Divya Drishti 5th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Patali grows up

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Divya Drishti 5th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ojaswani is crying. Mahima says everything will be fine. Chetan says we have to be careful. Ojaswani says but Rakshit is in hospital.
Drishti comes to the hospital. Divya is with her. She says where is Romi? Drishti says I asked him to stay in and take care of everyone.
Rakshit comes to Pisachini’s room. She says can’t believe I am a mother now? We are parents now. Let me tell you about my reality. I am what you think I am not. I am a fairy, I can do magic. That is why I am this beautiful. He says you are my wife anyway, we have to leave the hospital. Rakshit leaves.

Rakshit sees weird looking people outside. He wonders who they are. Pisachini walks out with the baby. Divya and Drishti see the same people. Divya says who are these weird-looking people?

and Rashi come to everyone. Bell rings. Chetan opens the door. It’s Pisachini. She says here is your granddaughter. Won’t you welcome her? Mahima says where is Rakshit? Pisachini says he is planning for her future. He has a daughter now. Won’t you do arti now? Chetan says we do arti of people that we have to welcome. Pisachini says should I call those people? Simran says no, please. Mahima says I will do arti.

Divya, Drishti come outside. Divya says Rakshit is outside. Drishti says what does that matter? Drishit says let’s go in and see if everything is okay? Divya says Romi went in. He said everything is fine. Let’s play with Rakshit.
Divya says di. Rocky is your boyfriend? What did he say on call? Rakshit looks at them. Mahima does the baby’s arti. Pisachini says put tika on her forehead. Her name is Patali. Everyone is scared. Mahima puts tika on her head. Pisachini says she will go for a picnic to hell. She will kill you all.

Divya says Rocky wants to meet you right now? He looks like Ranveer? So lucky. He is so cute. Don’t blush. He said late-night date? He is so romantic. Go for it. Rakshit looks at them with jealousy. Divya says go have a great date. Drishti walks out.
Divya says what are you doing here Rakshit? He says where is she going this late? Divya says to think about your wife? What do you care? Where is your wife? Rakshit goes after Drishti. Divya says he went to his right wife. Divya comes in. Mahima asks where is Drishti? Divya says she is with Rakshit. Don’t worry.

Drishti walks on the road. She says I shouldn’t have listened to Divya. Now I have to walk here for no reason. Rakshit is following her. Drishti sees her. Drishti calls Divya and says he is following me. Now he will see no one is coming to meet me here. Divya says don’t worry. Mr. Rocky would come what will we do now? Divya says I have a plan. Drishti gets a copy. Rakshit is keeping an eye on her.

A guy comes in a hoodie and says hello baby. It’s Divya. Rakshit only sees her back. Divya says oh baby. I miss you a lot. I can do anything for you. Drishti says my ex made these false promises too. He says I will always take care of you. I would do anything for you. Rakshit says why should I care about her? Divya kneels down and says will you marry me? Drishti says I will answer later. He says okay keep the ring. Drishti says Rakshit sir you here. He says I was just walking past. Divya hides her face. She leaves. Rakshit says was that your fiance? Drishti says yes. He says I will drop you home. She says your wife would mind. He says she won’t.

Scene 2
Pisachini says my daughter, I am so happy to see you. You have to do big things. Sleep, please.
Rakshit says what does Rocky do? Drishti says he loves me. He says do you even know about him? She says yes I do. Rakshit says he looked like a fraud. Drishti says what do you even know about him? Rakshit says it looked like.. Drishti says, first love? Rakshit stops the car. Drishti falls on him. He says what did you decide then? Drishti walks out. Rakshit stops her and says you didn’t answer. She says I am tired. I will go and rest. He says what about the proposal? She says I would say yes. Rakshit says you won’t say yes. Drishti says who are you to tell me that? Rakshit says I don’t know but you won’t say yes. Drishit says did you listen to me when I told you Pisachini isn’t your wife. Who am I then? He says I don’t know who you are. I don’t remember anything. I just feel something. You won’t marry that Rocky. Drishti says you don’t want me to wear this ring? Then ask your heart, why does it hurt you to see me with someone else? Ask your heart and let me know the answer.

