Divya Drishti 2ndFebruary 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahima is Lal Chakoor

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Scene 1Lal Chakoor leaves. Divya comes out of the pot. Drishti says I shouldn’t have sent Divya there. Shekhar says I should have gone with her. Rakshit says don’t worry. Drishti says she is so stubborn. What if she fights him. Drishti said to Divya give the address of our old house in Romi’s hand. Once they come there we will fight him. You won’t go in front of him and fight with him. Rakshit said I will go. Divya said you should be with Drishti. Kids can’t be without parents. We know how it feels. I will go there. Rakshit says then promise you will do as we planned. Divya said yes I will. They all hug. Drishti said give us a sign if you are in trouble. We will come there. Rakshit says she won’t do any mistake. Don’t worry. We are going there, we will save her.

Divya comes to the room. She sees all the dead bodies. She sees Asha’s face and is in tears. Divya caresses her face and says sorry mom I couldn’t save you. Divya sees Romi’s face in tears. Divya recalls Romi risking his life to save them. Divya says I promise I will avenge your death. She says di asked me not to fight. She leaves the chit with an address in his hand. Divya says one body is missing. Who is that? Pisachini comes there. Divya hides with the dead bodies. Divya does magic and sets the lounge of fire. Pisachini runs out to check. Divya says I can’t check who is missing.

Lal chakoor says to Pisachini someone is here. That person tried to distract us. Go and find that person. Pisachini says if someone came here they can’t run. Drishti is outside. she says Divya where are you. Divya tries to open the door. It isn’t opening. She says I am stuck here. Di please save me. Pisachini says who is here? Lal chakoor checks everywhere. He says you are useless. Pisachini says better to find that person. He says that person can’t go out. Pisachini says I know that. Drishti says how will we bring her out. Rakshit says we can try going inside with this trunk. They try to enlarge the trunk. It doesn’t. Shekhar says Divya is stuck inside.

Pisachini comes to the hall. Drishti says can we go inside with construction building? Rakshit uses his powers and throws some stones inside the house. Pisachini and lal chakoor fall. Pisachini says what is happening. Lal chakoor says it’s an earthquake. Divya says they are trying to help me. Pisachini falls. She says what is happening. The stones keep falling on Pisachini and Lal chakoor. Lal chakoor says open a window. She says how? You have closed everything. Lal chakoor opens a window. Pisachini looks out. Divya says how do I use this window. Rakshit says we have to distract them. Drishti throws a stone on Pisachini. She falls. Lal chakoor says it’s them.. Divya comes to the window and sees them. She says thank God. Rakshit says Divya jump. Divya jumps. Shekhar catches her. Lal chakoor says someone was near the window. Drishti hugs Divya. Pisachini says no one is here. Lal chakoor says go and see the dead bodies. She says okay let me check.

Scene 2
Lal chakoor says you’re responsible for it all. She sees the chit in Romi’s house. Pisachini says it has their childhood home’s address. They are going there.

Divya and Drishti come to their old neighborhood. Divya and Drishti recall playing there and buying toys there. Divya says you were so scared of this tree. Drishti says you were. Divya says liar. Piaschini says they gave this address to Romi to he can flee and come there. Lal chakoor says we will go there instead of Romi and ruin their plan.

Divya and Drishti come to their home. They recall their childhood. Drishti hugs Divya. Drishti hugs Rakshit. Divya hugs Shekhar. Drishti says this was our house. Our mama was a teacher and our dad was a banker. Divya says Divya see the first vision about a dam breaking here. Drishti says everything ended here. Divya says our parents died to save us. Swe lost them. Drishti says like you lost your family. Rakshit says I lost everyone. It gets dark. Storm rages. Divya says what is happening? They come out and everything is dark. A storm has raged. Divya says not a single person is here.

Lal chakoor comes there. Rakshit says be ready. Lal chakoor comes on the ground. Pisachini says where did you hide. Come in front of us. Are you scared? Rakshit stabs Lal chakoor’s gown. They tie Pisachini. Pisachini says I will kill you all. Come in front of me. Lal chakoor trie to open her ropes but they don’t open. Lal chakoor says you all see my power now. He attacks Drishti but she saves herself. Rakshit takes his axe. He says I will kill you Lal Chakoor. Rakshit runs towards him. Lal Chakoor shows his face. Rakshit is shocked. He stops. Rakshit says you. Shekhar sees Lal Chakoor’s face too. Divya and Drishti come as well. Mahima says would you kill me? Rakshit says, mom? It’s Mahima. She has a black patch on her face. Drishti says this can’t be true. Mom can’t be Lal Chakoor. Drishti puts her hand on Mahima’s head and sees her being nice to them only. Drishti says you can’t be Lal Chakoor. Mahima says I am Lal Chakoor. Mahima died first and then woke up with blackface. She became Lal Chakoor and attacked everyone. Ash saw her. She was shocked. So Mahima killed her. She killed Simran as well. Romi saw her face too. Drishti says you were Lal Chakoor? Pisachini laughs and says the biggest secret of this house is out. The innocent mummy ji is Lal Chakoor. Raku Shona, what happened? See your mom is Lal Chakoor. Go kill your mother. Pisachini laughs. Rakshit says you can’t be Lal Chakoor. Mahima flies. Piaschini says don’t leave me alone. She leaves her feather there. Everyone stands in shock.

Shekhar ties Pisachini. He says I want to kill you right now. You sent me to hell. Pisachini says yes I sent you to hell. I have sent a lot of people there. I won’t apologize. So you all trust him now? Drishti says shut up. Piaschini says I should have killed you the night I killed your mom. Shekhar says shut up, I will kill you. She says wow now there is love too. And see Lal Chakoor’s son all upset there.

Rakshit is shocked. He sits down crying. Drishti hugs him. Rakshit says I am sorry. My mom killed Romi and everyone. How can a mother kill? How can she kill Ash, Ojas and Simran? How could she kill Rashi? Her own daughter? My own mother killed her? Everything is a lie. Everything was a lie. It’s all over. I am alone. Drishti hugs him and says don’t say that, please. Bell rings. Shekhar says let me check. They see a feather. Divya says she is coming.

Precap-Mahima says to Shekhar come to meet me at the bridge with Pisachini. You will get everyone’s lives back. I didn’t want you to know my secret like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t know why makers are finding it good to make male lead’s mother negative or master mind but to be honest it is so so so predictable that Mahima was Laal Chakor. The way she was stopping them from going near cave, make Divya marry that Rakshit’s friend, Died first and then killing others and the master stroke by romi saying aap hai Laal Chakor. God only interesting thing on making a mahima as laal chakor is that why she did all this? As on other show they always show that male leads mom is his step mom but here Mahima is his biological mom.

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