Divya Drishti 22nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Divya trusts Shekhar

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Scene 1
The tribal people say she isn’t from the village. this girl is sent here as a sacrifice. We will sacrifice her because God sent the groom for my daughter. Drishti says are you out of your mind? You’re sacrificing one girl for your daughter’s marriage. He says you have no permission to talk. Women don’t talk here, we don’t listen to them because they’re weak. They take Drishti to towards the burning water to burn her. Drishti screams. Drishti shoves him and says now you know who is weak? See what a woman can do. Women aren’t weak. Rakshit says see I told you my wife is psycho. Drishti says you called me psycho? He says open the ropes. Drishti and Rakshit run.

Divya hears noise. She says they must be there. Shekhar says you stay here. Divya says you think you will manage everything without magic? He says okay come. Rakshit says you were jealous. Drishti says I was fighting for women. He says you were fighting because you didn’t want another wife for me. She says how dare you even say this.
The tribal people surround Shekhar. Divya saves him.

A tribal woman asks Drishti and Shekhar to get on the flying carpet. She returns Drishti her clothes. She takes them out. Divya sees a cave. She says it’s the same place where I came in my dream past with di. She goes in the cave. Shekhar comes after her and falls inside. He hand touches the hand marks of the wall and it glows. Divya wonders how did it shine with his hand. Divya says who is this woman? And this flying carpet? Someone throws an arrow at Chinki. Drishti and everyone brings her home.

Scene 2
Everyone comes home. Mahima says who’s this? Drishti says this is a tribal woman. She I Chinki. Shekhar brings first aid. He asks Divya are you okay? Drishti gives Chinki first aid. Mahima says take her to the room. Ash says would someone bring first aid for my son? Drishti says he is the one who gives us pain. He is dangerous for us. Romi says but he helped us. Mahima says Ash take him to the room and treat him.

Mahima says the doctor said you’re fine. Drishti says why did you save us Chinki? She says you were right about women. You saved me from them, I didn’t. Women aren’t weak. I was tired to listening to what they said. Pisachini comes in and says who is she now.

Mahima dresses Shekhar’s wounds. She is in tears. Divya comes in. Shekhar says ma Divya is hurt too. Ash says Divya, my heart says this is my son Shekhar. Piaschini says yes but I won’t let your motherhood live.

Drishti says to Rakshit let’s look on the internet about lal chakor. Drishti reads it’s a bird. It loves the moonlight. Divya comes and says chakor isn’t red. Red chakor is something else. Chinki is asleep. There’s a red chakor stamped on her hand.

Scene 3
Shekhar is asleep. Divya comes to his room. She holds his hand. Divya recalls him taking care of her and his hand lighting that outline. He gets up. Divya runs out. Rakshit comes in. Shekhar says did you touch me? Rakshit says what? We have to talk to you. Come downstairs. Shekhar says Divya came here? Drishti says come downstairs.

Ojaswani says Ahs he is lying. Ash says I trust him. Divya says you lied to us. Shekhar says I lied but the truth is I am Shekhar. Divya says you misused our love. Shekhar says please trust me. I am the son of this house. How did I know everything from our past? The kid in the village and the painting. Rakshit says then where were you for years? He says I was in hell. Romi says who took you? He says Piaschini. Pisachini says what? Shekhar says I was playing with my friends and she abducted me from there. Ahs says yes and that is when he replaced the Shekhar. Piaschini shows his stamp and says this is who is he. Prisoner no. 401. Divya says we know all that. Piaschini says I would have killed him. Why would I send him to hell? Shekhar says I not lying. Ash says he is saying the truth. Rakshit says we can’t trust anyone now. Drishti says there must be some way to test. Rakshit says yes there is.

Rashit comes to the hall He makes a fire circle. Drishti adds a red color to it. Rakshit takes out a dagger from it. Rakshit says this is our family dagger. It identifies who is our blood and who isn’t. I will throw it in the sindur circle, if it goes in then I am the blood of this house if it falls out I am not. Rakshit throws it and it goes inside the circle. Rakshit says your turn now. Shekhar throws the dagger. The glares. Ash says it’s glowing. Mahima says let him throw. Shekhar throws the dagger. Pisachini moves it out with her magic. It’s going out of the circle. Drishti says I knew this would happen. The dagger is on the borderline. Divya says to Pisachini you did all this. Pisachini says don’t blame anything of me. Drishti says it doesn’t prove anything. Shekhar says I will do it again. Rakshit says it could be done once only. Shekhar says I will do anything to prove. Pisachini says he is fooling you all. Ash says he is my Shekhar. Drishti says let’s vote. Pisachini says good luck.

Mahima says I don’t think he’s Shekhar. Ojaswani goes on the other side too. Romi stands with Shekhar and says sorry di I trust him. Simran is also with Shekhar. Drishti and Rakshit are on the other side. Only Divya is left. Divya says I am sorry di. Ahs says that means Shekhar can live here.

Drishti says Divya why did you help him? Divya says maybe there’s something that we can’t see. Drishti says he was in hell. Divya says so was I. When we fell in the cave, Shekhar’s hand lightened up the mark. Only I saw it. I want him to live here so we can go to the cave. Drishti says you shouldn’t have done this.

Shekhar comes downstairs. Ojaswani says you can’t sit here. You’re not our family. I will leave if you sit on the table. Divya says Shekhar sit here. Ojaswani leaves. Shekhar says I am not hungry. She says not another lie. Eat. please. They bot sit and eat. He says thank you for trusting me. She says I didn’t want to break mom’s heart. She still considers your Shekhar. He says I am ready to answer you everything. She says I am here to eat.

Drishti says what is happening? The dagger stayed on the borderline. Something bad is going to happen. Who is lal chakoor. How did his hand lighten up the marks in cave.
Chinki gets up and looks at the lal chakoor on her arm. She says lal chakoor give me blessings so I complete what my brother Vicky couldn’t. All of this was planned by lal chakoor. And they brought me here. Lal chakoor comes in front of her and she dances in front of it.

Rakshit hugs Drishti. She says I don’t want Divya to be hurt again. I hope I find a way. Rakshit says everything would be fine. Drishti knocks on Divya’s room. she says when did you start knocking? She says since you got angry. Divya says you left in anger. Drishti says I didn’t want to fight with you. They both hug. Divya says I was reading ma’s book. It says guru ji gave us (his apprentices) our names. I am named white pigeon, one is gid, one is crow and one is lal chakoor. Divya says what? Lal chakoor was guru ji’s apprentice? Drishti says we should go back to the cave. We might find something. They go into the past through the book.

Precap-Everyone hears Pisachini screaming. She is badly injured. She runs and says he has come. Shekhar says to Rakshit I found this red wing outside the house. Divya says is it of lal chakoor?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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