Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dylan relaxing at home. Juliet comes to him. He asks does she want to tell anything. She says I m so proud of you, I was hesitating to tell them, you said it with ease, knowing that truth could break your and Dabbu’s relation it needs guts. He says we can’t cheat them by lying any truth. She smiles and asks him to meet his dad, its imp day of his life, she feels he should invite his dad. Dylan says he does not like to talk on this topic.

Dylan says I can’t forget you were tortured, he used to beat you, our life was hell, sorry, that man does not matter, don’t spoil my mood. She says that man is your father. Dylan asks what, does he know I m alive or dead, I don’t want to talk. She says for my sake please. He says I can’t do this, sorry. He goes. She thinks how to explain him, blood relations never breaks.

Chandi thinks of Rajveer and Kajal. She recalls his love confession. Its morning, Rajveer comes home and sees Chandi. She says she always thought love fills life with happiness, but its not necessary that our thinking is true, complications came in my life, I agree we love each other a lot, but the truth won’t change that you are married man, I will be second woman in your life, which I can’t. Rajveer says I won’t let this happen, I love you a lot, no one can take your place in my life, I gave divorce papers to Kajal, trust me. Kajal was my past, he can’t spend his life with past. She hugs him and cries. He thinks he needs some time, I promise I will make everything fine.

Dylan is at office. Sharma comes to him with sweets. Dylan thanks him and asks why. Sharma tells about his son scoring good marks and he is very glad. Dylan says you told me that your son is in bad company and not focusing on studies, how did this happen. Sharma says father and son’s relation is special. They love each other, father can be rude but he has feelings and love for his son. Dylan gets thinking. Sharma goes. Dylan recalls Juliet’s words and thinks mum was also explaining this to me.

Binny and her kids come to Malik’s home. They meet Malik and his daughter Sara. Malik thanks Binny for getting the kids, he hopes she did not have any difficulty. He says these kids used to fight in school before and now they have become best friends. He says he will get tea. She says wait, I will make. She makes tea in the kitchen. He says its good kids got friendly, else we would have fought. She says she is tired of visiting court for the custody case, then Dabbu’s marriage and kids’ school projects, its tough to manage. He says kids did not make any noise, there is something wrong. They go to the kids to see. They see the kids playing sweetly. Binny holds Malik’s hand and he looks at her. She moves away.

Its evening, Dylan comes to his dad’s house. The servant opens the door and asks who is he. Dylan says I have to meet Mr. Shekhawat, tell him Dylan has come to meet him. Dylan gets inside the house and looks around the huge palatial home. His dad comes there and gets shocked seeing him. He asks what do you want. Dylan reminds him that he did not take anything or asked him till now. He keeps the wedding invitation card there and says he has come as mom wanted me to invite you, I m getting married. He says you don’t need to come, as your presence won’t matter to me. His dad says you are ill mannered and hot tempered like your mum.

Dylan asks him not to tell anything against his mum, else he will forget who is standing infront of him. Dylan leaves. Dabbu asks Chandi what will she do now, Rajveer has his wife. Chandi says Raj is giving divorce to Kajal. Binny asks is she fine, how can she think to spend her life with a divorcee. Chandi says why do they see any divorcee wrong way, Raj did mistake to marry Kajal, does he not have right to start his life again. Eshu says Chandi has a point, I m with her. Dabbu and Binny also agree.

Mamta comes to Dabbu’s room. She brings some necklace for Dabbu and shows her. Dabbu likes it and says this is your fav necklace, why are you giving me. Mamta says because you are my fav daughter, you are thinking why did I act strict to you till now, Shastri ji saw your kundli and said about the stars, where you will face many hurdles in life, I was very scared and could not forget it. She says you will be leaving from this house, I won’t have to worry now, as someone else will worry for you, I will just have your memories, so this necklace will be with you as my blessings. Dabbu cries and hugs her.

Dylan’s dad talks to his servant and says Dylan is arrogant and adamant just like his mum. Dylan recalls his dad’s words and gets sad. Juliet comes and shows some decoration designs. Dylan says I m not interested, whatever we do and try, dad won’t come in my marriage, I went to invite him just on your saying. He did not change, he is still the same, he does not worry for me, he reacted as if I have died for me. She says don’t worry, old wound will heal with time. Dylan says no, its such wound which can’t heal even with time.

Dylan’s dad tells Dylan that he won’t come in marriage and gives him 10 lakhs cheque saying it’s a father’s duty. Dylan says I don’t regard you my father and gets angry.

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