Divya Drishti 8th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Divya and Drishti die

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Scene 1
Mahima says I didn’t want you to know this way but I had to tell you. You could kill me. I didn’t want to die. I have come way too forward. My father was so powerful. He had two ratans. He didn’t give it to the rightful heir. I was his daughter yet he gave it to Vidya. A stranger. So I shook hand with Pisachini because she hated my father. I started hating him too. I hated your mother too. Then Pisachini killed both of them. Then I got married to your father. I had the hope again that I might get ratans again. I had to kill so many people including my own daughter. It was difficult but it was my passion. I want that ratan. You would get it. Rakshit says enough. Mahima says I could give it to you. Shekhar says don’t call your greed love. Mahima says Rakshit come to the cliff with Pisachini. I don’t like her either. Rakshit says I won’t come. She says if you bring her, all the dead people would come back. Shekhar says my mother too? Mahima says yes everyone. But you would have to do what I ask.

Rakshit breaks things in anger. He says how can my mom be lal chakoor. How can she do this. She never did anything wrong. My mother? Shekhar says please accept the truth. Drishti says Divya, what should I do? I can’t calm him. He is heartbroken. Pisachini says now do what lal chakoor wants. He will die if she he tries to fight with lal chakoor. Shekhar will die too. You both made the whole family die. Rakshit says I will face it. I will fight. Even if it’s my mom. Shekhar, you came from hell too. But you always did right. My mom killed her family. I will fight even if I die.

Scene 2
Mahima waits for Rakshit. Pisachini walks towards her roped. Rakshit and everyone come there. Pisachini says I am glad you came here. She says this bottle has magical liquid it can bring the dead back. Rakshit says what do you want? Mahima says Pisachini. Shekhar says give us the bottle first. Piaschini says take and give together. Mahima releases Pisachini. Pisachini laughs and says I am finally free. Why did you not give up. Your mother could be alive. Mahima says we won’t let her live. She took everything that was mine. Shekhar says give us the bottle. Rakshit says do your commitment now. Drishti says what do you want? Your eyes say you want more. Mahima says I want my ratans. They were mine. Drishti says you’re coward and evil. Mahima says I cried a lot when everyone died but they can all come back. Either you both die or I will kill you. Rakshit says how dare you? You can’t harm them. Mahima shoves Shekhar. He says I am fine. Divya shoves Pisachini. Mahima says I took everything from your life. I want to kill you both. You both can’t kill me. Rakshit says but I can and I will. Don’t force me. Mahima hurts Shekhar more. Mahima says jump and save your family. You will die and I will get the ratan. And all your family will live. Rakshit says I won’t let that happen. He hits Mahima and Pisachini. Pisachini ties Shekhar in the air. Rakshit takes his dagger and says I can kill you. Mahima says look at this bottle. If you kill me this liquid won’t work. They will die forever. This what you want.

Rakshit stabs the ground. Divya says leave Shekhar. Pisachini shoves him on the ground. Divya cries and says don’t kill him please. Drishti holds Divya’s hand and they both jump. Rakshit and Shekhar are shocked. They run to the edge. Rakshit shouts Dirshti. Shekhar cries too. Rakshit and Shekhar are crying. Mahima laughs and says they’re over son. Rakshit says don’t call me son. Mahima says so you will kill your mom? Rakshit says you’re not even a woman. You’re selfish. Mahima says yes I am. Mahima says take this liquid and wake up everyone. Lal Chakoor won. She laughs. Shekhar pours liquid on everyone. They open their eyes. Mahima laughs. Pisachini sees something glowing. She says the ratan is coming out. The ratan goes in the air. Pisachini takes it. Mahima says give it to me. How dare you to touch it.

Everyone is alive. Ojas says where are we? What’s happening? They hug each other. Ojas says Mahima, what happened to your face? Ash says what has happened. Mahima jumps down and flies as lal chakoor. She takes the second ratan. Everyone is shocked. Pisachini says this is mine only. Romi says where are Divya and Drishti? Pisachini says they died? Pisachini says you have one ratan, I have the second. Where is the third one? Mahima says it won’t come out that easily. We have to go and take it.

Scene 3
Pisachini and Mahima come near their bodies. Shekhar and Rakshit are looking for the ratan. Pisachini says I will take the kaal vijay ratan. Mahima says give me the first one too. They belonged to my father. Pisachini says he never wanted to give you anything. He hated you. Rakshit says Divya and Drishti. Where are you? Pisachini says I sacrificed my eye too for these ratans. I always helped you. Mahima says then do what I am saying. Pisachini says all these three ratans are mine. They all come there and see the bodies. They scream. Mahima says we will fight for these ratans. Pisachini says then let’s start the war and uses these girls.

Rakshit tries to wake them up. Mahima says they have died. They won’t get up now. Mahima and Pisachini stand in front of each other. Pisachini says now see me defeat your mom. Mahima says I will defeat you. Wish me good luck Ash and Ojas. They are scared and say good luck. Shekhar says what if they got to know about our plan? Rkashit says we can’t wait. Mahima burns Drishti and shoves her on the ground. Rakshit says stop. Pisachini says she’s dead already. Mahima hits Divya. Pisachini ties Mahima. Pisachini shoves Mahima. The sun is rising. Rakshit says what will happen now. Mahima flies as lal chakoor. Rakshit says leave Divya and Drishti’s bodies. Pisachini laughs. Mahima shoves her and says you lost. I will get the ratan. The ratan turns into smoke. Mahima says it’s mine. Where did it go? Pisachini laughs and says you couldn’t get it either. Rakshit runs inside. Mahima stops him. rakshit says I will forget that you’re my mother. Mahima says you will forget the mother who gave birth to you? Rakshit says yes. I am your mother. Rakshit says that’s the worst reality of my life. Mahima says you will get the ratans. Rakshit says I want Divya and Drishit. Mahima says they are gone. Please calm down. Romi says she is attacking you. Rakshit sits down. He attacks Mahima. He ties both of them. Rakshit and Shekhar pick Divya and Drishti. The sun rises. Rakshit says this liquid won’t work. Ash says shame on you. You couldn’t be a mother. They leave.

Precap-Divya and Drishtu’s funeral is going on. Their photos burn. Pandit ji says four innocent people died. Mahima says two. Ojasw says Drishti was pregnant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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