Divyadrishti 15th June 2019 – Episodic Analysis

Divyadrishti – Jun 15 Written update.


Anjaan performs tandav in shiv temple at the same time Pishachini searches Anjaan. Pishachini reaches the shiv temple soon and about to enter where Anjaan exposed himself as rakshit. Pishachini  got tripped by stone and then decides not to go inside. She views the temple from outside and leaves as she cant see anyone.


Drishti keeps the door open and waits for rakshit to come. As he comes he turns over other side and gestures like she s taking with someone in phone.

Drishti: Are you going to give me a sari as a gift.

Rakshit: Now who is this?

Drishti continues ……… What is the color? Blue ?? No, blue is rakshit sir’s favorite ! I don’t like it…

Rakshit: GRRR!!!

Drishti: OK ill talk to you later Bye.


Simran ’s in laws reaches their house and ask about Simran. They tells them like She has an headache and she is lying down. Sooner Simran walks there  and blabbers something but D and Drishti manages the situation and make Simran ’s in law’s to leave without any doubt. Simran shouts about one-eyed woman and rakshit mom gets shocked.

Rakshit mom discusses with rakshit. Why she is after us , Why this is happening?

Rakshit consoles her mom and leaves to room.

Drishti questions about Simran ’s health. He replies she is fine and questions about her phone call. She replies when u are moving on with Lavanya. Why should I be single? So I’m planning to moving on too.

Rakshit: What? Who?

Drishti: Why should I tell you?

Drishti continues to tease rakshit.

Drishti in mind: The man my heart beats for is Anjaan. That time when I touched your head I found the man behind the mask is you…. So I won’t reveal it now and ill tease you for now.

Rakshit gets angry and reaches walk in closet and removes his coat. He finds his ring is shining that means Pishachini is waiting for hi m.

He leaves the house.


Anjaan: Why are you here?

Pishachini :  Because last time you left without a word.

Anjaan: Yes Because you were speaking nonsense. Your plan about killing Drishti and divya. Let me remind you. They have more powers now, let’s step back for some time and think about it wisely.

Pishachini: Looks like you are in the mood to play with me.

Pishachini sets fire around Anjaan.

Anjaan uses his power to blow off the fire.

Anjaan ask Pishachini to plan wisely then left.


Pishachini finds animals are dying in forest and claims that something disaster is about to happen then animals knows it first. Bichu / scorpion will know what is happening. Where is he?

Bichu appears from back of a tree.

Pishachini: Are u trying to make me scare?

Bichu: u need to because, the hell door is opened. (As soon as he says this he falls down and dies Pishachini is thrilled)

Pishachini takes the venom from him and buries him.


Drishti gets a view that main door is open and fire coming inside. She wakes up and check for it. The door is opened ajar, she attempts to close but heavy wind stops her from opening. Even though she struggles, she succeeds in closing. She wakes D to reveal her view. She calls Romi to come to storeroom. D , Drishti, Shikar, Romi leaves to storeroom with mystery star. Rakshit spots Drishti and questions her and he notices that his ring is shining and leaves to meet Pishachini.

Chiranjeevi in mystery star tells about the history of Pishachini and how to kill her. He adds up that hell door is opened they don’t have more time. The 4 goods try to find a way and plans for it…


Anjaan reaches Pishachini. She says from now you are going to take Bichu ’s place. She says that his first job to make Rakshit to marry Lavanya.

Anjaan: Y?

Pishachini: Rakshit will inherit the powers of his grandfather sooner and then will be a protector for Drishti and Divya. If he is not with Drishti then this will not happen. So it will be easy to kill the sisters. She adds that hell door is opened she has only less time.

Anjaan agrees and leaves


In morning (Breakfast table)…

Mahima again makes Drishti worry. D supports her but she leaves getting worried.

In Shikar room

Drishti is still worried about the morning. All 3 blabbers something stupid about their plan and makes Drishti laugh. Then they starts to plan.


Simran in laws reaches Shergill ’s house to give pooja things to their family and jewels to Simran. Lavanya gives juice to them and consoles that she is in doctor or parlour and confuses them. Ms. Geetha keeps their bags on table but it falls down and the coconut rolls over the floor stops near Simran ’s leg.

Ms. Geetha groans … Oh then she s in home.

Simran screams to go away….

Sooner Divya and Drishti reach the hall and consoles Simran. Ms.Geetha cancels the wedding and left the house. Ojaswini cries and tell no good thing will happen in this house.

Rakshit replies he will take care of Simran, so don’t worry. And proceeds that he will marry lavanya tonight. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Rakshit ask Drishti to sign divorce papers. The hell door is opened and some half woman half lizard coming out of it.



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