Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with LN telling Dabbu that no father in the world is such who does not love the child, ego lightens the love, but it does not end, I think either of Dylan and his dad have to take a step. He asks Dabbu to sleep and leaves. Dabbu thinks if ego is the reason, then I will end it. Rajveer and Chandi meet Kajal. Kajal says why did you save me, I want to die. The doctor says its severe depression, don’t leave her alone, else anything is possible.

Rajveer asks Kajal whats all this. Kajal says don’t worry, I will sign divorce papers. She asks her friend Riya to get papers. Rajveer says no need, why did you attempt suicide then. Kajal says I know you will think this was my plan, trust me Raj, I thought if I die, then sign on divorce papers won’t be needed, I realized my mistake, but its too late, you have gone far from me, Chandi is a really nice girl, you both are perfect couple, I will sign on divorce papers soon.

Its morning, Dabbu tries getting auto. She gets angry. She gets Dylan’s call. He says sorry for yesterday, you know I don’t drink such. She says its okay you were missing your dad. He says who told you, I don’t miss him, I met him as mum wanted. She says your statements were different. He asks what did I say. She says I m outside, its noisy, I did not get auto, have breakfast. Dylan’s dad’s car stops seeing her. She scolds him and he scolds her asking her not to stand on road. She says its crossing, you should slow the car. He asks did she not see the big car, its her mistake, she was talking on phone, accidents happen because of such irresponsible people. She clicks her car’s number and says now he will know who is irresponsible. She leaves.

Rajveer comes home and sees Chandi leaving. She says she called him so many times. He says really sorry and checks phone. He says he was with Kajal. She says you should have told me once. He says trust me please, I m sorry, this won’t happen next time, my all ties with Kajal ended, I m doing this for humanity, I won’t meet her if you say, I just love you. She asks him to promise that he will never leave her alone. He says he promised this to himself long time ago and asks her to ask for something else. She hugs him and smiles.

Dylan’s dad comes home and says I know that girl will put the pic on social media, she was on phone and was explaining me traffic rules. Dabbu comes to meet him. He gets shocked seeing her. Dabbu practices to talk to him and gets shocked seeing him. She recalls their argument on the road. She gets tensed and drops the wedding card on the table beside. He asks how dare she come here. She asks is he Mr. Shekhawat. He says yes, I don’t like anyone following me, I know such girls who come to take money. She thinks she did mistake. He asks her to leave. The servant identifies as Debjani Thakur, the news reporter. She nods and thinks now he will kick me out.

Shekhawat says so you are news reporter and came to take revenge from me. She says yes, I mean no, why would you. He says I m not afraid of media, don’t waste my time, go. She thinks he won’t listen to her, and says I think I came on wrong address, I will leave. She starts leaving. He sees the invitation card with Debjani weds Dylan written on it, and stops her. He says you did not come on any wrong address. She thinks whats happening, he has identified me.

Binny and Malik are in high court. He asks whether she trusts him. She says yes. He asks her not to worry, as is about her children, but she attends parents teacher meeting, so this feel this is also like PTM, just explain your problem to the judge, I m sure the mum who loves her children, it won’t be tough, you are not alone, I m with you. She asks is this so easy. He says no, but its possible. He shows the Taweez given by his mum, and says when I get nervous about any case, this gives me strength, I m sure case will be in your favor. She thanks him. He says I m just doing my work, where is LN. She says dad is talking to mum. They proceed to the courtroom. Mamta asks LN to inform her the verdict and till then she will pray here at home. She prays that Binny gets her children.

Dabbu thinks she forgot the card here. Shekhawat says its right pair, Dylan is ill mannered and liar, and found a similar girl, what a good match. She says I m really sorry uncle, if I knew you are Dylan’s dad, I would have not reacted such, whatever happened, forget it please, come in our marriage, I want you to bless us, if our marriage happens without our marriage, I would feel its complete. He asks did Dylan send you. She says no, Dylan did not send me. He says I don’t care, Juliet and Dylan are dead for me, if its about money, then I will give them. She says enough uncle and gets angry.

She says you are elder, it does not mean you will say anything. Dylan is my to be husband, I won’t hear a word against him. My dad told me that no parent can hate their children, he also said that parents’ ego and hatred has love hidden, that’s why I have come here, I felt the love is lost somewhere and I could get it back, I came to say just forget this for Dylan’s happiness and come in marriage, I was so wrong about you, its just your ego which matters to you. Cheque and money can just buy items, but respect, I m sorry to waste your time, and maybe mine too. She leaves. He looks on.

Vicky informs Aseem that Dabbu and Dylan are getting married. Aseem says don’t worry, happiness won’t come in that house, and burns Dylan’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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