Divya Drishti 23rd February 2020 Written Episode Update: All demons die

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Scene 1
Drishti shoves Mahima and says you don’t decide who lives and dies. God decides that. Drishti picks the sword and says we will see who wins today. You’re a stain on mothers’name. You were going to kill your own son. My mother died to save us two. That’s what a mother is. She didn’t even have powers yet she saved us. Mahima says that’s why she died. Drishti says Pisachini could never harm us. She gave us powers of empathy and love. Mahima says what did it give you? She says a good family, a good partner, kids, being called a mother. Mahima says I am bored with your lecture. Drishti says yes let’s end it all. She picks the sword.

Guru ji says I will kill you today, then your wife, then her sister and these kids. He falls down. He says I will get the kaal vijay ratan. He hits Shekhar. Shekhar says how will you get it? From the kids? Where are they? Guru says see their face one last time. They are in this room. He sees the cradle. The kids aren’t there. He says where are the kids? I want those kids. Shekhar attacks him.

Someone stabs Mahima from behind before Drishti and Rakshit could. Everyone is shocked. She falls down. It’s Pisachini. She laughs. Pisachini turns her into ashes. Rakshit is in tears. He sits down and cries. Drishti says I am sorry. Mom.. Rakshit says her sins killed her. She had to die. Don’t call her my mom. We have to find our kids. He hears the kids crying. Drishti says the babies? Divya and Shekhar bring them insdie. Everyone is shocked. Drishti hugs them and says thank you. Rakshit asks Shekhar are you okay? Let me do your first aid.

Scene 2
Drishti asks where did you find the kids? Divya says Kaal vijay ratan took us to them. Shekhar says Kaal devta had the kids. Rakshit says so nanu is with him as well? Who is Kaal devta? Shekhar says we tried to see but we couldn’t. And we don’t know where did the ratan went there after that? Rakshit says thank you for saving the kids Divya and Shekhar.

Simran says we saw nanu cloth’s piece. It had blood on it. We found in outside the restroom door. Drishti says we have to see and find him. They all downstairs. Pisachini says welcome. Drishti says where is nanu? She says where he should be. We are where we started from. Drishti says you will never get kaal vijay. Kaal says this is mine. He shows them kaal vijay. Everyone is shocked. Kaal says I got it before you started the find. Pisachini says they will all join and become one. But we have to kill you all before that. She lights the fire and shoves Romi in it. Everyone screams. Pisachini says who would die next? She shoves Ash in it. Everyone screams. Pisachini says you will all have to die before we get the powres. She shoves Ojas in the fire too. The ratans join. Divya says di I am really scared. Please save me. Pisachini says no one can save you today. Drishti falls down. She fainted in the hall. It was all a vision. Rakshit holds her and says what did you see? Drishti says I saw us all falling in the hellfire. Divya and Shekhar are coming with the kids.

Divya and Shekhar come inside with the kids for real. Drishti hugs them. Rakshit asks are you okay? Romi says I saw nanu’s piece of cloth with blood. Drishti says outside the restroom that goes to Piaschini’s basement. Romi says yes. Drishti says we won’t go there. They will kill us all there. I saw it in my vision. Divya says what should we do? Drishti says they have all the powers. We aren’t safe here. We have to go somewhere safe.

Scene 3
They all come to the temple. Divya says did you see any clue in the vision? Anything? Or guru ji? Drishti says I couldn’t see him. Ojas says Shiv rally is coming here. The rally comes towards them. Ojas says this is such a good sign. A woman says we are all going for the pooja. Please come with us. Drishti says where is the Shiv temple? She shows them. Drishti sees moon and says I know what to do. Let’s go to the temple.

Pisachini says where is kaal devta? I have my two ratans. Kaal comes there and says so you got the ratans? Pisachini says yes. He says so you killed Mahima? Pisachini says yes I had to. She was ruling me for long as kaal chakoor. I gave her a surprise in the end. It was fun. Kaal says I have a surprise for you too. See the biggest secret. He takes off his hoodie. Pisachini is shocked to see him. He says you? He says yes bad guru ji. Pisachini says so you were fooling me for ages? He says yes. He says does the sisters know? He says no. They are worried their guru ji is in trouble. He laughs.

Everyone does the pooja. Winds blow. Drishti says I have to see the third eye of Shiv ji today. It’s a big night. We will get the ratans back. They will come out of the fear to save their ratans.
Pisachini says none of them is here. He says they had to come to the basement so they could be killed. Pisachini says I will find them don’t worry. She says what is arti stuff doing here? He says so they all went out to do the arti? He says will kill them in the temple.

Everyone does the arti. Pandit ji comes there. Drishti says please send everyone home. There will be battle here. We are here to stop it. Please send them every one to somewhere safe. He applies tilak on them. Drishti says Shiv ji will come to help us. They do tandav in front of the idol. Winds blow. Drishti places the kids under the idol. She says you have to protect my kids today God. Rakshit asks Romi to take everyone to a safe place. Pisachini comes and says it looks like you missed me. Rakshit says where is my nanu? She says he is gone. Rakshit says how dare you? You killed him. Pisachini says he did it. She looks at Kaal. Rakshit says where is my Nanu? What did you do to him? Kaal says should I tell you? you might die after knowing. Rakshit says you will die today. Kaal says you can’t kill me because your nanu would die too. He takes off the hoodie. Everyone is shocked to see him.

Rakshit says nanu.. He says yes I am your nanu. You thought your mother was evil on her? I am a bigger evil than her. He says you are our son. Come to our side. Rakshit says I will never be on the wrong side no matter what. He says you will all die them. He shits them. Rakshit falls down. He moves towards the kids. Rakshit says don’t even dare to touch my kids. He says you couldn’t even kill your mom how would you kill me. Goodness makes you weak. Pisachini lights fire on the way. Rakshit walks on the fire. Guru ji says see how I kill your kids now. Rakshit stabs him with a trishul before he could touch the kids. Kaal vijay falls down. Pisachini picks it. She laughs.

Pisachini has all the ratans. She says I have all the three ratans. She joins them. Pisachini says this superpower is mine now I will rule this world. The combined ratan comes in her hand. Pisachini says I am Maha Pisachini now. Bow to me. Rakshit tries to stop her. She hits them all and ties them. She says see my superpower now. I will kill you all. Pisachini becomes larger. She throttles Divya and Drishti. Pisachini laughs and says let me show you your kids before dying. Divya says you will never win. You will never be God. You will go to hell. Drishti says your evil powers would end. You will die. Shiv’s third eye lights. A bolt of lightning from it strikes Pisachini. She screams and leaves Divya and Drishti. Pisachini is burned to ashes. The ratan falls from her. Everyone gets current from it. It flies and goes inside the idol. A blast occurs near Divya and Drishti. Rakshit and Shekhar are worried. Divya and Drishti come out of the fire with kids.

Rakshit hugs Drishti. Shekhar hugs Divya. Everyone hugs and bows to Shiv ji. Rakshit says let’s go home. Divya says yes I am very hungry. Simran says where did the ratan go? Drishti says where it came from. To Shiv ji. Divya says our powers are gone too right? Drishti says yes but nothing is more powerful than love. They all go home. The kids move things with their hands and one of them sees the vision. They got the powers.

No precap.

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