged very closely and tightly but there were no complaints.

  14. Jeyam Ramachandran

    When you have come out for acting either in cinema or serial you must have such romantic scenes and you shoud behave accordigly. If you are not willing to such kissing and hugging you might have remained in your home and be a good house keeper?

  15. Its a game from one of the director to create fight between Anas and Deepika. Anas used unparlimentary language with Deepika she lost her temper. These all happened b.cos of one of the director. Both of them should understand that this incident did not take place bcos of their mistake its just a game. They both should forget everything and continue to act together for the viewers.I

  16. it is a disgusting serial…… Pls end this serial. …

  17. Why anas do such a thing after 4 years of the show…he has done many romantic scenes with her…but why suddnly such a drama from deepika’s side..their were more close when they act their suhaag raat…i don’t think anas is such a person…

  18. Dear deepika, Anas, You both are the backbone,soul of the serial DABH. you both are the inspiration of all husband and wife. without anas or deepika dabh is nothing. please you both forget everything past is past its allyour bad time. please you both reunite aggain. Director sir dont replace anas or deepika otherwise dabh is nothing its going to be flap. most of the people like to watch dabh why bcos of anas deepika char. best story decent romance. anas you forgive deepika, and deepika you forgive anas you both work together for the viewers wish.

  19. Deepika wants sorry to Anas.this news is reaveled.

  20. Sandhya will be shown as widow after leap….

    1. not sandhya, bhabo is shown as widow after leap.

  21. CINTAA resolved the issue between anas and deepika….. But how? Btw who is right and who is wrong?

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