Distanced OS- Riansh Part 2 By Parita

Distanced OS- Riansh Part 2

Hi guys I’m back with the continuation of the previous OS- Distanced. Some had requested for it so I thought of writing it. I hope you like this part and let me know how you find it in the comments section.

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Distanced OS- Riansh by Parita


3 Years had passed since Riddhima was sentenced to jail. Vansh always tried his best to go and meet her however Riddhima had strictly warned them to never let him in. He tried for half a year but always failed, he never tried again. Riddhima’s anger was justified and Vansh did agree with it, he accepted all the hatred from her as he loved her immensely. It was finally the year, after counting a number of days she was going to be released.

He woke up that morning, happiness beaming on his face at the thought of the arrival of his sweetheart. He wore his suit, made his hair and put on her favorite cologne. He tried to carry the charm on his face that he had when she was with him, he had lost it in those years. He descended the stairs and greeted everyone. Everyone was aware of the day and therefore carried a neutral expression for him, not portraying the worry they had for him. Siya hardly ever talked to Vansh after Riddhima went to jail. Ishani, Chanchal, Aryan rectified their behavior and were guilt of torturing Riddhima; who did nothing but saved their entire family. Dadi didn’t involve in the things much.

He had gone through severe depression after she was sentenced to jail. He hardly took some sleep at night, constantly talked to her items that she had left behind. He paid less attention to the family and business affairs and stayed caged in his room, trying to feel her presence. As soon as she was jailed, he threw out Kabir and punished Ahaana, sending them both out of their lives.

He quickly had his breakfast and headed to the central jail with Angre. He reached outside the jail and looked up to it, his heart fluttered in joy at the thought of meeting his love once again. They both went to the counter outside the main gate and asked for the releases.

Vansh: Riddhima Rai Singhania; to be released today. I’ve come to pick her up.

Jailer: Let me check (after checking the list) I’m sorry to inform you but she’s not part of the list. And according to our data we have one Riddhima who left here around 1 and half years back. There’s no one who’s called Riddhima Rai Singhania.

Vansh: What nonsense! (shouting) where did she go?

Angre: She left one and half years back Bhai

Jailer: She was released due to her good behavior and also because she gave b (cut by Vansh)

Vansh: Her address?

Jailer: Can’t share sorry

Angre: What do you mean you can’t share? He is her husband!

Jailer: Ohh is he? Then you should be ashamed of yourself! How can you be so merciless to do this to your wife, I know I have no right to tell you this but this was totally wrong, only we know how much she suffered!

Vansh: (guilty) I know, I should be punished instead but for now please give the address.

Jailer: Here! I wouldn’t have given you but I see some guilt and truth in your eyes, I hope it’s not fake!

Vansh mouthed a soft “thank you” to the jailer and rushed back to the car with Angre. He drove to the address and found a tall building; lots of apartments. He followed inside the gate and got down his car. Lots of people roamed around in the society, everyone talking and laughing together. He saw a delivery guy holding lots of boxes; which seemed like cake boxes. He went to his bike where “VARI CAKES was imprinted.

They went to the guard and asked about the address, he led them to lift and pressed the 9th floor. His heart beat faster and faster as soon as the lift started and passed the floors, nearing to the 9th. The doors opened wide and they exited the lift to see a door wide open, empty cake boxes laid there on the entrance and the entrance decorated beautifully with cute hangings. A board on the door read out VARI’s HOUSE. They both took baby steps towards the entrance.

Sensing someone at the entrance, a lady came to check where stood aghast and with mixed feelings seeing the guests. She stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw their faces, tears brimmed in her eyes; depicting the happiness of seeing him safe and sound, depicting the hatred of the events that occurred due to him, depicting the pain of her sufferings due to the guy. Vansh as soon as he saw his love, rushed to hug her but she objected and pushed him away from herself.

