Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge RuMya SS Part 4

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge(The Big-Hearted Will Take Away the Bride) Part 4
Rudra was chatting with Roshni.
Shivay:Though I am here Rudra is flirting so shamelessly.

Anika:Shivay…He is harmless.Whatever Rudy will never cross his border.He is a pure Indian in that way.

Shivay smiled.

Rudra looked at Roshni sweetly.
Rudra:You know…I thought the party would be boring.But now that you are here the party I will enjoy the party.
Roshni:That’s so sweet Rudy.
Rudra:You know ..you remind me of someone.

Rudra winked saying in a replying tone:A hot model I saw on TV.

Roshni:Wow..that’s awesome.
Rudra:You know..I wish there was some nice music in the background just for us rather than the music which is going on in the background.
Roshni:You love music?
Rudra:I love it especially guitar.
Soumya was irritated.
She thought:This guy is too much.
Soumya noticed that the performer on stage has finished his performance.
Soumya murmured:I will show him his place.I will teach this liar a lesson.
Soumya went onto the stage.
She announced:Guys get ready for Mr,Rudra Singh Oberoi’s performance.He is a great guitarist.
Rudra was shocked at the announcement.

Shivay and Anika were surprised.
Soumya:Come onto the stage Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Rudra gave her a pale smile and went to the stage.He went near Soumya:What was the need of all this?
Soumya:You are claiming to be a great guitarist.So I thought you need a plat form to expose your talent and this party also needs entertainment.

Soumya smirked:I did the right thing.Is’nt it Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi?
He kept quiet.

Soumya:Now don’t waste time.Take the guitar and start it.All are waiting for it.
He smiled.

He took the guitar.
Soumya smirked:Now you will understand what happens when you bluff and boast too much.
Suddenly Rudra started playing guitar.It was so beautiful that everyone got engrossed in it.
Soumya could not believe it.
Soumya:Oh…He is really doing it well.That means he was saying the truth.
Rudra was playing guitar looking at Soumya.
Everyone clapped their hands as he finished the performance.
Even the foreigners went and hugged him.
Soumya’s friends Roshni,Alia and Arohi too hugged him.
Shivay:You made us proud Rudy.
Anika:We are so happy for you.
Rudra smiled.
Rudra went near Soumya:Thank you for giving me an opportunity to prove my talent here.I got so much of applause only because of you.
Soumya was silent.
Rudra:You did’nt tell me how my performance was.
Soumya stammered:It..it was good.
Rudra smiled:Thank you.You thought I lied that I am into music.Right?
She was quiet.
Rudra:Actually i said the truth.I told you that you resemble my grand mother.You think it was a lie.Right?But actually it is true.She was chubby and cute.That’s why i find you cute.

He smiled.Soumya looked at him deeply in disbelief.
She turned back.
Rudra:I can’t let you go like that.
He pulled her towards him.She was stunned.
He started singing and dancing.

Ruk ja o dil deewane
Poochhoon toh main zara
Ladki hai ya hai jaadu
Khushboo hai ya nasha
Ha ruk ja o dil deewane
Poochhoon to main zara
Arrey ladki hai ya hai jaadu
Khushboo hai ya nasha
Paas wo aaye toh
Chhoo ke main dekhoon zara
Ruk ja o dil deewane
Poochhoon toh main zara
Dekhe wo idhar
Hanske bekhabar
Thaamke, dil hum khade hain
Gumsum si nazar
Uski hai magar
Honthon pe
Shikve bade hain
Baat ban jaaye toh
Main baat chhedoon zara
Ruk ja o dil deewane
Poochhoon toh main zara
Hahan ladki hai ya hai jaadu
Khushboo hai ya nasha

Unknowingly Soumya started enjoying her dance with Rudra.

Sharma wo gayi ghabra vo gayi
Maine jo usko pukaara
Ye dil le liya usne kar diya
Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishaara
Jaan bhi jaaye toh
Gam na karoon main zara

Ruk ja o dil deewane
Poochhoon toh main zara
Ladki hai ya hai jaadu
Khushboo hai ya nasha

The friends of Rudra and Soumya too started dancing.Shivay Anika were drinking and dancing with full energy.

Mehfil mein haseen
Tu hi toh nahin
Roothe tu
Kis liye akeli
Jis pe yoon fida
Ye dil ho gaya
Wo toh hai
Teri ek saheli
Maan wo jaaye toh
Baahon mein le loon zara

Ruk ja o dil deewane
Poochhoon toh main zara
Arrey ladki hai ya hai jaadu
Khushboo hai ya nasha
Paas wo aaye toh
Chhoo ke main dekhoon zara

Rudra was in the shop buying things.Soumya too came there to buy things.
Rudra:You too love shopping like me?Well…I should have understood that girls are crazy about shopping.
Soumya:Stop it and mind your business.
Rudra chuckled:Ok.
They turned back and realized that the train left.
Soumya:Oh no…now what will I do?
Suddenly Rudra’s phone rang.
He attended it.It was Shivay.
Shivay:Where the hell are you Rudy?
Rudra:I am in the station itself bhaiyya.The train left without taking me and Soumya.
Shivay:Do you expect the train to pick you up?You stupid..you should have got inside the train before it left.Right?You are not at all punctual.And who is this Soumya?

Rudra:Bhaiyya…don’t you remember Soumya who danced with me at the party.
Shivay:Oh ya.Poor girl.She is also alone.Take care of her and join us soon by catching the next train.
Rudra:Ok bhaiyya.
He cut the call.
Rudra:We both are at fault for missing the train.But bhaiyya is only blaming me,not Soumya.Why this partiality always towards girls?Poor boys are always ignored in this society.
Soumya too informed her friends about missing the train.
Soumya:Don’t worry.I will manage myself,I will catch the next train to Zurich.
After cutting the call Soumya went and enquired about the next train.She got disappointed to hear that it’s there only on the next day.
Soumya:Oh no…What will I do now?
Rudra stood near her:Don’t worry.I am there with you.Right?When I am there why to worry?And my bhaiyya too asked me to take care of you as he felt sympathetic towards you as you are alone.I will take care of you.
Soumya looked at him.

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Soumya thought Rudra is lying and made him to play guitar… RuMya dance was cute… Annika supporting Rudra saying he knows his limit was good… She is having full trust on her devar… Shivaay worrying about Soumya left the train and blaming Rudra was funny… Awesome chapter, dear…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

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    Lovely update…Will be waiting for the next..

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

  4. Riana

    ❤️Jass…. Shivaay is so old fashioned in the matter of flirting lol 😂😂😂… Somu thought rudy is lieing about playing guitar but got shocked when he played so well 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘… Love it… Pics were amazing and shop scene was funny and so as the last part cute 😂😂😘😘…Update soon 😙

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