Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the plane landing back in the country. Rathi family gets the news on tv about the passengers reaching safely and are very happy. Babasa hugs Vikram and Emily hugs Meenakshi, as Sooraj and Bhabho are coming back. Bhabho is taken to the hospital. They all get ready to meet Bhabho and Sooraj. Babasa says this rose is for Bhabho, and I will hug Sooraj with love and pride. Everyone is excited to meet Bhabho and Sooraj. Sandhya and Sooraj take Bhabho to the hospital. The nurse stops Sooraj and he cries seeing Bhabho’s life in danger. Sandhya says everything will be fine, Bhabho will get fine, you don’t worry. Sooraj is in shock. Sandhya says she will be fine. She tells Dr. Kumar that she is her Bhabho and asks about surgery duration. He says its complicated case, the bullet is in her kidney. She says you have to save her, please I beg you, she is strong and will respond. He says we will try out best and rest is in Lord’s hands. Sandhya cries.

Vadeja says congrats, all is well that ends well, I m happy that passengers have come, and I m glad that we have not let RK free, we have given them message that our country won’t bend to their demands, the team deserves praise, as they all have risked their life. He tells Arjun great job. Emily says Mohit will be coming soon. Babasa says Sooraj and Bhabho will get a good shock knowing about Mohit’s job. Mohit comes and looks upset. Meenakshi asks why is he upset, is everything fine. Emily asks did he get job. Mohit says no. Babasa asks why, you should have told them that you are Sooraj’s brother and Bhabho’s son, everyone know them.

He says they have known this seeing my biodata and they felt if I can leave my family in this state, what will I do for the company, if I don’t value my family, what will I value the job, so they did not give me job, its good. I did a big mistake and apologizes to them. Babasa says leave it now. He says its good day, Sooraj and Bhabho are coming home, they are winning over death and you also do this, many jobs will come. Emily realizes her mistake. Vikram says the taxi has come, lets leave for airport. Taisa does arrangements for Bhabho and Sooraj’s welcome. She asks about the rose and Babasa says its for Bhabho. She says I fight with Bhabho a lot, but she is like my sister, they have made us proud. Everyone smile. Zakir comes to them.

Babas asks did he come to them to Sooraj and Bhabho. Zakir says yes. Babasa says I m happy that they are coming safe, I m very afraid. Vikram says let it go, its time to celebrate now. Zakir asks them to come before it gets late. Babasa says yes, else Bhabho will get annoyed. Meenakshi says we will go, don’t know when we will come back. Vikram scolds her for talking wrong. Meenakshi says no, I mean media will be after us and we can get late. They leave.

Sandhya is asked to do formalities. Sooraj is broken. Vikram asks Zakir where is he taking them, as airport way is not this. Everyone is excited and happy. Zakir gets upset seeing their high hopes. Zakir brings them to the hospital. Meenakshi asks why did we come here. She asks where is Bhabho. Zakir asks them to come with him. Vikram asks him to say where is Bhabho and Sooraj. Zakir says please come with me. Babasa says no, first tell me where are they, what happened. Zakir tells them everything and they all run to meet Bhabho. Babasa drops the rose. Zakir says don’t worry, Bhabho is alive and her operation is going on. He asks Babasa to come.

Babasa is annoyed with Sandhya and tells Sandhya that if anything happens to Bhabho, then she can’t even apologize. They come to know Bhabho is getting serious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. huh nw dis bhabho drama…cant they make things beter??n happy types for a while atleast…

    1. Yes it was mis adventure of bhabho who risked her life simply complicated poor sandhya for her adventure

  2. The idiotic, ignorant, uneducated morons of this show are so close-minded constantly threatening Sandhya for things that are not in her hand. Just disgusting!!!!

  3. blo*dy babasa

    Babasa worries for bhabo and suraj, but idiot dn’t care for sandhya who went to bring them back.
    If something good happens then he will by my sandhya bindani and if something goes wrong then will curse her.
    Blood oldie…..Just cares for wife and son…… All rathis except sooraj never cared for Sandhya…….. Selfish Morons…..