Drishti comes home. She says who is singing? Divya says Pisachini is singing a lullaby. Divya says tell me about Rakshit. Drishti says he was very jealous. They laugh. Drishti says why is she singing? Mahima says you don’t worry about anything. They make coffee. Mahima says divya told me what she made you do. I know Rakshit would remember everything and come to you.
Pisachini sings to her baby. Mahima falls asleep in the kitchen. Divya says she must be tired. Drishti says no something is wrong. They look at every one. Everyone is asleep. Drishti says what happened to everyone? How did everyone sleep together? Drishti says Pisachini was singing a lullaby. That’s why they slept.

Rakshit says who is Drishti? Should I trust Pisachini or Drishti? Why can’t I recall anything. He sees flashbacks. Chetan coems to Rakshit.
Kaal comes to Pisachini. Pisachini says she wasn’t part of my plan but she has more powers than me and you. Kaal says yes, she will take our mission forward. I will give you a locket. Make Rakshit wear it. He won’t recall anything.

Chetan says Rakshit listen to your heart. It has answers to all the questions. Rakshit says who am I? That army couldn’t do anything to me. Chetan says how can anything happen to you? Rakshit says why? Who am I?
Divya, Drishti wake everyone up. Drishti says Pisachini’s daughter is here for our destruction. It’s all clear. Ojaswani says but she is a cute baby. Drishti says we don’t even know her plan yet. Ash says kill that baby. Mahima says no how can we kill a baby. You two decide what to do.

Pisachini says Raku Shona. Where did you go? Our baby needs both of us. I am not a single parent. So you have become like typical husbands? you don’t find wife interesting after the baby. Rakshit says no I am just frustrated. I can’t recall anything. Pisachini looks at the locket Kaal gave her.
Divya, Drishti walk towards the baby. They look at her. Divya cries. Drishti says what should we do. divya says I never thought Pisachini would have a cute little baby. Drishti says we will take any other route, but to harm to her. Divya says yes.
Pisachini ties the thread on Rakshit’s arm. She says I got you this, it will help you recall everything. Keep it with you always. It will take some time. Don’t take the stress. She walks out. Rakshit takes it off. He says I don’t trust you.

Kaal says to the baby time to give you second birth. You have to kill Divya Drishti. He does magic on the baby.
Ojaswani says I am really scared. They heart the baby cry. Mahima says she must be hungry. Ojaswani says hungry of the blood? The baby starts floating and disappears. Everyone is shocked. She turns into a teenage girl. Pisachini says my baby wants to eat? She goes in crying. Ash says how did this happen? Drishti says how did this happen Rakshit? Rakshit says she told me she is a fairy. So her baby wont’ be normal either. Divya says what. Rakshit says in heart I know she lied but I will find the truth out myself.

Pisachini says to say hi to everyone. The girl says hi to everyone. Pisachini says sit everyone. Pisacini says we have to get somethings for Patal. Drishti says we will bring it. Divya Drishti goes out. Divya says why did you offer her? Drishti says I had to come out of the house to think about something. Divya says she wants ice cream, pizza? Are these essentials? This is unhealthy for babies. Drishti says she is Pisachini’s daughter. Drishti says she is a devil.
The girl fights from Simran and asks her for her bracelet. Chetan says what is happening here? Don’t take anything from other people. Go to your room. You won’t get what is yours. She cries. Chetan takes Simran to her room. Patali hits her doll on the floor. Chetan gets injured. Simran says take what you want but don’t injure him. Patali floats him. She shoves him on the floor and laughs. Simran says I am sorry. take what you want but please leave him.
Everyone comes there. They beg Patali to leave him. Chetan is badly injured. Romit stops her but she shoves him. She says no one can take my doll. I will play with it. Pisachini says playing? Let’s play together. Pisachini shoves them all and locks them in a circle. Patali floats Chetan. SHe falls on the ground again. His head bleeds.
Precap-Chetan is hospitalized. Rakshit says papa please you have to fight for us. Rakshit’s ring sparks. Chetan says you have to protect Divya Drishti. He dies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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