Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK leaving from the jail. Sandhya and Zakir are on the way. They go to the jail. RK runs from there in constable’s clothes. Sandhya and Zakir reach the jail. RK hides his face and gets his exit from the jail.Few people come there to get the prisoner’s body. RK looks at them,. The women ask for the body. RK sees the coffin. The jailer says we have sent the body for postmortem. He asks them to go and take the body from hospital. The man says we are called here to take the body. RK thinks his prithvi launcher came and he is leaving now. Sandhya and Zakir talk about RK. Zakir says a prisoner died, he was sugar patient, and don’t know how he died. Sandhya is shocked.

He says his sugar level got high and he died. She says why did his family come here, why did they bring coffin. He says you are right, lets go and see. The jailer talks to them and says about the misunderstanding. The car leaves. Sandhya looks at it. RK flees finally. Prema and Meenakshi are at the shop. Meenakshi is jealous as Prema is managing everything and she is just her for namesake. She says she will help her till Vikram comes. She taunts her for being a lonely woman. Prema says yes, so I thank Lord for sending Vikram for help. Meenakshi says your wounds tell me about your husband. She says she has an idea and tells about Sandhya, and asks her to take her help in making her husband right. She says your husband will apologize and come back to you. Prema says Meenakshi you are very nice to think about me.

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Prema does not tell her any details. She says I don’t need any help. Meenakshi sees her bag and thinks it will have her address. She sends Prema for some work and makes her busy. She takes her purse and looks for something. Zakir and Sandhya come to see RK and talk to the jailer. Zakir says he has much contacts and he made the fake Dhaba and stopped there. They go to him and call out RK. They think he is sleeping. They call out his name many times. Sandhya goes in the cell and removes the blanket. They are shocked to see the constable there instead of RK.

She thinks about RK’s challenge that she will be sleeping and he will disappear fooling her. She looks at the CCTV cameras. They think how did this happen and calls the constables. She says seal all the gates. Zakir tries to wake up the constable. She says check all the CCTV footages fast. Zakir asks him where is RK. He says I came here to take his entry and he caught me. He says he has beaten me and then I don’t remember anything. She says how did this gate open, how did he know the security code. He says I don’t know. She sees the CCTV live feed on her mobile and is shocked.

She shows it to Zakir and says the CCTV footage is showing he is still here. They are shocked. They look at the camera. She says how did this happen. Disha is at Sooraj’s shop. She smiles not showing her Ipad screen. Sooraj talks to her. He says send the laddoo pic to the food festival. She says she is doing that. She sees CCTV footage and thinks she fooled them. Sooraj’s laptop goes and he says what happened to it. He shows it to Disha and comes ot her. She gets angry and asks what. Sooraj is shocked.

Disha says she was joking and laughs. Sooraj is relieved. She says she is dangerous and smiles. She says she will make his laptop fine. Chavi asks Dilip to change clothes and rest. She says she made Matki for him and asks him to come fast. He says fine and apartment/gym brochure falls. He checks it and Chavi looks on. She says so this is it,you are giving me hint. He says he understood and says he likes her, I don’t think you need to join gym. She says gym? She says no, home. He says why should we go in new home, what do you want to say, I can’t be away from my family. She says she is not making him far from his family. She is saying this for saving.

She says what you earn gets over till month end, and there is no saving. He says you are right, but its not easy to buy home. She says we can pay in EMI. He says fine, give me some time to think. Sandhya and Zakir see the CCTV footage and come to know the video was made to run in loop, some computer expert hacked your mobile. They see how RK came to know the code and see the footage. They see how RK got the code by using his cleverness. Zakir says no one can go by gate no.3 How did he leave. Sandhya says lets see the in and out register. They see the register and see the coffin name. She is shocked.

Zakir says RK went out when the coffin came. The jailer says how can you be sure. Sandhya explains that RK called those people here and they brought the coffin to get him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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