Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with sandhya thinking that bhabho was not concerned & worried about emily’s religion but is against her dream. She cries saying that bhabho is worried about her dream. She remembers how bhabho introduced that matka challenge & bhabho asking sandhya to read & how she dozed off that night. She tells that bhabho was never happy with her dream & that is why she fed those chocs & that is why she fainted on exam day& remembers bhabho thanking thakur ji (god) & sandhya thanking her & also remembers how bhabho tries to wake her up.

She remmebrs one by one & thinks that bhabho fed her liq choc so that she can fail in exams & joins all the plot very well saying that she couldn’t even bear her mistake & so that she helped her to write that exam. Adds that she did everything for her conscience sake & not for her dream. Adds that bhabho did all these & blames herself that she didn’t understand bhabho & tells that bhabho tried many times to make her understand but she didn’t. She adds that she now understands well.

Suraj asks DSP how to know current affairs. DSP explains about tv & other wayys. Suraj tells that tv is for entertainment. But the DSP shows him some news channels & makes him understand. He gets a call & both leave. On the way the DSP tells that she must participate in some competitions so that she might know how to answer fast in UPSC. Suraj thanks him & feels determined & plans to send her to that competition/examination (preparatory).

Sandhya in her room. Chaturi comes in. Sandhy atells her to call everyone on hall & informs that sh ewill reveal the name in front of everyone.

Chaturi calls everyone. Chavi gets scared. Meena busily hides all her money in three different places one behind the clock one in tiffin box & another in draw & another under the bed. Meena worries how can she give one lakh money. Bhabho calls out everyone.
Emily is scared a lot. Everyone gathers in the hall. Mohit tells that vik informed him & asks who does this big carelessness. Everyone wait for sandhya & bhabho asks sandhya to reveal the name.

Suraj & chotu repair the vehicle & start towards home & in between sura stops near an electronics showroom. Suraj asks the shopkeeper when will he get the TV if he orders today. The shopkeeper tells that he will deliver Asap. Suraj thinks that bhabho doesn’t like tv in house & thinks that he shd inform her first. He tells the shop keeper that he will come back.

Break: Sandhya tells that the culprit is none other than a DIL of RP. Meena & emily gets scared

MEena tells bhabho that suraj hasn’t come yet. Bhabho stares at her & meena adds that it is suraj’s loss & he must know this. Chavi seconds her & asks bhabho to wait till suraj comes back. Bhabhoa sks them what is that. North & south gelling with each other. Bhabho asks sandhya Babasa & chaturi too insist her. Sandhya tells that the person is in front of her Bhabho’s sigh goes on the three emily chavi & meena. Bhabho asks her to reveal the name without dragging. Vikram tells self that if it is meena then he will take care before bhabho does. Sandhya tells that the culprit is none other than a DIL of this house.

Bhabho looks at meena.

Break: Sandhya tells that it is not meena. Meena blabbers asking bhabho that it must be emily as sandhya has excluded her.

Chavi puts the blame on meena saying that she is the only one who does big mistakes. Meena tells why should she. Bhabho goe near her. but sandhya tells that she is not. Meena blabbers asking bhabho that it must be emily as sandhya has excluded her. Bhabho looks at emily now. Meena tells that she has made a big loss to the family within few days. Sandhya stops bhabho saying that emily didn’t do that mistake. Bhabho gets shocked.

Precap: Bhabho tells sandhya that she knows very well why she is standing silent. Suraj in between enters the RM looking at this confused. Sandhya gives a stern look at bhabho.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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