Divya Drishti 16th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Drishti gives birth

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Divya Drishti 16th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mahima looks around. She collides with something. It’s a cloth. Divya texts Drishti should I come to help if you are stuck. Mahima sees black magic things. Pisachini sees black magic things too. They blame each other. Mahima says this Pisachini is doing black magic on me so she can get my ratan. She goes out. Drishti says well done.

Mahima and Pisachini fight with each other. Pisachini says you did magic on your mirror. Mahima says what is this? These needles and dolls? Pisachini says I am not stupid. Why would I leave them in your room? Pisachini says you are selfish. You can’t tolerate that I am so beautiful. Mahima shoves her. Mahima says you did all this magic. They both leave in anger. Drishti says well done.

Rakshit tells Guru ji it’s done. They are fighting with each other. Guru ji says I know you are upset. Mahima is your mother. But this is all my mistake. He says but for now we have to think about your kids. Pisachini and Mahima will die. Promise me you will do anything for your kids protection. Even if you have to choose between your kids and Divya Drishti. You will choose your kids. Rakshit promises.

Romi and Shekhar are fighting. Rakshit says stop it. What are you two doing? Pisachini looks them. Romi says Pisachini shoved Divya. She didn’t die on her own. Mahima told me. I am with Lal chakoor now against Pisachini. Pisachini hears this and gets angry. They all laugh.

Scene 2
Ash and Divya ask Drishti to eat. She says I don’t feel like. Ash says you have to eat for your kids. Divya brings a pot. Drishti says this will confuse them even more. Divya says you have to be careful. Drishti says I know you will always be there for me.

Pisachini comes to Mahima and says what game are you playing. You are fooling me. Mahima says are you crazy? Mahina says you are doing black magic on me. Pisachini says this red cloth, what are you doing with it? What’s under it? Mahima picks it. There is a jar there. Pisachini says this is my human ash. What were you doing with it? You’re trying to kill me. But I will kill you. Pisachini shoves her. Mahima says you are the one who is trying to attack me. Mahima hits her. They both fight. Divya and Drishti look inside. RAkshit says what are you two doing here? Pisachini breaks a jar.They hear a noise. Mahima says someone is there. They hide. Pisachini and Mahima see blood. They hear Ojas screaming. Pisachini says she was doing a drama to save someone. Mahima comes after Ojas. Ojas comes to her room and stabs her hand. It bleeds. Mahima looks inside and sees. Ojas says I hope now she believes that it my voice not Divya’s. Mahima says you can’t fool me. You had pain in right hand but your left hand is bleeding. I have to tell Pisachini.

Scene 3
Drishti says to Divya I am only worried about you. Your hand is bruised. She texts Rakshit don’t come here. I am taking care of Divya. Divya heals Drishti. Drishti says you have a fever. Divya says I will be fine by the morning. Drishti says shut up. Come with me. Divya gives her medicine. They both sleep. Divya says I will always be with you and your kids. Divya sleeps. Drishti hears a noise. She sees Lal chakoor outside. Drishti says what is she doing here? Drishti says to her kids I will fix everything before you come to the world.

Kaal comes to Pisachini. Pisachini says lal chakoor is doing games. She brought my ashes here. Kaal says it’s in hell. No one can touch it. Pisachini says what?
Drishti gives a tablet to Ojas and says she will come here to eat and we have to execute our plan. Ojas says you have to be careful. Drishti says I am sorry you had to bruise yourself to save Divya. Ojas says we do things for family. Go before they come.

Mahima says to Pisachini Ojas was lying. She didn’t have any bruise. Pisachini says this jar is fake. It has nothing. We aren’t against each other. Someone is sparking these fights between us.

Drishti feels maternity pain. Mahima says I am hungry. I eat at night. There’s nothing in the kitchen. Pisachini says milk. Mahima says there is nothing to eat. They both drink milk. Mahima throws the glass away. Pisachini says what happened? Mahima says there are almonds in this milk. Only you knew that I am allergic. Divya Drishti and you knew only. You gave it to me. Pischini says you are crazy.

Drishti screams in pain. She sits down. Drishti says please save me and my kids God. Divya wakes up and sees that Drishti isn’t there. She says where did she go? Divya looks for her.
Pisachini says someone was fooling us. We can’t be against each other. Mahima says maybe it’s Rakshit. Pisachini says or Divya and Drishti. They are alive. Pisachini says they are keeping an eye for us. Divya seres Drishti on the floor. She calls Rakshit. They pick her. Mahima and Pisachini are coming there. Divya says your children would be in this world in a few hours.

Pisachini and Mahima see a light. They hear noise. Pisachini sees Divya. She says I saw you finally. You’re a ghost or dead. Mahima comes there too. Mahima says you both are alive. Where is your sister? Divya says I won’t tell you. Mahima’s powers aren’t working. Divya says you can’t attack but I can. Divya shoves her in the pool. Pisachini says but I have my powers. She ropes Divya and says I will kill you today. Finally. Count your last breaths. Divya disappears. Pisachini says where did she go? The sun is rising. I won’t let those kids be born.

Drishti screams. She delivers her babies. Rakshit picks them. He says Drishit our kids. Divya comes there and hugs Drishti. She says finally. You are a mother. Drishti kisses her babies. The kids glow. Rakshit says they are just like you. They look like both of you. They will get kaal vijay ratan. No one can harm them. I have to take the kids to safe place. Guru ji made a circle of protection for the kids. No one can enter there. Drishti kisses the kids. Rakshit takes them. Divya says don’t worry they are safe.

Precap-Guru ji comes there and says I am your great-granddad who loves you. He takes the kids. He says no one can save you. I will get all the three ratans. Mahima and Rakshit fight.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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