She was Riddhima; who was dressed in a plain short white dress with a colorful apron, her hair in a messy plait and her forehead whitened due to the patches of flour. She had minimal make up but her face had the same glow that made Vansh to fall for her once again. He understood her reaction when she pushed him away and thought to take it slower for her. His eyes got the peace that they yearned for all these years by just one glance of his love; all being safe and most importantly alive.

Tere ishq mein had se aage guzarne laga

Tujhe chahna ab toh mera junoon ban gaya

Ankhon khi hai tu talab bah khuda

Mujh me hai tu beintehaa

Riddhima: Stay right there Mr Rai Singhania! (showing her hand, in a warning tone)

Vansh: Riddhima….you’re fine (smiling) You don’t how happy I am today seeing you safe and all fine. Riddhima please listen to me, I know you’re upset with me but (cut by her)

Riddhima: But what huh? Look Mr Rai Singhania, I wouldn’t want to talk to strangers, it’s not safe for me. So I’m politely asking you both to leave.

Vansh: Please Riddhima!

Just then the delivery boy came for more of the cake boxes. Riddhima went back inside and got the ready cake boxes and handed over to him. She instructed him everything and soon he left. Seeing both still waiting at her doorstep she decided to talk once more.

Riddhima: Pardon me sir, but I think this is my house and not yours. I still don’t get it why you’re waiting here.

Vansh: Why are you being so formal! Please Riddhima, give me a chance.

Riddhima: I’m formal to all strangers and my customers. And which chance? Why should I? Did you give me a chance to justify myself before handing me over to the police? No right!

Vansh: I know but….(cut by her)

Riddhima: Want me to let you explain! Explain what! (shouting)

As soon as she shouted, feeble cries came from inside her house. Riddhima scared, rushed inside hearing the cries that pierced her heart. Vansh and Angre followed her to see who was crying. In her living room, there was a small, wooden designed cot where a tiny and cute little soul was placed. A baby girl. Riddhima carefully picked her and put her in her embrace; motherly love quietened her.

Vansh and Angre adored her, she was extremely cute, and her bubbly face had been imprinted in their hearts forever. Her cheeks, chubby and her cute nose red due to crying. Her doe shaped eyes, brown in color with water in them looked cutely at the two men. Riddhima comforted her baby girl gently and placed her back in the cot, while she smiled at her. The jailer’s words once again rang in Vansh’s mind and he looked shockingly at the baby girl.

Vansh: The jailer said that you (stammering) left one… and a half years ago, because of your good behavior and….because you gave birth? She is one and a half years old!

Riddhima: Ohh so the jailer told you everything! Well good then. Yea that’s how I was released….why upset with it?

Vansh: Riddhima she’s my daughter?

Riddhima: she’s MY (stressing) daughter! My Vani! Nothing to you

Vansh: (Went close to her) How can you say that? She’s my daughter too! I can’t believe that you were pregnant when you (clicking in his mind) you went through your pregnancy in jail? (horrified)

Riddhima looked away in anger and pain that evolved in her. She once again reminisced all the happenings that she had to go through. Tears made through their way down her cheeks while she roughly wiped them away. She once again looked at him, engrossed in his eyes in which she sensed pain, guilt and love. Her heart asked her to listen to him and give him a chance but her mind objected. She was in turmoil. She looked at her baby girl, whose hands and legs were in the air, playing with them and she let out a chuckle seeing her but then diverted her gaze to the man standing in front of her.

She noticed carefully how he seemed to have changed, he didn’t have the charm he carried around years back that led her to fall for him. His face had now had patches of tears, eye bags of exhaustion. Her palm wanted to caress his face to give it the life she that it lacked, her lips wanted to call him Vansh and peck him on his cheeks with love, her hands wanted to roam around his hair and ruffle them how she used to before. Regarding him anymore longer would change her heart and decision which did. Her mind lost the war against her heart and love for him.

