Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone rushing Mamta to hospital. A medical intern talks to them on behalf of doctor and Chandi gets worried. She says she won’t let him treat their mum. LN calms her. He asks them to fill the form and takes Mamta. Chadda’s men catch Vicky and Aseem. Chadda says they are lucky, but he will not leave them. He scares them as they did not receive his call. Vicky says they were in tension, he came to know Mamta is in hospital. Chadda says why do I care about it. He asks for money. Aseem says we want some time and get beaten up by Chadda’s goons.

Chadda says he will kill them if they don’t return the money. Mamta is treated in the ICU. The doctor comes and checks Mamta. The intern says she was in severe stress. The doctor says she can slip in coma too

and they treat her. Everyone wait outside. Dabbu cries. LN says he is not able to give them courage, as he is afraid seeing Mamta’s state. He bends down and they hold him. They make him sit. Dylan recalls Mamta’s state and gets angry. He says why did I go there, how will be aunty’s health, how will be Dabbu now, she will be feeling guilty. Dabbu goes to see Mamta and cries seeing her. She hears Mamta is unwell. Mamta says Aseem and Dabbu’s engagement. The doctor asks Dabbu to go out. Dabbu cries.

Dylan blames himself and talks to his mum. He says he did right to save them from suffering. He says Mamta is in hospital and he can’t even call to ask about her health. She pacifies him and asks him to leave it on Lord, Mamta will be fine, I will also pray. He says I was so wrong, I used to get irritated when you said I love Dabbu, I was not accepting it, thinking how can I love my staff, it was my ego, the truth is I love Debjani. His mum consoles him. He says I love her a lot and can’t see her in this state.

Anji says she told Binny to get money from her account, they will need it. The doctor comes and tells LN that Mamta is very serious. They all get shocked. The doctor says BP patients can’t bear shock, we will try to stabilize her BP, don’t give her any bad news or shock, hide anything bad and keep her happy, do as she wishes, medicines will affect when person is happy within, pray for her. LN thanks him.

LN says what will we do now and holds his head, shaking up. The girls hold him. LN cries. They all hug him and cry. Dabbu goes from there. She feels guilty for Mamta and LN loves Mamta a lot, LN can’t live without her. Her inner self talks to her and asks her to save Mamta and do what she wants, is her happiness imp than Mamta’s life. She says stop it and cries. She thinks she knows what to do now.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god one of the great melodrama
    Now Dabbu will go and beg aaseem to marry her I think

  2. It can’t possible aaseem and dabbu marriage……..

  3. Yh finally Dylan realized dat he loves debjani ?

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