Divya Drishti 21st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Divya Drishti keep an eye on everyone

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Scene 2
Rakshit throws shirt. It falls on Drishti. He says sorry I didn’t see you. She puts it in closet. Rakshit says I don’t like anyone doing my work. Even if its my wife. She laughs and says you called me wife? He says I am not prince charming. He goes to sleep. Drishti asks him to move from her side of the bed. He says you might not like when I move in sleep. Drishti brings more pillows and makes a line. She says stay in your limits of the bed. He says you too.

Pisachini says bichu get up we have to go. He says you have to go not me. Pisachini says get up. She takes out the girl from under the bed.
Drishti sees someone dragging a body. She says what is it? Drishti says what happened She says nothing. He says are you okay? She says yes. Drishti says who was it? Drishti sneaks out. Pisachini is pulling the dead body. Drishti hears some noise. She tries to go on that side. Drishti and Divya collide. DDivya says I heard someone walking. Drishti says I saw something. Someone was here. Pisachini sees them and hides. She says what are these two upto. They come downstairs. Pisachini says when will leave they.

Divya says lets go no one is here. They go back upstairs. Pisachini takes the dead body out. She hides her in a box.

Divya and Drishti come near door in the morning. Pisachni says what are they upto now? Drishti says I made a plan. dviya says I am hungry. Pisachini says till they are here I can’t do anything. Drishti says eat something and then lets go. Divya says you made plan without me. Drishit says you dont’ make very good plan. Drishti says remember you always used ot make plans and I used to be scolded by mom. Drishti floats coriander and sprinkles it on her. She says I dont like it stop it. Mahima collides with Drishti. Divya says it was my mistake. Mahima says you only know how to ruin things. Photos fall on the ground. Drishti says is that your dad’s picture She says yes. Drishti says I will make them scanned. Mahima says I dont’ want anything to be done by you. She asks Divya to get it done for her.

Scene 2
Lava says Rakshit you have to do breakfast with me. Pisachini stops her. She says I have to go.
Divya drishti see the old photos of the house together. Drishti makes divya eat. Divya hugs her and says i love you di. Chachi says here’s the breakfast menu. Make everything everyone likes. Divya says she is helping that woman in the house/ Drishti says she isn’t a bad woman.

Divya Drishti come near Rakshit. Divya says you should keep an eye on him. He is out all day. We don’t know what he does outside. Drishti says he has a good heart. divya says everyone does. But someone is helping her.

Drishti sits with Rakshit and says I want to ggo to office too. He says I thought you wont go to office now. She says I want to. Rakshit drives fast. Drishti sees a paper. HE says give it to me. She says this envelope might have a heart. It has a photo of Lava kissing him. He says you don’t know me yet. I am romantic but not for you. Drishti looks outside. She laughs. Drishit says you look funny. You think you are romantic. She laughs. Rakshit stops the car. He says before laughing remember I won a challenge and I can ask you for anything.

Pisachini says to bichu get up.
Divya says how do I cook. She tries to knead the flour. Suny comes nad says do you need help from me? Divya ignores him. He says who made the dessert that day? He comes close to her.
Precap-Roomi has magical powers too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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