She very well knew that she couldn’t forget and easily forgive him for all that he had done, but at least give a chance to justify himself. If she didn’t then what would be the difference between him and her?

Vansh: You went through everything in jail! (tears and guilt) All because of me! Our daughter and you had to suffer for a living when (he looked at the cakes) Riddhima I’m sorry, I know I don’t deserve your apology but I never wished for things to go this bad. Please listen to me

Riddhima: Vansh you never gave me the chance to say anything, in fact I had not mixed anything in Kabir’s meethi bhaat but I can’t behave like you….go on. Say whatever you want to.

Vansh: Thank you Riddhima! (crying in happiness)

Vansh fell on his knees while he spoke of everything. It hurt the both of them when he went through everything again with his words. He told her everything, starting from Kabir’s words against her, him being blinded with the determination to take revenge. How he regretted and his actual plan during the poison incident, how he didn’t intend to send her to prison at any cost but it was Ahaana who backstabbed him.

Riddhima kneeled along with him and took him in her embrace. He held her tight and cried it all out. At this time, Riddhima had seen the Vansh she had last seen when he cried over not being able to punish his mother’s killers. She cried seeing him cry, she was convinced that this man had gone through a lot of guilt and punishments while she was away, making her realize her worth in his life. She calmed him down and rubbed away his tears, caressing his face with love. She kissed his forehead to calm him down further. Watching both of them cry, the cute little eyes that watched them over from her cot started wailing loudly, interrupting their moment.

They both stood up and went to her, caressing her back and making her quiet. Vansh took her in his arms and hugged her tightly, experiencing the never felt fatherly love. She soon got quiet and looked at him lovingly and laughed. He kissed her face, showering all the love and smiled thinking about his small little family. Riddhima adored the father-daughter bond, she knew no matter anything it would be unfair to keep a daughter away from her father. Vansh turned and held Riddhima’s hand tight.

Vansh: Riddhima, I know it’s very difficult for you but still I ask for forgives, will you be able to forgive me and start afresh with our cutie?

Riddhima: Vansh I don’t know exactly how I should react. My heart says forgive you even after the heartbreak. I’ve suffered two heartbreaks and now one more after, I won’t be able to survive.

Vansh: I won’t let you suffer another heartbreak and this is a true promise not a false one. What’s your decision….I’m open to all your decisions, whatever you decide will be the decision to our future and my repentance.

Riddhima: I can’t forget everything in a click Vansh, it’ll take me some time to come out of it, once I do I will be able to forgive you but till then no.

Vansh: (sulking) Fine Riddhima, I’ll leave then, I won’t say anything else except that please come with Vani once a week so I can meet her, I hope you don’t mind that. Also I’ll be sending you money as you both are my responsibilities and… (cut by Riddhima)

Riddhima: How much do you speak? And old habits die hard! You came to a conclusion without hearing me completely. I didn’t say that I won’t forgive you, I said it’ll take time. And you know you can make it faster by trying. And no need to meet Vani once a week because (taking Vani in her arms) Vani wants to meet her Dad every morning and night (smiling)

Vansh: Really? (happiness) Thank you so much Riddhima for giving me a chance, I promise I will use this chance properly and pacify you soon! I love you!! (hugged her)

Vansh hugged Riddhima and this time she reciprocated. She had given him a chance, once again trusting him and once again loving him. They packed up their bags and they moved to VR mansion. Vansh welcomed his little family and everyone this time accepted Riddhima warmly. They apologized for their behavior and Riddhima too forgave them, She did this for her daughter first then for herself. She knew that Vansh would manage to win her heart soon, and when he would it would finally be a new start to their lives.

“Soon they wouldn’t be distanced but together, forever and ever.”

The End

So guys this was the second part of the OS, I made it a happy ending this time. I hope you all liked it. I know it might have gotten a bit longer but I hope it didn’t bore you. Please do comment in the comments section on how you found it.

If you have any suggestions on an OS do mention it in the comments section. Thank you!


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