Divyadrishti 16th June (Rakshit Ask Divorce)

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—————— Contains Spoiler if you don’t want, Don’t read ——————

Divyadrishti – Jun 16 Written update.

The episode opens with D and Drishti consoles Simran to cool down and questions about the black coconut. Since Simran is not able to open up, D plots a plan to dress up like Pishachini and make her spill the truth by fear. The plan works and Simran discloses the information to Mahima by blabbering who enters there to give her dresses for Rakshit engagement.

Drishti in balcony silently sobs about the rakshit announcement which is viewed by Anjaan. Anjaan rushes there carry Drishti to storeroom and make her understand that there is a reason for Rakshit statement. Drishti argues with Anjaan to give proper answer. Drishti leaves the place angry because she doesn’t get any answers. Drishti makes up her mind to stop thinking about Rakshit/Anjaan and to do according as their plan before sunset.

Shikar and D intrudes Pishachini ’s lair I order to replace the gem chain with fake one meanwhile Drishti gets a view that Pishachini kills D. So Drishti misleads Pishachini and gets D/ Shikar out of lair.

Anjaan is spotted by Romi in home and follows him to the forest. Romi finds that Anjaan is his brother in law and ask him the reason why he is on bad side. Rakshit/Anjaan opens up the reason he is doing this for his dad who is a hostage of Pishachini.

Rakshit shouts for Drishti and ask her to sign divorce paper. Drishti without a glitch signs paper behind teary eyes which she hides from her husband. Both feel for their partner but have their own goals in life to achieve which is prior for them than their love life.

Precap: Divya drives the car to the bridge to find the black coconut to cure Simran. Pishachini blessing Rakshit/ Lavanya for their marriage by flying in air. Lavanya skin glows like as if she has powers (May be she is lizard from hell door or Pishachini is making her vicious by bichu’s poison) …..

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