Divya Drishti 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Divya and Drishti come to the village

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Scene 1
Divya says Shekhar saved my life. I should thank him. Drishti sees someone crying. Divya comes to Shekhar and says I.. He is changing. Divya says what was that scar on your back? He says what? Drishti sees Pisacini crying. Her hand has a wound and scar.
Shekhar says what scar? Divya says it looks like a hook. He says I got it while working in the village. Divya says thank you for saving my life. You cared for me, thank you. Here’s a first aid box. Drishti says what was that hook? She comes to the room and says Rakshit.. He pretends to sleep. Drishti says I am glad you’re sleeping. I can do whatever I want. I should upload my sweet and s*xy picture on social media. I might find a good guy to date. Rakshit says what is she doing? Uploading her pictures on the dating site. Drishti says you woke up? He says I want to drink water. Drishti says how is my profile picture? It has you as well. I will crop you. Rakshit spills water on her laptop. She says what did you? He says sorry I did it by mistake. She says no you did it intentionally. I am going to Divya’s room.

Drishti sees a dream. She sees the dark place and some people are following her. Drishti says Divya where did you go? Divya turns on the light. Drishti is scared. She says I want to tell you something. Divya says come with me.
Murali sees in the mirror and says happy birthday to me prisoner 401. Everyone comes in and says happy birthday Shekhar. Divya says to make a wish before cutting the cake. He wonders how is his birthday on the same day as Shekhar.Everyone gives him gifts. Divya gives him a watch and makes him wear it.

Pisacini says yeah celebrate, your bad days are coming soon. She comes to someone and says we don’t have time. We have to do it in speed. I will bring both of them here.

Scene 2
Shekhar wears western. Ash says you look so good. Divya says what will you do today? Let’s go for treasure hunt. He says give me code of the locker, I will clean it. Everyone is adzed. He says I was joking. Mahima says our ancestral haveli, some men have taken over it. It was our family’s favorite. Rakshit says we used to go there every time in summers. Mahima says those people are living in our haveli and have scared all the villagers Rakshit says Shekhar and I will go there and sort everything out. No girls will come with us. This will be boys day out. Divya and Drishti are angry. Divya says how will Rakshit manage it all alone. Shekhar doesn’t even know magic. Drishti says I will go as well.

Drishti says to Ash do you want your son to go along with Rakshit? He isn’t responsible. Mahima says Drishti will go with you. Divya says I want to go as well. Mahima says no. Divya says to Sekhar can I go with you? Please.
Rakshit says why do you interfere in everything? Drishti says I want to spend time with you that’s it. Rakshit says what? She says why can’t you get anything alone? Divya says they keep fighting. I have to go with Shekhar and protect him. Mahima says the villagers would be so annoyed with you all.
Rakshit hugs Drishit says sorry. I am glad you’re coming with me. Drishti hugs him.

Scene 2
In the village, some people are celebrating. Rakshit comes there. All the villagers welcome them. Rakshit introduces them all. She says you came on right time. Lakha has been made the Sarpanj of the village. And that couple got married. Rakshit says kaki ma is everything okay? Lakha says you never know when.. Some bikes come. A kid screams they are coming. Drishti recalls she saw the same bikes in her rea. They make Lakha fall. Divya stops them with her magic. They make a fire circle around them. THe bikers run. Murali says who were they? Rakshit says are they the same people? Lakha says they have taken over your haveli too Kaki says there is no one to take care of us. Rakshit says we have to stop them. Divya says they look weird. Murali says everyone is weird here. Lakha says we have arranged a resort for you.

Rakshit says that haveli is ours. We can’t go there. Drishti says we are here to take it back. we have to find their weaknesses. She says what is your weakness?? He says hide and seek. Divya says you used to come here. What did you play Shekhar? He says hide and seek. Rakshit says this haveli is our life. I won’t let them take it. Drishti says we will take it back.

Scene 3
Divya is sleepy. Drishti says why are you so sleepy. They see a pot. Divya says it’s on all the houses. Murali says it must be some village suspicion. It must have something to do with the well. Rakshit says you still remember the well here? Kaki ma gives pohay to everyone. Divya says the bride didn’t change? She says she will change after tonight. It’s a dangerous night for us.
Rakshit says something is so wrong in this village. Murali goes in a house. Drishti says shekhar, let’s have some fun. What can we do here? Let’s recall your childhood memories. He says I was wondering, something is behind that temple. Rakshit says how do you know? I hid something there in childhood. I hid a handy camera there. I thought Shekhar used to fool me when we played hide and seek. Drishti says let’s go find it. Murali wonders how did I know? Why do I feel like I have been here? They find a handy camera. Rakshit says Drishti and Divya you will stay here. Divya says Drishti and I will attack the bikers and you two stay with the villagers.

Drishti connects the handy cam. It has a video of them running. Kaki ma says those bikers are planning something big. We are really scared. Drishti says we should go there and attack them. You both should stay with villagers. Rakshit says I don’t like us being in separate teams. Take care of yourself Divya says to Shekhar if there is any trouble, promise me you would run. He says you think I am a coward? Divya says I don’t want you in trouble. Drishit says let’s go. Rakshit gives Murali a magic weapon. They see in the video Chintu. Rakashit says we saw him this morning. How is he there in the video? Murali says this video is 20 years old. Murali says this woman is kaki ma. Rakshit says all people are same. They are all dead people. Those pots are their asthiyan.
Precap-All villagers are Pisachini’s people. They try t burn Divya and Drishti

Update Credit to: Atiba

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