Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan holding Sunny’s hand and the bullet gets shot in air. Eshu shouts Chandi. Dylan beats Sunny a lot and people gather there. Eshu tries to break the door. Chandi lies wounded. Aseem comes there and sees the fight. Sunny runs. Dylan asks Aseem to take care of Chandi and he will catch Sunny. Aseem sits near Chandi. Dabbu and Eshu come out and cry seeing her wounded. Dabbu hugs her. Dylan looks for Sunny and says he has run. Dabbu puts water on Chandi and she wakes up. Chandi says that man.. Dabbu says that was Sunny, on whom I did sting operation, he has come to harm me. Chandi says Aseem saved me. Eshu and Dabbu thank Aseem.

Aseem says we should take Chandi home now. Dylan comes back. Dabbu looks at him and takes Chandi. LN asks commissioner to catch Sunny, he will get him punished. Mamta cries seeing Chandi. Anji asks her to calm down, as Chandi is safe. Phool says a mum can understand a mum’s pain. Anji says bad did not happen and she will not understand to be thankful to Lord. Mamta thanks Aseem. Aseem says he did not do anything, Lord saved Chandi, she has a lovely mum’s blessings. Dabbu and Aseem see each other and smile.

Binny looks at them and says we should leave now, Vicky will be waiting. Dabbu says she will go to Chandi. Mamta asks her to sit and asks her to leave this job, as its risky. LN asks what is she saying, you mean she should run, I did not teach her this. Mamta says I know you get threatening calls, what if my daughters get in risk. Dabbu says she is fearless and its very late now. LN says great. Dabbu hugs Mamta.

Its morning, Dabbu greets Aseem. He asks about Chandi and Mamta. She says they are fine, they all are praising him. He says your family is sweet. Dabbu sees Dylan and says coward has come. Dylan comes and asks about her sister Chandi. Dabbu says she is fine, thanks to Aseem, as he has saved her as brave guy. Dylan is shocked. Dabbu says there were some other people too, who did not help and just stood seeing. She says my mum has sent this sweets to help Chandi. Aseem says that’s sweet.

Dylan asks Aseem did he really fight with the goon and saved Chandi. He says he does not think he can do this. He asks Aseem why is he not saying anything against him. Aseem leaves. Dylan tells Dabbu to come in his cabin, he has an urgent work for her. Its night, Dabbu is still working and gives him the file. He says he will check later. She says you said its urgent. He says yes, else you would have taken one week time. She says I m going home now. He says there is imp work for her, does she trust him. She asks what.

He says he has to meet PR head, he is working on imp project and he has important footage in his laptop and shows imp papers, he does not want anyone to enter his cabin and try to do this. She says fine, I will be here and guard it. He says I m afraid of you, so I want you to be out of cabin and keep an eye that you don’t come here. She asks about his PA. He says there is no one in office, so he is helpless to give this work to her, and asks her to leave by pulling the door. She leaves and sits outside for hours to guard his cabin. She says everyone went, he is doing this to trouble me.

The power goes and she says why did the light go. She sees someone’s shadow. She gets scared and says thief, what will I do now. She takes a stick to beat. It’s Neha, and Dabbu follows her. Neha says I will surprise Dylan and he should know I m romantic. Dabbu goes to check in his cabin and sees her hiding behind the chair. She thinks the thief came to take imp data. Neha thinks Dylan came. Dabbu goes to meet Neha. She messes the cabin and beats Neha. Dylan comes and Dabbu beats him too. She falls over him and the power comes. Dabbu sits on him and he asks her to get aside. He asks whats this, I told you to take care of file. Neha says I came to give you surprise. Dabbu says she was hiding behind chair. Neha says she has insulted me, ask her to say me sorry.

Neha says she must say sorry. Dylan sits and looks at Dabbu. Dabbu says sorry Dylan, not to Neha. She says she has ruined the docs, she thought Neha is thief as she was guarding the cabin. She says she will type all the papers and then go home. Dylan asks her to leave. Dabbu goes. Neha asks Dylan why did he let her go. Dylan says this will happen if she comes as thief, why did he come. Neha says she came to surprise, she got beaten up and is leaving now. He says overacting.

Dabbu comes home and says she did not have food since morning. Mamta says she will make hot paratha for her. Chandi says I think Dylan loves you. Dabbu says I can just hate him. Chandi says I m asking does he love her. Dabbu says he can’t change, but changes his GF. Chandi asks her is she jealous. Dabbu says why will I. Chandi teases her and Dabbu beats her. Mamta laughs seeing their pillow fight.

Dylan makes dinner ready and plays music. He brings the cake and says I m done. He says its my special time with you Mam, you are coming late. The door bell rings. He goes to welcome her with a flower. He sits on his knees and gives her the flower. He smiles seeing his mum.

Dabbu says we will see some people who lost their loved ones. Dabbu stops shoot seeing Vicky getting beaten up. Dylan scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode
    Dabbu acting was good

  2. Nyc serial… But dis aseem is really bad… Dylan fought wid sunny nd saved dabbu sister and credit is taken by aseem 😡

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