Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan getting dizzy after eating the drugged apple. The family worries for him. Dylan says I think I need some rest, I m feeling like fainting. He goes to his room. Shekhawat says we should call doctor soon, he was fine, what happened to him. Kajal says maybe he is tired, he was so worried. Juliet taunts Dabbu. Shekhawat says you can’t blame Dabbu for everything. Kajal calls Rajveer and says she wants to meet him. Rajveer says he will meet her if she signs on divorce papers. She asks him to meet him once.

Dylan asks Dabbu to leave. The servant brings fruits and medicines. Dylan says I don’t need anything. Dabbu asks him to drink juice. Dylan says just get lost from her, and throws the glass. She asks what happened, relax. He says nothing is fine since I married you. She asks is he saying this. He says yes, I m getting mad, I did not get peace, just get out. Kamya looks on and smiles. Kamya thinks the medicine will sure effect every 2 hours, I hope Dylan will forget Dabbu and the relation will end. She laughs.

Kajal meets Rajveer and tells him that she has cancer, she may live for few months, doctors said there is no chance, its last stage. I want to be with loved ones in my last time, we had problems and I want to rectify my mistakes, I want to stay with you. He gets stunned. She leaves the decision on him, and asks him to say. She cries and leaves. She thinks no one can stop him from coming to her, cancer is her star sign, not any disease.

Chandi calls Rajveer and asks why is he upset. He says Kajal has come and tells her everything. He says I don’t know what to do and ends call. Dabbu asks Dylan why is he behaving such. He asks her to get lost, and takes knife. He says see what I do now. Juliet stops him and asks what is he doing, did he get mad and throws knife. He says I don’t want to talk to anyone, go from here. Juliet scolds Dabbu and asks her to leave, will she not let Dylan live, go away from his life. Dabbu cries and turns. She sees reflection of Kamya smiling.

Rajveer meets Chandi and says I don’t know what to do, Kajal’s disease and our love. Chandi says no, don’t get upset, I can’t see you like this. He says I did hatred, did my curse effected Kajal. Chandi says you should be with Kajal, you have to forget all problems and support her, she needs you. He asks you are saying this. She says yes, you should be with her. He says I love you a lot. She says even I love you, but out love is not selfish to snatch someone’s happiness. She cries.

Mamta recalls Dylan and Dabbu. She says I know Dabbu will not call me even when she is worried. LN pacifies her. He says even he is afraid for Dabbu, see how Lord has saved Dabbu, Dylan thought Dabbu can be in box, it means Lord is with Dabbu, don’t worry. Mamta says then Dabbu would have not faced problems at every step. He says Dabbu always faced tough things. She says we will get Dabbu home for few days. He says no, she has grown up, she refused to come and stood with her inlaws, this are your values, we should be proud of her, I m proud of you and your upbringing.

Kamya says my disease is good, Dylan could not identify me, Dabbu has to do, Dylan will be just mine, I lost you in childhood, but not this time. She says Dabbu has to go away from Dylan/ Dabbu hears all this and is shocked. She recalls how she has got in Kamya’s room to find some clue. Dabbu got the injections. She thinks about Kamya, that this is not Kamya, but Dylan’s childhood friend Trishna Kapoor.

Dabbu tells the truth that Kamya has done all this with Dylan. She says this is not a 11 year old girl, I will show her real look and pulls her hair. Dylan raises hand to slap Dabbu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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