Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 23rd October 2015 Written *Last Episode* Update

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The Episode starts with Dabbu looking for some clue in Kamya’s room. Kamya walks upstairs to her room. Dabbu does not get anything and worries. She thinks there is no proof to show Kamya;s real intentions. She sees her school bag and checks it. Kamya comes to her room, and stops as Juliet holds her. Juliet sends Kamya to finish the work. Dabbu gets some old toys and pic. Kamya comes there and takes the proofs away. She says very kiddish, you think you will snatch Dylan from me, you tried before too, you fell in his eyes, so better don’t try, no one will believe you. Dabbu says you are mistaken, I will bring your truth out.

Kamya asks her to get habitual to be without Dylan. Dabbu leaves from her room. Kamya calls someone. Dabbu and Mamta come to Trishna’s home, as she has seen the address in pic. Mamta says its locked. Dabbu says we have to get inside and breaks the lock. Dabbu says we have to find some clue before she hurts Dylan. Mamta asks her not to worry. They look for clues.

A goon comes there with a knife. He goes to stab Dabbu. Mamta calls out Dabbu and Dabbu goes to her. Mamta shows her old photo album. Dabbu sees the pics and says there is nothing in this, what will we do now, Trishna is not an ordinary woman, she wants to get Dylan. Mamta says Mata Rani will help you. The goons comes and says if Mata Rani would help, why did you come here to die. Kamya comes there and smiles seeing them. Mamta and Dabbu get shocked.

Kamya says I knew Dabbu will come here, trying is not wrong, but trying against me is big mistake. She asks the goon to kill Dabbu and Mamta. Mamta holds the goon’s hand and he pushes her. Mamta asks Dabbu to run. Dabbu gets hurt and holds her head. The goon goes to stab her. Dylan comes there and stops the goon. Mamta and Dabbu get relieved. Kamya gets shocked.

Dylan throws the knife away and beats the goon. The police comes and arrests goon and Kamya. Dylan asks Dabbu is she fine and hugs her. He says Kamya Kapoor, sorry, Trishna Kapoor, I did not think you will do this. Kamya says I love you since childhood, when I knew you are marrying Debjani, I could not bear it and made this plan, I made pandit say about Dabbu’s dosh to break this marriage. FB shows the moments. Kamya says she did fake accident, but your mum got stuck by mistake. She says she came to his home by the help of doctor and inspector’s help.

She says my next plan was to remove Dabbu from your life, I added glass pieces in flour on her first rasoi day, but you went more close to her, so I decided to make her away forever, I have made her locked in the box, but she got saved again, I knew she will not go till you kick her out, so I injected chemical in apple, so that you lose your senses and make Dabbu away. She says then Dabbu had doubt on me, I love you Dylan, please come with me. Dylan asks are you mad, I never loved you, you want to kill my wife, you want me to forget everything, you were always selfish and today too. She says we are childhood friends, you can’t do this, I love you, I have searched for you for years, say you love me too. Dylan says just take her away. The police takes her.

Dylan says I m sorry Debjani. Dabbu asks how did you know we are here. He says when you went out of Kamya’s room, I have heard Kamya talking on phone, asking someone to kill Debjani. Kamya says Dylan will be just mine, you are finished Dabbu. Dylan gets shocked and recalls Dabbu’s words. He hugs her and says I have hurt you again, I m really sorry, forgive me, I felt you are hurting a little girl, you were right, I was wrong, but no one can separate us now, I really love you a lot.

Abhimanyu tells Juliet and everyone about Kamya, who was Trishna and did all this to get Dylan. He says no one died by your car, doctor and inspector were with her. Shekhawat says I can’t believe this. Juliet cries and says I have treated Dabbu badly, she did all that to save us, I did wrong. Shekhawat says its fine, Dabbu will understand, its not late. Juliet asks Kajal to prepare, she will do Dabbu’s grahpravesh. Dylan brings Dabbu home. Juliet apologizes to Dabbu. Dabbu’s family smiles. Dabbu says its not your mistake, situation was bad. Mamta says its my mistake too, I should apologize. Dylan says its not day to apologize, its day to celebrate, you can scold us and get annoyed, parents do everything for children’s good. Juliet does Dabbu’s grahpravesh by all rituals. Juliet blesses Dabbu. They all smile.

They all pose for a happy family picture and smile. The show ended on a good note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Shraddha sharma

    Going to miss the show…..

  2. What the hell!!No romance…what this show back…will miss it alot …

  3. Such a simple ending! Expectations were much more. A little romance would have been a treat to watch…

  4. O how I wish it ended with dabuu and her kids with much more romance

  5. Wait what?? Wth??? But my tv broke for ages and I didnt even know what was happening and now It ends?? Why?? :'( such a good show 🙁

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