Divya Drishti 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Divya and Drishti save their mother

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Scene 1
Drishti is asleep. Rakshit sees the pregnancy strip. He says I knew you aren’t pregnant. You couldn’t be this fast. What happened to you? I hope you share with me what is happening? I will wait. He kisses her face and leaves. Drishti says in heart I am sorry I hid this vision from you.

Drishti comes to Divya. Divya says your pregnancy test? Drishti says I lied all that. How can I be pregnant, at least you don’t say that. I saw a vision that lal chakoor attacked mama. Divya says so if we save mama can she come back to life? Drishti says with no powers we can bring the dead back. They become past. Divya says what if we change the past? Drishti says how is that possible. Mahima says Divya what are you doing here? It’s your wedding night. Go to your room. And Drishti you should rest. Drishti says I am not pregnant. Mahima says go and rest anyway. Drishti says how can anyone change the past? Why does lal chakoor want to kill mama? Divya says how can they kill mama when Pisachini already killed her? Do they want to change the past? But why? Drishti recalls Ojaswani says your child will be tied to you forever. Drishti says they want to kill mama before her pregnancy? In the cave, so we both won’t be born at all? Divya says they want to kill mama in pregnancy. I can’t let that happen. Divya runs.

Divya and Drishti run towards the jungle. Drishti says maybe this is Pisachini’s plan. Divya sees Drishti. She says where is she going? I should call Rakshit. Drishti goes towards the cave. Drishti says how can I enter without Rakhit and Divya? She recalls the trunk. Drishti says but it was inside the cave. There must be something. She looks around and sees a red feather. Drishti says it’s of lal chakoor. This can take me inside the cave. Drishti steps on the feather. Drishti says but how? Divya sees her. Divya says what is she doing. The feather flies. Divya says what is she doing? She follows Drishti. The tune plays. Drishti says was it wind? Where do I find the way? Drishti hears a noise. A trunk appears. Drishti opens it and goes inside. Divya says can’t let her go alone. She stops her and goes inside as well.

Shekhar says to Rakshit Drishti and Divya have gone somewhere. Divya went after Divya. Rakshit says Drishti is sleeping. Shekhar says no she isn’t in the room.

Scene 2
Drishti says why did you come here? Divya says why didn’t you tell me before coming here? Drishti says we both will.. Divya says die here. Because they want to kill mama in pregnancy. I won’t let you fight it alone. Divya says I would be alone. They see that day of the past. Drishti says keep holding my hand. Divya says I would. Drishti says when I ask you would leave hand. Divya says but mama said never to leave hands. Drishti says mama also said you will do what I ask. They see lal chakoor throwing fire towards their mom. Drishti and Divya shove lal chakoor with their powers. Divya says our powers aren’t working. Divya says if he can go to the past and attack mama why can’t we save her? Drishti says let’s try talking to her. They hold hands. They both say mama please move aside. Please listen to us. Their mom listens to something from her belly. Drishti shoves lal chakoor. She steps back. Divya says we saved our mom. Divya says we will see his real face today. He becomes human. Divya and Drishti run after him. He goes inside the trunk.

Rakshit calls Drishti. He says please pickup the phone. Ojaswani says both of them have their phones off. Mahima says where are they? They left without telling everyone? Rakshit says oh no. Mahima says what should we do now? Ojaswani says Pisachini must have done something. Pisachini says yeah right. Mahima says where are they? She says I don’t and I don’t care.

Drishti says there’s no one in the cave. Did we save everyone. They see feathers. The cave is falling. Divya says our hand is separating. Drishti says run from here. Divya says I won’t leave you alone. We have to get out of here. The cave walls are falling. Their powers aren’t working. Drishti says only one person can get out of here. Divya says I won’t leave you alone here. They rush out. Drishti shoves Divya out and the wall closes. The cave destroys. Divya screams. Drishti says go from here. Divya says I won’t leave you alone. She tries to move the walls. Divya says hold my hand. She pulls Drishti out of the rubbles. She pulls her out. The cave falls. Divya hugs Drishti. They are both crying. Drishti says picked this shell from the cave. It can tell us about the past. Divya says let’s open it. Their powers aren’t working. Drishti says let’s go home. Divya says mama listened to us. Drishti says we saved mama and ourselves.

