Divya Drishti 17th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Drishti finds about Divya

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Divya Drishti 17th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pusachini jumps in jungle. She says that girl ruined everything.
Divya and Drishti are crying. Divya says you killed my mom. You stabbed her. And di… Drishit says I left your hand. Divya says I am sorry di. Drishti says I am sorry. Rashi comes upstairs because Drishti could speak to divya. She takes her downstairs. Drishti recalls leaving her hand. She says mama I found my divya. She had been in front of me mama. I will never break your promise I wont leave her hand ever again. She sits down crying.

Pisachini comes out of jungle. Some women laugh at her Pisachini scares them and takes their bag. She says she ruined my entire face.
Lava says to Mahima I can’t do this. I don’t want Rakshit. Mahima says it is about his life. Mahima says please. Lava

says something is wrong here. Rakshit says let her go ma. She leaves.
Shikhar says to Rakshit you dodged a bullet. I know who you love. You are happy somewhere down inside. He says I know what I feel. Rakshit says something is wrong. Shikhar says she was the wrong girl. Rakshit says go and check mom.

Drishti comes to Rakshit’s room. She says what is happening in this house. Something is wrong. Where is my phone. He says here is your phone. He says knew about the attack already right? Who are you? how do you get to know about things? She says I have good observation. He says who are you with? How do I know all this? She says I speak thins with experience. She says you are very rude. Whoever marries you.. She would regret it. Rakshit says get out. Drishit comes out. She says Rakshit has that pendat but how? I have to tell Divya I am her sister. I found my sister. Nothing is mroe important. Divya my sister.

Scene 2
Ojaswani brings Divya to Mahima. Mahima says there is some time left in the wedding. Please don’t say no. I don’t want to hurt your parents. I have called them they are coming. I promise you no one can harm you. You are safe in this house.
Drishti is looking for Divya. She sees her earring. Drishti sees future of Divya falling n the mandap. She says what did I see? Divya.. She sees Rakshit stabbing her. Drishti says what did I see? Rakshit will kill Divya? no no please. She runs to find Divya.

Divya’s parents come home. Her father says we want to speak to our daughter in person. They all leave. Mahima says thank you for all you have done.
Divya tells her parents she saw the one who killed her mom. She is crying. Drishti is worried for Divya. Ojaswani says congratulations. dristhi says Rakshit will kill her. A storm rages on in the house.

Divya is crying. She says she left. She will come back and I have to stay here to find her. Dad says is that why you want to marry Rakshit? She says no I like him too. They hug her.
Rakshit says I don’t like that girl. I can’t marry her. Mahima says do you like someone else? Tell me who do you want to marry. You have to get married, I don’t want to lose you. He says fine, I will marry Divya. Mahima sits down crying. She says I am sorry but I doing this to just save your life. He says its okay ma.

Divya’s mother gives her bridal dress. She says I am getting married. You should shift with me here. Ma says are you crazy. Divyaa says you will leave me alone? Ma says we can never leave you alone .They come outside. Ma says her father, we have to know the family as well. Shikhar says I will introduce you to everyone.
Ma asks Drishti how is Rakshit? We are worried for her. She says he is a good man. Drishti says in heart thank God she found loving parents who care for her.

Drishti looks at Divya getting ready. Rashi and everyone comes. Rashi says you will be like a sister to me. Divya says Dirshti why are you here? Go bring my stuff.
Drishti’s brother fights the uncle. He says you knew about her sister? She was in the same sister. You didn’t tell her? Why did you keep them separated? He says if they unite, their powers will go out of control.

Rashi and girls help Divya in getting ready. Drishti is feeling weak. Mahima says did you eat anything? You are always working and never eating. Drishti says you care for everyone. She says that’s what ma is for.
Divya is etting ready. drishti says don’t get married to Rakshit he isn’t a good man. Divya says so you can marry him? Drishti says I am your sister. Divya says you are lying. You are manipulating me. How do you know about my sister? Go from here before i call someone. She locks Drishti outside. They both cry. Dirshti says how do I make you understand I am your sister.

The guests enter the house. Drishti’s brother and guru ji are there too. Pisachini is there as well. Pisachini says I left my locket in Rakshit’s room.
Divya says how do I make her see that I am her sister. Drishti comes to Rakshit what is all this? Girls re like buses to you. you leave one and then marry another. H says I am marrying for my mom. I don’t want to tell you anything. Get out.
Precap-Shikhar says i am marrying Drishti today. Pisachni throttles guru ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SsiyAa

    both actresses acting today was very good.. though the story is predictable still good….background song for sisters is beautiful

  2. Astmasiddika

    Now Drishti will marry Rakshit & Divya with sheikar it’s interesting , what will happen when Rakshit comes to know he married to Drishti not Divya ?? waiting eagerly for next week

  3. Bs inke earrings thode achr se krdo. And make drishti look more beautiful??
    Waiting for weekend

  4. What the hell telly updates? This serial telecasts on 7:00pm nd ur updates are updated during 11 or 12 why? Nd yesterday’s epi till now nt updated what is going on … No punchuality fix it pls

  5. TELLY UPDATES see this and reply fast so that we find a solution for this problem

  6. Still no one updated what is this ATIBA?

  7. Pls update episodes of 23rd and 24th March as soon as possible……….

  8. Wat the hell is going on? Pls update the next one nd if a person is taking initiative then please reply it is like il-mannered. Please do update today’s epi atleast soon

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