Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Sneha giving coffee to Dylan. He thanks her. She says you look in good mood, and you have to take an imp decision. He asks what. She says its journalist conference in Shimla and he has to go there with his representative. She asks him to give the name. He says ok and sees Dabbu. He smiles and says he has two three names in mind, he will say till evening. She says fine and leaves. Dabbu is tensed and says how can I answer till evening, I don’t know what I want, I can’t decide so soon.

She thinks she has to answer, as mum and dad said yes, and imagines her marriage with Aseem. She closes eyes and imagines her wedding night with her husband. He holds her hand and she smiles. He pulls her towards him and she is shocked seeing its Dylan. Dylan smiles seeing her. She opens her eyes and thinks she is fool, she is not able to think about Aseem as her heart is thinking about Dylan, he is in her heart and how can anyone come in her life. She sees Dylan in his cabin and says OMG, am I in love with Dylan.

Aseem sees her going to cafeteria and the man asks him is he not going in conference. Aseem says its waste of time, I will meet you later. He goes after Dabbu and sees her lost in thoughts. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I know there is something that is troubling you, you call me your good friend, won’t you tell me what is bothering you, I can’t see you like this. She says I need a friend right now. He says I m there, lets have coffee and talk.

He gets coffee for them and asks what is it. She says everyone is pressuring me to answer them about me and you, I felt time is very less and now I have realized who is right and who is wrong, it does not take time, its heart linked with the one Lord made for you, I know the girl who married you will be lucky and if I marry you, you will keep me happy, I have seen you as a friend, if I marry you as a friend, it will be injustice, I m sorry to hurt you. He says I like your honesty, I m glad you took this decision and told me. She thanks him for being so understanding. He says yes, what happened now, you rejected me and you got sad. She says no, everyone had expectations about us, don’t know how will they react. He says he will solve it.

He calls Mamta and says everything can be fine, she has this responsibility. He asks her not to pressurize Dabbu, she has given her answer and he does not have any objection. Mamta asks what did she decide. Aseem says Dabbu does not see me as her life partner, I respect this, don’t get angry on her, I know we did not make new relation, but we are friends. Mamta says what should I say now. Aseem says don’t worry about me, I will be happy if Dabbu is happy. He ends the call and says this problem is solved. Dabbu says I got to know I got my bets friend in you, thanks so much. Aseem says I think I deserve a hug. Dabbu hugs him. Aseem thinks he will not move back, this is also his plan, she rejected him, now something will happen that she will beg him to marry her.

Dylan is in happy mood and Dabbu sees him. She recalls the dance and smiles. Dylan says yes. She comes out of her imagination and says sorry. He asks her to go and work. She asks is this any signal, and bumps into Sneha. Sneha says she is going crazy in Shimla conference work, our HODs go with any staff representative. Dabbu asks whom is Dylan taking. Sneha says he did not decide. Dabbu gets excited to go with Dylan.

Binny cries. Anji asks her not to cry. Binny says Dabbu for selfish and did not think about me, she did not think Aseem is my brother in law. Anji says no way. Binny says why, is Aseem not good. Anji says he is perfect but… Chandi says maybe Dabby likes someone else. LN says she would have not hidden it from us. Binny says my inlaws will taunt me. Mamta says Aseem told me this, I felt he is accepted it well, he took it maturely and understands Dabbu. Binny says Aseem is diamond, did he not get insulted. Mamta says don’t know whats in Dabbu’s mind. LN says we should respect her decision, maybe she wants to focus on her career.

Dabbu comes to Dylan with files and gives the earthquake report tapes. He asks anything else, did you do all the work in one day, you had two more days. She says I know, I like to work in time, so that I can learn new things in remaining time. He smiles and thinks she is efficient, I should take her in conference, she will get motivation. He says fine, you can go. She comes out.

Chadda tells Mirchandani that he kept his promise. Mirchandani says yes, why did you come here. Chadda says I came to know a new thing. He shows Dabbu’s pic. Mirchandani says she works in our office. Chadda says she is LN’s daughter who is not selling his office to us and shows LN’s family album. Mirchandani says she will not telecast news in our channel. Chadda says I want you to pressurize her on your level. Mirchandani says I m sorry, I can’t force my employees with whom I don’t interact, I m involved in media, you can do anything and it will not come in news.

Dylan says its All India journalism conference in Shimla tomorrow and I have to take just one colleague along me, you all are hardworking, the one I m taking along, is…. Dabbu smiles….. Dylan says Vipul. Everyone clap. Aseem comes there and signs Vipul. Dylan recalls Vipul requesting Dylan to take him to the conference, he is senior and he should get a chance, new people come and take the chance. Dylan says he will make sure he attends the conference. Aseem leaves from there. Dabbu gets sad and looks at Dylan. Everyone leave from the conference hall.

Dabbu starts leaving and stops to see Dylan. She thinks Dylan does not think about me, he has told this many times, and I was stupid to hope. He wishes to choose her.

Aseem tells Vicky that I will take Dabbu with me to Shimla as my representative, and make such consequences that she has no option but to marry me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi

  2. Good epi.. Kaash debjani ko select kiya hotha tho conference keliye achha hotha… Aseem is taking dabbu 2 simla… Hmm hope deblan ll spend sum tym @simla… Aseem juz stay away 4m dabbu ??

    1. @RkbGree ….Aseem is taking dabbu along with him… but since they wiull be in the same conference… and dabbu has realised her love…n even dylan wants to be with dabbbu… so they wil;lget some tym… i just wish that Aseem dosent do any thing wrong with dabbu… coz he has vowed that after this conference dabbu will be forced to marry him….

  3. Awesome episode….#dwtg is a spl one,it is unique frm othr series….luvng #dtwg

  4. Where is28 May 2015 written update?

  5. Where is 28 May 2015 written update?

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