Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Sooraj to choose any silver anklet. He chooses aghungroo one and says it sound will come in house. He leaves. Bhabho thinks yes, when Sandhya wars this, the sound will play your heart strings. Vikram waits to go home, and sees Pushpa. He recalls Chavi’s words. Pushpa leaves in the auto. It means she did not go on yatra, why did Chavi lie, I don’t understand the matter. Sooraj fixes the flower strings at the door and Chotu helps him. Chotu goes and Sandhya comes. Sooraj says its done, give me other. Sandhya helps him. He says Chotu, hold it, it will break. She holds the flowers and he turns to see her. He is shocked seeing her. She slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Diya aur baati………….plays……………

The guests start coming and Bhabho and everyone see them freezed in eyelock. Bhabho says Sandhya, and they move away. The ladies ask Sandhya why is she not seen these days. They ask whats the matter. Bhabho says Sandhya has gone to her Maayka as her brother and Bhabho have come after many years, I have sent her to take rest there. Taisa says yes, and reminds what Sandhya has done for them, and became Savitri and saved her husband and mum in law from Yamraaj. She says that’s why I think why does Sooraj look upset these days, he can’t be happy without Sandhya. Sooraj says I going to take Dilip and leaves.

Sandhya looks around the home, and Bhabho asks her to come inside. Taisa comes and says she is your fav bahu, you are calling as if she is guest. She has gone for few days and she will come back here to Sooraj and you all. Bhabho says yes, and brings Sandhya inside. Sandhya cries and goes to Babasa. She sits to touch his feet and he walks away. Bhabho looks on. Sandhya hides her pain and smiles. She meets Emily. Emily says Mohit has some work and goes. Bhabho says we have many guests, go and arrange food for them. Sandhya says yes, and leaves. She goes to kitchen and works. Bhabhi gets teary eyed.

Vikram says Sandhya came on Sooraj’s invitation who called her for Bhabho’s respect. Meenakshi says she knows men, he did not call for Bhabho’s sake, he has made her leave house, not heart. He says I know its nothing like that. She says lets bet, I have read Sooraj’s face and eyes. He says fine, 10rs bet. She says just 10. He says Rs 1000 bet. She gets glad and says I will win. Emily takes Mohit and says Sandhya has come. He says so what can we do. She says if she tells that you work for Ankur, then it will be big problem. He gets tensed.

Mohit says Babasa will ask me to leave job. Emily’s mum comes. Meenakshi asks her mum about the guft. Emily’s mum gets a gift bag and Emily welcomes her. She praises Emily and Mohit. Mohit sees Sandhya and gets tensed. Sandhya says I m happy you got the job, which company is it. Mohit says Dilip has come. Meenakshi says its good Chavi will go today. She calls Chavi. Dilip greets everyone and sees Chavi. Meenakshi says Chavi missed you a lot. Bhabho says we thought to invite your parents, but Chavi said they went on yatra. Dilip is shocked and looks at Chavi. She signs him.

Dilip says yes, they went. Meenakshi sits for the function. She asks Chotu to click her pics. Bhabho sees Sandhya and smiles. Chotu asks Sooraj to see Bhabho, she is so happy that one can’t say she was unwell. Sooraj says yes, she has seen many ups and downs, so she does not let things come on her face. Chotu says you went on her in this matter, and smiles. Chavi gets the aarti plate. Bhabho stops Emily and reminds her that elder brother and Bhabho do the baby shower function. She says Sooraj and Sandhya will do the rituals and asks Sandhya to come forward. She asks Sooraj to go to Sandhya and do rituals together. Sandhya looks at him.

Sooraj and Sandhya dance and everyone clap for them. Bhabho wishes her dream to come true.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. bhabasa will understand his fault when he will know about own daughter’s behaviour how she behaves own father&mother-in-law.

  2. sooraj always love with sandhya but they hiding there love. surely they are reunite again…its only story twist.

  3. Nice episode. . Sooraj is hiding his love.. he loves sandhya more. And vice versa. . So lets wait fr a episode wich again joins dem with full of happiness and joyful..

  4. Sandya is ignored by Rathi family except Babho. These incidents can happen only in serials but in real life sandya I.P.S. would have thrown out the uneducated brute Sooraj and his idiotic family long back.

  5. Sooraj showed his emotion by holding one hand of Sandhya Ji and hugging Sandyya Ji’s shoulder with another hand tightly. It shows that he cares lot about Sandhya ji. Then, he showed his dis-likeness to Sandhya. Is this behavior due to dumb Bhabasa?

  6. suraj take a stand for sandhya if you really love her.

    1. Samdhya Ji should have walked away from The Rathis house during the function. She was humiliated by each and every one of the Rathi’s family members. She does not deserve this humiliation. Bhabhasa is a dumb.

      Only Bhabho showed respect and kindness to Santhya Ji.

    2. babasa is a old man who has hios family in danger so thats why he is so angery as when we love someone more we fight more with them……..

  7. babasha not good a good person…
    sandhya not did any mistake….everybody selfish except sandhya… body thanks her ever her husband ….let her continue future i scotland with zakir….
    i think zakir can understand sandhya than her husband..
    she gone through painful life …
    let sooraj follow sandhya go out or sandhya get married with zakir….
    she did a lot and nobody appreciate her…
    sooraj should get married with uneducated like meenachi no sandya ( very nice person with no ego…)
    i think she will be happy with zaakir not sooraj…
    let sooraj married his family and every time abuse her….

    1. today sandhya is capable to stand with zakir due to sandhya who once forgot her dream and lost her he is not with her that does not mean he doesnot like her….

  8. Sorrows r the part of life.It can’t b avoided

  9. Saradha killivalavan

    Its really paining to see the episode. All except bhaboo avoid and neglect sandhya as if they had never committed any mistake. They don’t have enough knowledge to appreciate and value sandhyaz attide. The show becomes annoyed and valueless if it comtinuez in the same way.

    1. its a plan to writer as if he want to put some masala of sepration to their love feel more fresh and interesting….
      thats time i am waiting for
      whw]en that time will come ?????

    2. Ankur is doing right. He should teach a lesson to raathi family. Brain less people avoiding sandhya. I feel she should not attend this event.

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