Dilwale dulhania le jayenge RuMya SS (RuMya meeting ,ShivIka romance) Part3

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Dilwale dulhania le jayenge(The Big-Hearted Will Take Away the Bride) Part 3

Rudra ran to catch the train.He got inside the train through the back door.Suddenly he saw Soumya running towards the train to catch it.
Rudra:Guess she is also late like me.
He smiled:She has no figure and looks like a foody.Quite chubby.But she is cute.
He extended his hand towards Soumya.
Soumya held his hand and got inside the train.

Soumya:Thank you.
Rudra smiled:My pleasure.

The train started moving.
Rudra:By the way what’s your name?
Soumya:Why do you want to know my name?I don’t tell my name to strangers.
Rudra:Yes,we should not tell our name to strangers.What if they are terrorists?
Soumya:Exactly.They can also be big flirts.

Rudra chuckled:So funny.
Soumya:It’s not funny.
Rudra:By the way we are not strangers to each other anymore.We met here now.Right?
Soumya:Whatever..I am not going to tell my name to you.
Rudra:Ok.But I can’t hide my name..especially from a pretty girl like you.I am Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Soumya stared at him.
Rudra:Well…I feel another connection with you.I mean you remind me of someone.
Rudra:My grand mother.She was also chubby like you.
Soumya fumed with anger:Youuuuuuuu..
Rudra:Why are you getting angry?I said you remind me of my grand mother,not my ex-girl friend.
Suddenly Soumya’s friend Roshni came.
Roshni:Hi Soumya..you came?Since you were late we were worried that you are not joining us.
Soumya:Sorry.I became late.While helping my mother in cooking I did’nt realize that the time passed.
Rudra:So your name is Soumya.Sweet name.
Soumya thought:Oh this stupid guy could know my name.
Rudra:Guess your mom was cooking your favourite dishes.That’s why you forgot about the trip.Guess you came here after eatng well as you don’t look like a person who skips food.
Soumya was embarrassed.
Soumya:Whether I eat or not what’s your problem?
Soumya looked at Roshni:Roshni..let’s go.

Rudra:Your name is Roshni?
Rudra:How hot you are just like your name!
Roshni blushed:Really?

Rudra:Ya.I am Rudra Singh Oberoi.You can call me Rudy.
Roshni:Oh sure Rudy.
Soumya was irritated.
Soumya:Roshni..let’s go.

Rudra:Bye girls.
Soumya did not mind him.Roshni smiled at him:Bye Rudy.

Shivay and Anika were with Rudra’s friends.Rudra reached there.
Friends:Hey dude..
Anika:Where were you Rudy?
Shivay:Is there any nee to ask that?He must have been with a girl.
Rudra:No bhaiyya.I just helped a girl to get inside the train.It was a wow moment.
His friends were excited:Cool…
Shivay:Naughty boys.Keep quiet.
Rudra:Bhaiyya..I called you to join us thinking that you will be one among us.But you are bossing us.
Shed this fake behaviour and be our buddy.
Shivay stared at them.Slowly he smiled.
Rudra tickled Shivay and he started laughing.All were laughing.
Anika:Enjoy with them like a friend and don’t behave like an elder brother.But don’t do flirting.I can’t tolerate it.
Shivay:Anika…when you are near me can I even look at someone else?

Oh Jaana

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana
Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai

Anika:Why?Are you scared of me?
Shivay:No..you are so beautiful that all others are ugly in front of you.And my love for you is such that I can’t think of anyone else.
Anika smled:I know that.

Dil Dharak Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Mere Jeene Ki Wajah

They shared a sweet romantic eye lock.

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana…

They had a side sweet hug.

Ishq Hai Aanso
Ishq Hai Nagma
Isqh Sukoon Hai
Rahat Hai…

Rudra:Open romance!

His friends too giggled.
Shivay:I am romancing my wife.Close your eyes guys.
Anika winked.

They all laughed.
Rudra:There is a party invitation for the students in Paris.We all can go.
His friends:Wow..we can party.Cool.
Shivay:But Anika and I are not students.
Rudra:That’s fine bhaiyya.You both are with us.So get ready to enjoy.

They reached Paris and took rooms in a hotel.
Anika came back wearing a white night gown after taking a shower.
Shivay was mesmerised in her.

Oh Jaana

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana
Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai
Dil Dharak Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Mere Jeene Ki Wajah

Shivay held her hand romantically and looked at her deeply.

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana…

Shivay:We are in Paris…our first night in a romantic place.Don’t you think we should make it romantic?
She blushed.

Ishq Hai Aanso
Ishq Hai Nagma
Isqh Sukoon Hai
Rahat Hai…

He pulled her closer

and caressed her curls romantically.

Ishq Hai Sehra
Ishq Hai Dariya
Ishq Junoon Hai
Zehmat Hai…

Anika pecked his cheek sweetly.

Oh Jaana

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana
Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai

They got drowned in romance.

Dil Dharak Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Mere Jeene Ki Wajah(IB ShivIka song).


Shivay Anika Rudra and friends reached there.
Rudra was surprised to see Soumya sitting there with her friends.
Rudra:Soumya and friends are here too.Cool.
Rudra:Hey Roshni..
Roshni and Soumya looked at him.
Roshni replied in a flirty tone:You are here too?How sweet!
Soumya was irritated:This guy came here too..Oh…

Shivay:Rudy…you have girl friends here too?

Rudra:Yes bhaiyya.Rudy is world famous and all girls are crazy over me.
Shivay:This boy…
Roshni:Join us Rudy.

Rudra:Sure.It’s my pleasure.

Rudra sat near Roshni and winked at Soumya,Soumya controlled her anger.

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    It is nice

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    Wow just loved the DDLJ moment… 🌹🌹
    Rudy calling soumya “dadi” was really funny 😂😂
    Later flirt with roshni 😜
    Shivaay’s romance with anika was superb 🤩🤩🤩
    Last lart was cool and funny 😄
    Updt soon 😊

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