Divya Drishti 29th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pisachini burns the book

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Scene 1
Divya and Drishti open the book. Drishti says we will go where we saw the lal chakoor. Divya says once we see his face we will know the past. They gp in the book. Pisachini’s wounds heal. She says who is here? Lal chakoor comes there. Piaschini bows down to him and says thank you for healing me lal chakoor. I will do what you ask.

Divya and Drishti are in the cave. They go near the shadow. Pisachini comes out of her room. Divya and Drishti see someone in red hoodie. They follow him. Pisachini comes to Drishti’s room and looks for the book. She says where is it?
Divya says we have to go ahead of him to see his face. Pisachini sees the book on the floor. She says found it. Divya and Drishti are about to see his face. Pisachini burns the book. Divya and Drishti are shoved back by fire. They fall down. The person is in front of them. Divya says I can’t see anything. Drishti says neither can I. What has happened? Divya says are we blinded? Drishti says is there fire around us. Divya says yes. Should we use our powers? They try to blow the fire but their powers aren’t working. Drishti says let’s go from here. They close their eyes but can’t get out. Drishti says why aren’t we able to get out. Drishti says has someone destroyed the book? Divya says who?

Shekhar is keeping an eye on Pisachini. He says she was injured. How is she so okay now? What is she doing? Divya cries and says I have to get out of here. Are we locked here forever? Drishti hugs her and says don’t worry. Be calm. We will get out of here. Please calm down. Divya says I can’t see anything. How are you so calm? Drishti says I lost my vision once before. Concentrate around you. Drishti says there’s fire around us. Divya says we couldn’t see lal chakoor’s face.

Lal chakoor opens a trunk. There’s music playing. Drishti says how is there music playing? Divya says then I heard something closing. Shekhar runs after Pisachini. Rakshit sees him and says where is he going?
Divya says will we ever be able to get out of here? Did someone destroy the book? Drishti says nothing would happen.

Rakshit hears music too. Divya says God please send someone to get us out of here. Shekhar comes to Divya’s room and sees the book burning. He says who did this? Rakshit follows the music. He says what is happening here? Chinki says to Rakshit a bird attacked me. Rakshit says lal chakoor?? Where is it? Shekhar shoves water on the book. His hand is burned. The fire around Divya Drishti blows a bit. Divya and Drishti can see now. Drishti says I can see. Divya says I can too. They hug each other. Drishti says everything would be fine. Drishti says how did all that happen? Why can’t we get out?

Rakshit asks Chinki where? She says it attacked me near the pool. Rakshit says I heard a music. She says I was attacked here only. She takes out a red feather and says see this feather. It’s of him. Rakshit is dazed. Chinki says I was so scared. I have never seen a red chakoor. What if it comes again and kills me like your sister? Rakshit says I will give you something that will protect you. Shekhar says Rakshit Divya and Drishti are no in their room.

Drishti says where are they all? They see guru ji. They go near him but a wall stops them from going near to them. Drishti says there’s someone who doesn’t want us to see lal chakoor’s face. Divya says please let’s go out of here. They can’t get out. Drishti says someone did something to the book. Divya says no one knows we are here. What will happen now? Drishti says don’t worry. We are here for each other. Divya hugs Drishti. Divya says you’re so strong. Drishti says yes I am very strong. Come let’s see around now. Divya trips over a trunk. Drishti says what is it? Shekhar says to Rakshit I saw this book burning when I came here. and Piaschini was coming out of the room. Rakshit says let me ask her. Chinki looks at the book.

Drishti says I think we heard this trunk closing. They open it and the music plays. Drishti says we heard the same tune. Rakshit asks Pisachni where are Divya and Drishti? Pisachini says I don’t know where they are? Kill me. I am so scared. We are all scared. Look at me with all these wounds. Shekhar says she didn’t have wounds she was coming out of Divya’s room. What happened all of a sudden? Shekhar says Rakshit let’s go and look for Divya and Drihsti. Chinki picks Rakshit’s dagger.

Drishti says this trunk might have a way to get out of here. Lal chakoor disappeared from this trunk as well. They go inside the trunk. Shekhar says to Rakshit Piaschini had no wounds when she was coming out of there. Rakshit says you saved Pisachini right? And you know where Divya and Drishti are. This is the same tune that I heard.

Divya and Drishti come out of a small trunk in their kitchen. Divya says it’s the same the trunk but smaller. Rakshit and Shekhar come there. Rakshit says are you okay? Where did you go? Shekhar asks Divya are you okay? She says yes we are fine. Divya says we came out of this trunk. Where did it go?

Scene 2
Chinki wonders where did Pisachini go? Pisachini says to lal chakoor I have burned that book. No one saw. Divya and Drishti won’t ever be able to go to past. Chinki comes there. She bows down to lal chakoor and says I found this dagger. Rakshit threw it and I picked it. We will kill those sisters. Lal chakoor hits them and says I will do it.

Rakshit says let me get first aid box. Mahima comes there and says how did this happen? These wounds? Did you go to that cave again? Mahima says answer me. Drishti says yes we did. Mahima screams and says I asked you no one will go there. No one. I lost my father, husband and daughter. Rakshit says mom please calm down. Mahima says promise me all three of you, you won’t go there. Drishti says we are sorry. Please don’t say this. Divya says promise we won’t go there. Drishti says we won’t go ma. Rakshit says mom please sorry. Please don’t cry. Ojaswani says Divya please meet Ash. She’ really worried about you.

Shekhar says to Divya I got your medicines. He says I saw your book burning. I extinguished him. Divya says did you burn it? He says why would I tell Rakshit? Please trust me. Divya says go from here, please.
Rakshit says my dagger, where did I place it? He recalls leaving it in the corridor. Drishti says who could pick it? Rakshit says I didn’t see anyone.

Divya sees chinki roaming in the corridor with the dagger. She follows her. Chinki goes to her room. Divya says Chinki open the door. She comes inside but Chinki isn’t there. Divya says she came here. Where did she go? Divya sees the book’s papers there burnt. Divya says does she have powers? Divya comes to Rakshit and Drishti and says Chinki picked that dagger. Rakshit says but she saved us from the tribal people. lal chakoor attacked her. divya says she is lying. I followed her, she disappeared and I saw the burned papers of the book in her room. Drishti says Piaschini and Chinki are together. Rakshit says let’s check in the guestroom.

They come to the guestroom. No one is there. Rakshit says nothing is here. Drishti says we have to find Chinki.
Piaschini says to Chinki what are you doing here? What if someone sees you? Pisachini takes the dagger from her and burns it. Chinki says what are you doing? Pischini says go from here. Divya and Drishti come there. Pisachini says in heart they should know we are not to together. Drishti says you bured the dagger? Pisachini says yes I did. I asked her to steal it. Chinki screams and says she is scary. She asked me to steal the dagger. Drishti says you burned mom’s book right? Give us those papers. Piaschini says take if you can. Pisachini eats those papers. Divya and Drishti are shocked.
Precap-Divya and Drishti hit Chinki and say you both are with lal chakoor right? Lal chakoor comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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