Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aseem telling Vicky that he will get the house. Vicky says LN is impressed with him. Aseem says Dabbu will come and ask me to marry her. Vicky says he did not like to hear about Dylan, Dabbu was praising him. Aseem says they don’t get along well, but few situations happened which made him hero. He says I m the perfect guy for Dabbu. Vicky says he is confident and sings song. Dabbu gets Aseem’s call and sees lemon, which Dylan gave her. She takes his call and he sees Dylan’s call coming. He says she is getting another call and he says he will be on hold.

She says fine and takes Dylan’s call. She thanks him for saving her. He says he did not expect her to say thanks. She says I did not expect you to ask my welfare. He says don’t get touchy, I called you as its court hearing tomorrow, which will have decision in my favor. She ends call and talks to Aseem. She says Dylan called to say she will lose the case. He says you will not lose, as you are fighting for mute animals, he will be with her, trust me, you will not lose, lets meet tomorrow. He smiles and ends the call.

Its morning, Dylan goes to open the door and sees Dabbu. He asks what is she doing here, did you mum send sweets for me to thank for bringing her out of lift. She says let me come in. He reminds how she has always spoiled things, he is afraid to let her in. She asks for 5mins. He says come in. He says your time starts now. She says the property is of your Nana ji, which he gave to animals, what will happen about them. He says I would have not let you come inside if I knew this talk will start, court will decide. She says NGO can give rental, we can do settlement. He says I think we are done. She says she was wrong to expect goodness from him. He asks her not to tell wrong. She says maybe you don’t know how it feels to be homeless. She leaves. He thinks no one else can know it better than him.

Aseem and Dabbu are on the way. She says Dylan did not listen to me. He says everyone knows Dylan is selfish, I don’t know why you felt you can change his heart. I m sure court will decide in your favor, else we will apply in high court and find shelter for animals. She says you are good, I get courage hearing you, you are right, we will find a new home for animals, thanks for coming. He says I m always with you. He thinks will he find home for animals to convince her, if she loses case….

Dabbu tells she lost the case and apologizes in NGO. Aseem says she did a lot, its not her mistake that a selfish man came in her life. Dabbu goes to meet her animals once. Dylan comes there with the notice and tells the lady that he came to take possession of this bungalow, and asks for keys. He sees Aseem and Dabbu. Aseem says he has come, I think we should leave now. No use to stay here, come. Dabbu looks at Dylan and gets irked.

She looks at him, and asks is he happy now, did he do what he wanted, you have kicked the animals out, you should get award for this. Aseem asks her not to waste time. Dabbu says yes, he does not have humanity and cries. Aseem takes her. She says he is stone hearted, its my mistake that I felt he is good man. She leaves. Dylan removes his shades and looks on.

She sees Dylan taking the keys and says he is smiling and is not ashamed. She sees a man taking the animals and asks who are they. The man says he is taking them to a NGO, he got order to take them. Dabbu says what, who gave the order. Aseem says great, I was thinking to call you and you came, see Dabbu, where there is will, there is way. The man says there will be some good hearted man who did this. She sees Dylan and says they are giving place to them in NGO and he uses his powers to snatch the roof of them, what you sow is what you reap, thanks.

She leaves with Aseem. Dylan smiles and gets a call from mum. She says I m coming to you. He says you can’t come, I m sorry, it was NGO running here and I requested another NGO to take them away. She smiles.

Vicky comes to Binny and says school is giving projects in holidays too. She says no, I m choosing jewelry designs for Dabbu. He says Dabbu did not say yes. She says I felt everyone is treating Aseem like son in law, I missed our days. He says Dabbu should also treat Aseem like that, you explain her that if any wrong guy comes in her life then… LN talks to Dabbu on phone and pacifies her, saying she lost the case but the animals got a new home. She says yes, they are not homeless. He asks her to work well and ask about Chadda builder case.

She says yes, he said it has legal issues. She ends call and sees Dylan standing behind her. She turns and the water glass falls on his tapes… He asks whats her problem, she always does something. She says I did not do anything, you scared me and water fell. He says he came to her and was standing silently to wait for her phone conversation to end. Its called decency, not scaring, she has put water on the taps, which are very imp. She says she will dehydrate the tapes and transfer data. He says I think you are used to it. She says you won the case, it does not mean you got license to scold me, and taunts him, saying he does not have humanity. He says oh, finally you have come to the point, gracefully accept it, don’t be a loser. She says its good the animals got a new home, else I would have appealed high court. He says he would have not let this happen, as he knows the pain of being homeless.

Few goons trouble LN. Dylan’s mum tells Dabbu about their mum, and Dylan spent a lot of money to win the case and he has sent the animals to some new NGO too. Dabbu is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz update fasssssssttttt……….??????????

  2. Oh hooo…i just can’t believe dis…y is dabbu always findin Dylan wrong,wel as per d book dis same kind of stuff takes place but even den…i just hate aseem…irritating element…wel keep updatin as fast as u can?

  3. Ohhhhooo!!!Precap sounds interesting

  4. waiting for tommorow’s episode
    seems interesting

  5. waiting for today’s episode
    seems interesting

  6. Wow ….. I love dylen and dabbu

  7. Wtz the title of the book on wich this show is based on???

    1. This is based on “Those pricey thakur girls”-by anuja chauhan

  8. Where is 22 May 2015 written update?

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