Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dylan giving a flower to his mum. She smiles and says its not rose. Dylan says its emotions, this is what I feel you. He hugs her. She gives him gift for his new job and says congrats. He likes the cake she made by her hands, and says there is nothing better than this, I mean less than you, you are very good. They laugh. He asks her to come for the dinner. She says beautiful. He says he has a surprise. She asks will he come back with her. He says don’t spoil the evening by saying this. She says fine and asks about his new job.

He says its fine, its going good, tough. She asks whats the surprise. He says we got our house back. She asks house? He says grandfather’s house, where you spent your childhood, the problem is someone opened NGO there, I sent notice. She asks him to forget it. He asks how, you have your childhood memories there, I will get it back for you. She smiles and they say love you to each other.

Its morning, Dabbu bumps into Dylan. He says I knew it will be you. She argues. He says its her fault and asks her to go. They again come in each other’s way and he asks her to stand still, and goes. Mamta asks LN with whom was he talking. He says with my plants.

LN says society is not like before, Verma sold the flat and went to village, he has told me this in morning walk, he said builder gave him good deal, I will never sell my house, as we have memories of our marriage and daughters’ raising. She says leave it now, and asks him to have lemon juice. Dabbu asks Aseem how can she relax, how can she find 15years fire incident victim, is this possible, Dylan feels I can do it so soon in a day. Aseem asks her to calm down, and helps her. She gets glad. She says she did not get this info before. He says he has some rights to view old records and says he is always ready to help her. She thanks him.

She covers the news outside the cinema and takes interview of some people. The man says he has lost everything in this fire incident, and cries. She consoles her and gives him water. She sees Vicky getting beaten up there and is shocked. She rushes to him and the man says he took 25 lakhs from us, and did not return 20 lakhs till now. She says she will record it and show on news channel, and asks them to go. The man asks him to give money and leaves.

Dabbu asks is he fine and takes him home. Binny cares for Vicky and cries. Vicky says he took loan and its high amount now. He asks till when will I run. Dabbu brings water. She asks why did he not tell them. He says Binny knows everything. Binny says I m afraid that they can harm our Sonu Monu. She cries. Dabbu says we are there and will solve this. Dylan calls her and she says she has to go, she will come later.

She comes office and she asks is he annoyed. He says no. She says I thought you will be angry. He says why did you go. She says she had some imp work. He gets angry and asks did she not shoot today and scolds her. He says he will punish her. He takes her and shows best employee of the month Debjani. She gets glad and asks whats bad in this. He writes worst employee. Everyone come there and laugh. Dabbu says he would have done same, if he was in her place, she had the reason. He says if its valid, he will remove the pic, now the choice is yours.

He asks what was the reason. She takes the pic and keeps it there, without telling him the reason. She thinks her family name is imp and can bear insult from him. Aseem comes and she hides her pic. He asks whats she hiding. He sees the worst employee tag. She says Dylan did this. He says why is he after you, I will talk. She says its my mistake, I did not do interview complete and tells him about Vicky. He is shocked.

Aseem says I m repaying his loans since one year, he did not tell me, maybe he felt I can’t help him, don’t worry, I m there for you, thanks. She says fine and goes. Its night, Eshu and Chandi laugh and see Dabbu upset. Dabbu says she is worried about someone. Chandi asks her what happened. Dabbu gets Anji’s call. Chandi talks to her. They put it on speaker. Dabbu tells the problem about Vicky and they all are shocked.

Anji talks to Anant and says she needs some money from Binny, she came to know from Dabbu that Vicky is in problem. He says no need to ask me, I will send cash at home. Anji thanks her. They all thank and hug Anji. Ani says why are they thanking, she is glad that she is helping Binny, is she coming. Dabbu says she is coming. Binny comes and Eshu says Anji arranged money to help you. Binny asks why will she be happy, that they are arranging money, she came to take medicines, not their sympathy.

She says she will not take money from Anji, she is not helpless. Anji says we are family. Binny says she don’t want to take money, why did she get money if she did not ask, to show that she has better life than her, sorry Anji, I won’t let you do this. Anji is shocked.

Dylan tells Dabbu to work well. Aseem scolds him to ask with girl with manners. Dylan argues. Mirchandani talks to someone and he tells about the company’s project.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. where is the rest

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