Divya Drishti 3rd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Pisaschini gets to know Murli’s reality

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Scene 1
Pisachini says come, Thakur. Mahima says I am Thakur. Drishti says where is Kaliya (Patali)? Patali says leave my Jai (Murli). Jai, kill Samba. Drishti says what are you saying? She says I am Radha, Gabbar’s DIL. I will kill Samba and drown him.

Real Divya is in a bag hanging over the pool. Patali plans on drowning her. Patali shoves Drishti in the pool. Rakshit saves her with his ring. Murli says what is happening here? Murli sees real Divya hanging over the pool. He says if Divya is there, who is here? Patali? He says they’re all doing magic. Murli tries to run. Rashit says where are you doing? He says to look up there, Divya is there. Drishti says Divya, Patali says go save your sister. Drishti says don’t even dare. Patali tries to hit Divya with a chandelier. Drishti saves her. Patali drowns Divya. Murli holds her. Patali comes in her real face. Drishti says how dare you to take my sister’s face and tried to kill her? Patali says yes I did. Rakshit says Shekhar, please take Divya out of here. We will handle everything here. Pisachini says he isn’t even your real Shekhar. He is a robber. He made a trench in this house, he has your wealth in that bag.

Ash says how dare you to call my son a robber. Pisachini says he isn’t your son. Patali says he is my Moroo. Pisachini says shut up. Pisachini says he is a robber, did you have his data before picking a stupid villager from a village? Rakshit says shut up. Get out of this house. Piaschini says he made a trench in this house. Divya says is this why you needed the toolbox and got so worried when I took it back? Murli says I needed it for gardening. Pisachini says no, he is lying. He made a trench with it. The other end was in my place. Ash says what is she saying. Divya says is she right Murli? Mahima says why are we even listening to this Pisachini? Murli says I can show you my plants. Drishti says let’s see what is right and wrong by proofs. Pisachini says search your son. Drishti says don’t tell us what to do? Drishti says Shekhar what’s in this bag? He says there are my things in it. You are not people so I won’t show it to you. Divya says show us this bag. He opens the bag. Pisachini takes the bag and says see what’s in this bag. There are only papers inside. Pisachini says there was gold and money in this bag. he hid it. Shekhar says she is the one who is stealing the wealth of this house. Drishti says if we rummaged him we will check you too. A lot of coins and gold falls down. Pisachini says this isn’t mine. He did something. Ash says you robber. Pisachini says I don’t need to steal anything. She leaves. Ash is crying. Rakshit says you listened to Pisachini Drishti. Rakshit leaves. Divya says to Drishti I feel something is wrong about him.

Murli recalls when Pisachini saw him first. He fell on her and added all the jewels in her pockets.

Scene 2
Ash says Divya Drishti listened to Pisachini and blamed by son? Ojaswani says they don’t know Shekhar that well right now. Mahima says Divya is already going through a lot. She was married to Shekhar and now real Shekhar is here. Ash says she has to apologize.
Rakshit says I am sorry Shekhar. How could I let them blame you. Shekhar says divya hates me for no reason. Rakshit says she is not comfortable around you. Ash says she has to apologize.
Divya says I blamed him, I can say sorry. Drishti says why would you? He was being suspicious. Rakshit says why don’t you let them be friends? Drishti says if they have to be friends then she doesn’t have to apologize. Murli says please you two don’t fight. I am sorry. It is all my mistake. don’t fight. Who is Pisachini? How did Patali take Divya’s face? What was all that magic.

Pisachini says to Patali you locked me for that Murli? Patali says you won’t’ understand. Pisachini says don’t dare to come between me and my plans. Patali says I will ruin all your plans if you come between me and Murli.

Divya brings in Romi. Shekhar says is there anything like husband and wife between you two? Everyone laughs. Divya tells him about the family. Shekhar is very confused. He says I don’t understand all this. I am running. Drishti says running? He says I mean going to the restroom. Rakshit says he isn’t criminal. Do you still doubt him? Drishti says no.

Murli comes to the trench. He says I have to do my task. I don’t care about anything. Pisachini comes there. Shekhar says you can fly as well? She says I can make you fly too. Pisachini says what is this sound? She takes his tool. He snatches it from her. Pisachini sees 401 written on his hand.

Patali breaks the flower and says he loves me he loves me not. Patali says he is up to something. I need to ask Kaal devta about him. He has some magical tool. He is the same prisoner 401. We have to confirm that.
Divya says please calm down di. Rakshit says calm down. Murli says how do you all do magic? Romi says Divya show him your magic. He says Rakshit and Drishti can also do magic. Shekhar is dazed. Pisachini and Patali look at them.

Patali throws a black smoke at him. Murli sneezes. Drishti says are you okay? Romi says I tink some allergy. Rakshit says take a shower, you will be better. Rakshit says Divya, show him the restroom. Drishti says don’t try to set up my sister with him. Rakshit says I am not doing that.
Pisachini and Patali try to see 401 written on him. Divya gives him towel. He goes in.
Rakshit says what is wrong even if I set them up? you believed Pisachini. Drishti says you married him. Rakshit says I forgot everything. Drishti says so is it my mistake? You thought Patali is your daughter? Rakshit says what is all this related to? she says I am an empowered girl. I still tolerated all this. You don’t have to blame me. He holds her. Drishti says what are you doing? He says what were you saying? Drishti says leave me. Rakshit caresses her face. She says you haven’t given me my birthday gift still. I saved you from Pisachini. He says we what do you want? Romi comes in. Drishti says let’s see who is more powerful.

Pisachini comes to Shekhar. She says you can’t even do magic. Divya can even float you. He says go from here. Pisachini says I won’t. She says I have to see that 401 written on his body. That would prove who he is.
Drishti floats Romi. Romi says what are you two doing? divya save me. Divya comes in. She says stop it di what are you doing? Murli comes in too. Divya brings him down. Romi says you have all lost it. Drishti says I am more powerful right? Rakshit says Divya is more powerful. Murli says really? Divya says I can float you in a moment. Shekhar says let’s see. Drishti says but you don’t have magic. he says but I have strength. Drishti says let’s start the match. Shekhar says whoever falls first loses. Divya uses her magic. Murli can’t stand. He comes in and moves Divya. Divya shoves him with her magic. His shirt falls off. Piaschini sees 401 written on his back. Divya says come on? he leaves. Rakshit leaves as well.

Shekhar sleeps and dreams of hell. Pisachini says recalling your time in hell? He says how do you know my dream? She says I made you dream that.

Divya says to drishti there is something up with Shekhar. Drishti says we will keep an eye on him. Pisachini says I know you are prisoner 401 from hell. Piaschini says I know hell. He says you can expose me. Pisachini says I can save you from Kaal’s wrath.
Precap-Rakshit says to everyone, I want to go to a picnic. Pisachini says done? He says yes. Both of them will come there. They all go out for picnic.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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