Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Binny misunderstanding Anji’s intentions and leaving from there. Chandi says what happened to her. Dabbu says maybe she is in problem and behaving so. Anji says I was helping her as she is my sister, not to do favor, take this money, do anything, and leaves. Dabbu says we have to send money to Vicky to solve his problem. She calls Aseem and asks can we meet now. Aseem meets her and says he can’t take this money from her, and asks her not to force him. Dabbu says Vicky needs money, we don’t have to me. Aseem says its my brother’s matter. She says its my sister’s matter, you help me in office, did I refuse, as I regard you my friend, please take this money.

She convinces him and he agrees. She says she will go now, as she did not say she came here. His car does not start and he says its not working, I will drop you. She says she will go herself. He says he will not let go alone at night. The police comes and says he can’t park here, he should get it repaired. Dabbu says she will go home alone and asks Aseem to call mechanic. She says she has many bodyguards in every lane and names the dogs. He smiles and says call me after reaching home. She says fine and leaves.

Dylan sees Dabbu walking on the lonely street and stops the car. He asks what is she doing. She says I m not in office, you are not my boss, I don’t need to answer you. He says fine, and leaves. She says very good, I answered well, he does not manners and did not offer lift. Dylan stops the car and says she is duffer, but I can’t leave her like this. He reverses the car and asks her to sit, as its night. She says my house is near, I will go. He says sit, its not safe outside. She sits in his car and they leave.

He plays romantic songs and she feels odd. He changes and more awkward songs play. Lastly, ladki ki kathi plays and she smiles. She asks him not to change this song, she likes it. She says she finds horses cute. He says you like horses, donkeys, dogs, don’t you like humans. Aseem calls her and she switches it off. The car jerks and shse holds his hand. They see each other. He says sorry for that. She says my home and gets down. She says bye and he leaves. She says he will always be rude and leaves.

Binny cries and Vicky asks why does she not have sense. He scolds her and asks why did she not take 15 lakhs, as her dad does not help him. Binny says she can’t take favor from her sister. Vicky says she is your sister, why can’t you take money, use her good fate. Aseem asks him what is he saying, he should take money from her sister. Vicky asks him to bring poison for him, as he will be beaten by them. Binny asks what is he saying. Aseem asks him to take the money, 15 lakhs. He asks him to repay the loan. Vicky sees money and smiles. Binny asks how did he get. Aseem says he took loan from office.

Vicky asks her to make tea for Aseem and leaves. Aseem calls Dabbu and says he gave money. She thanks him. Mamta asks Binny why did she not meet her when she came home, is there any problem. Binny says nothing, what will you do knowing. Mamta asks why is she saying. Binny tells her about Vicky’s loan, she told her before to talk to dad, but she did not talk, and today Vicky got beaten up, Aseem arranged money. She cries. Mamta pacifies her. Binny ends the call. LN asks what did she say. Mamta tells him everything. LN says why does Vicky want to start own business. Mamta says can’t we help them. LN says we have helped earlier, now we don’t have anything to give him, we have savings for other daughters, he should fight with his problems himself.

Its morning, Dylan waits for Dabbu, and thinks did she go home safe when I dropped her at gate, here come the duffer. Dabbu and Aseem come together. Dylan asks her whats the time, she is late. She says I was not getting auto, its strike, Aseem gave me lift. Dylan says she gets someone to take lift always, reach on time and don’t waste time, I m not interested in your love track. Dabbu says he is getting personal. Dylan says you are being personal, coming casually smiling like its not office.

Aseem says enough, control your attitude, and talk to girl with manners. Dylan asks him not to give lecture on manners and respecting girls. They see each other angrily. Dabbu asks Aseem to come, its office. Dylan asks him not to interfere and Aseem leaves. Dylan asks Dabbu to come in his cabin. Mirchandani meets Chadda and asks is he sure of this work. Chadda says yes, everything is in control, I know influential people stay on that lane, Verma sold his house to me, we will make our township there. Aseem looks on.

Mirchandani says if others protest then what. Chadda says he wants his channel support, and says his project report should not come on any channel, any protestor can’t do anything with media support. Mirchandani agrees. Aseem looks on and thinks Debjani’s house is on that road.

Dylan asks Dabbu to work well on the case he is giving, and folds hands to request to do. Dabbu says wow, is it good case, is it exciting like sting operation. Dylan says not bad, it will be exciting. She says I knew you have good person in you. Dylan asks her to stop and let him speak. She writes down. He says today evening, at 4pm, there is chaat corner. She notes it down and says oh, so its mean drugs sub which sell drugs to innocent kids. He says no, its chat corner, go there and see the products, is it hygienic or not, I said it will be spicy story.

She says anyone can do this. He says why will I give you imp work, as you left imp work incomplete yesterday. She leaves. He thinks he knows he is being strict, as he knows she is talented and she has to realize it also.

The reporter says its riots there, which no one is covering. She says why are we covering the chaat stall news, lets go there if no news channel is there. LN tells Mamta about Dabbu going to cover riots and they get worried for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Yes the episode was nice. Episodes SHOULD BE UPLOADED ON UTUBE !!!

  3. Dyjan r 2222 gud 2gethr … I lyk dem … Aseem get laz 😡

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