  4. Omg!!! Wat did sandhya do…hw cum babasa tl like dis…and it was suraj who put bhabho into trouble…I wish babho cums back and supports sandya

  5. If bhabho dint survive then everyone tells its coz of sandhya. May b even sooraj also angry on her. Wish lik tat nothin ll happen. If she dies then serial should b more idiotic and disguisting one

  6. Dont make baboo die if she diea thn every one including suraj will scold her….all r blo*dy idiots….i hate babasa…..his intention s only to save suraj and baboo… cheap he s……for him baboo s thousand times better……selfish character……why cant writer write with sense…….idiot

  7. Yes they dont understand sandhya and her effort to bring back suraj and
    They dam care how sandhya fought and bought all passengers safe except bhabho

  8. Comments are more interesting than the show!

    1. Literally

    2. Yes…
      Also very foolish of sooraj to run out from a safe place during the fight to risk his life and make things more complicated for sandhya.[knowing he was the target]

      Greater foolishness of bhabo to run out. She runs out from a safer place just to become a liability and let terrorists take their last chance to cause destruction.

  9. May be sandhiya will donate 1 kidney for bhaboo

    1. I am sure that is the plan … sandhya has to rpove herself to the family once again by donating her kidney!!!!

  10. Iqra ghulamnabi

    Yes babasa is wrong sandya his bindni but he is not worried about sndya he only meet just soorj and babho and babho make not die if she die than all of members belame sandya that’s not fair

  11. hah..!!as expected sandhya is responsible for bhabo’s condition,according to babasa..kal shayed pura khandan hi unko doshi kahenge..those bl***y illiterate people..cant know the value of an IPS…goli un sab logoko marna chahiye tha..!! 😛 😀

  12. salute karna chahiye sandhya ko..i salute u ma’m .

  13. Da serial is getting really dragging now…better to end it when it is a topper than to bore the viewers n drop down trps…

  14. Stupid writers !!! Sandhaya was just and IPS officer who was in charge of RK’s case not the president of india to do what she wants these idiots should understand it !! Bhabo got shot due to her stupidity what was the need for her to come out of the plane ??to be truthful this bhabo make small problems very very big ones and make everyone dance to her tunes !! The rathi family only cares for their sons not the daughter in laws .. they always keep on sayin my son and santosh !! What about sandhya who risked her life to save the passengers?? Bhabasa is very selfish who only thought about his family!!! Sandhya doesn’t have anything to do with bhabo getting shoy why is everyone blaming her! !this suraj is also of noo use he should stand by sandhya’s side and shouldn’t keep quiet when people are blaming her !! Please end this story soon

  15. Now sandhya shall donate her kidney to bhabo!

    1. and i guess she will have to retire from her ISP officer position since 1 kidney does not fullfill medical requirements 😛

  16. Let bhabo die and end the story… Cant tolerate the stupid drama… Makes all foolish.

  17. All characters are bunch of stupids. But when the script writers an directors themselves are stuid, what do you expec? And their stupid indian mentality, can’t think of any better way. So, the terrorists RK, Maya, Prema and Disha were all portrayed much too smart and intelligent. Because they have been used to bending down for terrorists ad bomb blasts.

  18. Stupid babasa!!!! Thinks Sandhya is in charge and everything is only in her hands, and it’s all her fault. And of course, stupid writers of the show. Common sense can go to hell, only TRP matters. Bunch of idiots and loosers..

  19. Is their idiot sons who invited terrorist to thier house on the first place.

  20. What a bunch of idiots!! The entire family!! Now Sandhya has to donate her kidney to win their confidence again.

    The entire hijack drama is sooo stupid and brainless. Sooraj is so stupid that he does not tell anyone or hand over the alphabets for days when Zakir was trying to communicate to him, airport security is stupid, cops are stupid, people in the plane are stupid that they can’t even tie the terrorists after capturing them, bhabo kill an innocent boy instead of shooting at the terrorist, then the stupid makeup, everything ….

    and the attitude that the beendni is always paraayi … sick of it

    1. You forgot to add Sandhya running behind prema instead of calling in officials to stop the plane.
      t was hilarious watching shooting, more like kids laser tag game. It was pretty much like never ending bullets in simple pistol similar to never ending stupidity in the drama.
      This is never ending idiotic, top notch sick drama that I’ve ever seen. Writers are believing viewers are bunch of idiots watching this idiotic show. I’ve started watching this show when my mom was here in US and I cannot tolerate this anymore. I liked another comment. Please kill bhabho and end this drama.


  21. Suneeta v khawani

    If the police officer to fulfil the duty is blamed by the family and not supported then who would fulfil the duty towards the country .its stupid of the family to blame sandhya

  22. if u want to end the story please end happily otherwise dont kill babho, or change the artist

  23. it is becoming boring day by day. end this serial now. time for new fresh serial.

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