Lal chakoor says to Pisachini the blue moon is gone. Pisachini says I told you they’re clever. Lal chakoor says I won’t pardon you. Pisachini says I won’t apologize anyway. He says we still have 24 hours. Pisachini says I have a plan to attack them. He says you better kill them in 24 hours.

Scene 3
Divya and Drishti come home. Shekhar says where were you Divya? I was so worried. Divya says I am fine. We went to the cave. Mahima says what? You went there again. Rakshit says she won’t ever listen to us. She went there even if we asked her not to and took Divya too. He leaves.

Drishti comes to her room. Rakshit ignores her. Drishti says I am sorry. He says why? You keep saying sorry. You keep repeating it. It doesn’t mean anything. You will do it again. Divya says listen to her once. We had to go there. She didn’t even take me. I followed her. She saw a vision, someone attacked mama when she was pregnant so we weren’t even born. We saved our mom from lal chakoor there. Shekhar says why didn’t you tell anyone? Rakshit says what? How? She tells him everything. Rakshit says you hid the vision and even lied about the pregnancy? He leaves in anger. Divya says listen. He leaves. Divya says to Drishti don’t worry. He will talk to you when he calms down.

Mahima is worried. Ash says let’s have tea. Mahima says don’t ask me to be all cool and not be worried. Ash says please. I wanted to celebrate Shekhar and Divya’s wedding. I was thinking if we could have a party tonight. Ojaswani has already invited Monty and Nisha. Mahima says you have already planned. Ash says they are your nephew and niece. They are in India. Let’s invite them and celebrate. Mahima says you know the danger in this house. Rakshit says don’t worry about that. I will protect everyone. Nothing would go wrong. Ash says I will tell Divya and Drishti about the party.

Divya and Drishti try to open the shell in sunlight. It doesn’t open. Divya says let’s try in the water They put it in the water. Drishti says it isn’t opening. Divya and Drishti hold their hands and ask the star for the help. Drishti says why isn’t it glowing. It disappears. Drishti says what happened? Why isn’t it opening? Ash comes there. Drishti hides the shell. Ash says I have arranged a party for you and Shekhar. Rkashit’s cousins are coming. Get ready. Drishti says you married him to open the cave so now? I am kidding. Let’s choose your outfit.

Scene 3
Ojaswani welcomes everyone. Sweeti says I am Sweeti, Monty’s wife. Ash hugs Nisha. Her boyfriend is Ashish. Shekhar says I still remember them they were so annoying. Rakshit says we are grown-ups now. They are our cousins. Nishant hugs Shekhar and says hello. I missed you so much. Meet Sweeti and Ashish. Rakshit welcomes them. Sweeti says Rakshit where is your wife? And your new groom, where is yours? Ojaswani says they’re coming.

Rakshit uses his powers to close the window. Everyone is shocked. Sweeti says you know magic? Rakshit says we have some powers. Divya and Drishti have them too. Sweeti says what? Nisha says I want powers too. Monty says I will get the powers too? We are form the same family. Ashish says what are you doing? Rakshit says we are stopping lal chakoor from coming in. They’re scared. Ash says don’t worry. Rakshit is here to protect us Rakshit closes all the windows with his powers. Lal chakoor comes there but can’t come inside.

Divya gets ready. She sees the shell glowing. Drishti hears a child’s voice. Drishti says what is this? There’s no one. A child says look here.

Precap-Drishti does her pregnancy test. She hugs Divya. Divya says let’s tell everyone. Drishti hugs her and says I can’t believe I am pregnant. Drishti says to everyone I am going to give you a big news. Pisachini says i have locked you all in the house. Drishti says to Rakshit lal chakoor is someone from our family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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