Distanced OS- Riansh by Parita

Distanced OS- Riansh

Hi guys, I’m here with an OS. I know I haven’t been posting my episodes but please forgive me, I’m really not feeling well. I experience a lot of weakness all of a sudden after which I can’t write anything. I will post as soon as I get fine. So instead of that I’m posting and OS.

It’s sad to lose some people from here but hope they will return in the near future.❤

So this OS was suggested by Lilz. I hope you like it dear

It starts from the part when Vansh and Ahaana had mixed poison in Kabir’s meethi bhaat and blamed it on Riddhima on charges of trying to kill Kabir. The police comes to take her.


Riddhima: I swear I didn’t do anything! (shouting) Vansh! Seriously you’re not going to say anything…..you know I can’t kill anyone (scared and crying)

Riddhima kept shouting her lungs out, expecting Vansh to take some action against the cops who were dragging Riddhima harshly out of VR mansion. But soon after she noticed Vansh’s hard and stern behavior on her scream, she decided to let it go, accept her future. Deep down inside her she knew that Vansh loved her a lot despite all that he did to take revenge from her, she loved him to the core too but situations had changed everything. She took a glance at Ahaana who was smirking while Kabir who was struggling.

Tears fell down her face as the lady cop pulled her harshly, imprinting her finger marks on her delicate wrist but was that really the reason? No it wasn’t…..the reason was Vansh, who was silently watching the entire drama. As she was being pulled away, she lost her balance and her ankle twisted making her fall on the ground, wincing in pain. Vansh slightly moved from his position in worry but then remembered his revenge. Riddhima saw this but left it. The lady cop pulled her up once again and took her out of VR mansion as she screamed in pain.

A few hours later, Vansh paced up and down in his study, constantly looking down at the phone that he held in his hand. He got irritated and impatient to why he hadn’t received any call from Angre yet. He decided to call him up.

Vansh: Angre! What’s happening, why didn’t you call me yet….you remember the plan don’t you? Where is she? (anger)

Angre: Boss they haven’t reached here yet!

Vansh: What! (shocked) Where could they go then?

Angre: No idea boss. But I’ll try to find them

Vansh: Be quick!

Vansh hung up the call and paced around the room once again. An unknown fear crept inside him, where had the fake cops taken Riddhima? Yes they were fake cops he had called for her arrest, his motive was to cage her for a few days and to punish her but it didn’t work like that. A few more hours passed but neither Angre nor Vansh had gotten any information about Riddhima’s whereabouts. Vansh went to check himself, he went around everywhere in the city, trying to find her.

Vansh: (worried) Where are you Riddhima? There’s no single clue about you! Where the hell did the fake cops take you? What if they…..No! I can’t let anything happen to you! I myself will punish you! Where can she go? Damn it! (hitting his car)

Angre: (rushing to him) Boss!

Vansh: What happened Angre?

Angre: Boss Siya is awake!

Vansh: What! (happiness) Really? Let’s quickly go to her!

Angre: But Boss Ahaana called me to inform that Siya woke up and after sometime of watching TV she left the house in hurry and anger.

Vansh: Siya, left the house in this state! (anger) Where has she gone?

Angre: I told Ahaana to follow her, she hasn’t called back yet.

Vansh: Shit! What’s happening, why isn’t anything in our control!

Soon Ahaana called Angre informing him about Siya’s whereabouts. They were both shocked at her statements and followed to the place where Siya was. As they reached the place, what they saw shook the ground beneath their feet. They rushed, outside a COURTROOM

Vansh: Riddhima! Siya! (shocked) What the hell! Where are they taking Riddhima? She was in the police station all this time?

Siya: (to Vansh) Bhai save Bhabhi (crying) Please!

The lady cops were dragging a handcuffed Riddhima out of the courtroom, she was proven guilty of trying to kill Kabir Rai Singhania. She walked lifeless, without noticing her surroundings. Vansh rushed to her and the cops, while they tried stopping him.

Vansh: Where are you taking her? And why? (anger) Riddhima! Riddhima! (she gave no response)

Police: She is guilty of trying to kill Kabir Rai Singhania.

Vansh: What nonsense! She hasn’t done anything!

Police: Sorry sir but all the evidence is against her.

Vansh: Who complained against her?

Police: Kabir Rai Singhania and Ahaana Rai Singhania.

Vansh: (glaring at Ahaana) You knew all this time!! Damn you! Inspector I want you to leave my wife immediately!

Police: Sorry sir but she has been punished, 5 yearlong serve.

Vansh: That’s impossible! Angre, get the lawyer for her bail! (shouting)

Riddhima: Stop it Vansh! (shouting) What’s this concern that you’re showing now huh? Where were you when I was screaming in VR mansion? Where were you when you had to just say the truth in VR mansion that I didn’t poison Kabir? Where were you when you were creating the fake evidences along with you partner in crime? (eyeing Ahaana) It’s better to live in jail than to live with you in your house! (tears)

Siya: (came to them) Bhabhi please don’t say that! You know how much we love you (tears)

Riddhima: Siya I know how much YOU love me but I don’t know how much others love me (eyeing Vansh)

Vansh: (hurt) Riddhima!

Riddhima: The truth hurts! Siya I’m glad you are fine, be safe and don’t worry about me okay.

Siya: What are you saying Bhabhi? I can’t let you go there! Bhai what’s all this? I was waiting to tell you the truth that Bhabhi didn’t do anything wrong.

Siya told the entire truth to Vansh and the rest. Vansh was stunned at Siya’s confession, he had made such a grave mistake of punishing an innocent soul, that soul that he loved more than anything. Tears made way in his eyes while he mumbled all his doings in front of everyone, hurting Riddhima more and angering Siya.

Siya: Really bhai! (anger) Never expected this from you! Because of you, my Bhabhi is punished for no damn reason! Angre jiju please help

Angre: I’ve contacted the lawyer

Riddhima: It’s too late (cold)

Vansh: Riddhima no please forgive me, Angre get the lawyer!! (shouting) I can’t let you go away from me!

The cops started taking Riddhima towards the police jeep while Vansh tried his best to stop them. The driver started the jeep and drove off while Vansh ran behind it, trying his best to stop till he fell on the road, on his knees. His vision blurred out due to the heavy tears that brimmed in his eyes and soon fell from his eyes. He shouted Riddhima’s name out loudly but there was no point.

Riddhima was taken to the central jail where she was handed a pair of clothes to change in to and a cell that was entirely covered in cobwebs, dirt and stones. As she sat on the floor, hugging her knees to her chest thought about her life and all the happenings.  A few tears dropped down on the floor creating a wet patch amongst the dirt as reminisced her love. She heard a loud but faint voice, familiar to her ears. She recognized the voice and buried her head between her arms.

The voice became louder and seemed as if it approached closer to her. She laid still in the cell, making no movement. The voice called out to her but she made no movement, the voice kept calling out to her, trying to reason himself, trying to prove his love for her, trying to gain her forgiveness. Riddhima having had too much of him uttered a few words to break him completely just the way he had done.

Riddhima: We are distanced Vansh! (head down) Distanced! Never come to meet me.

The End

I hope you all liked it. Please do comment in the comments section on how you found it.


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