Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kamya thinking Dabbu won’t be alive. LN asks Dylan where can Dabbu go. Dylan says don’t know, everything was fine between us, I asked aunty to come here, where will Dabbu go, I m so confused. LN says if she is at home, where is she not seen, did you find her well. Shekhawat says yes, we have found her everywhere, we are also worried for her, try to understand. Dylan sees servant taking things. Kajal says she has asked servant to get the items for Navratri. Dylan asks servant to give him store room keys. Kamya gets tensed. Dylan goes to store room along with everyone. Kamya thinks Dylan may find Dabbu.

Binny, Chandi and Eshu do aarti and pray along with Bhu Devi. Shekhawat says this room is locked since long time. They check there and do not get Dabbu. Kamya thinks she is impressed seeing Dylan’s efforts, but he won’t find Dabbu alive. Dylan thinks to inform police and shuts the door. He recalls having seen nightie cloth hanging around the box, and recalls Dabbu’s nightie she has worn last night. She rushes back to see and opens the box. He gets shocked seeing Dabbu inside it in unconscious state.

Shekhawat and Juliet tell LN and Mamta that they did not get Dabbu. Mamta cries and prays. Dylan lifts Dabbu and takes her out. Kamya gets shocked seeing Dabbu. They look on shocked. Mamta asks what happened to her. Dylan asks Dabbu to open eyes. Binny gives aarti to everyone. Mamta cries and asks Dabbu to wake up. Dylan says I can’t live without Dabbu. Binny gives aarti in Dabbu’s room at home. Dabbu gets conscious and sees everyone. Dylan hugs Dabbu. Mamta says Dabbu is safe.

Chandi recalls Rajveer and is sad. Haan hasi bangaye……………plays…………. She gets Rajveer’s call and talks to him. She says she was thinking he has become her life. He asks is aunty still annoyed. She says no, mum loves us a lot. She says mum hugged me with love and explained me that once Dabbu gets settled, she will think about us, I m so lucky to get good parents. He asks her not to get sad, and now smile, welcome Dabbu happily. She says yes and ends call.

Mamta asks Dabbu is she fine. Dabbu says yes. Mamta sees her hand hurt and asks how did this happen. Kajal tells about glass pieces in flour. Mamta asks how can this happen. Juliet says it happens, I have come to know how people are fake. Mamta asks is she taking revenge from Dabbu. Juliet says what nonsense. Mamta asks what does this mean then, Dabbu was locked in that store room. Dylan says we were worried for Dabbu, we all care for her. Mamta says we have seen this, LN did not help you and this is happening, its my mistake to agree for marriage, I did not know this would happen.

Dabbu says Mamta is mistaken, even I don’t know how did I reach there, its no one’s mistake. Shekhawat asks Mamta to end matter, and apologizes to her, saying he will not let this happen again. Mamta says no need, I will take Dabbu with me now. LN asks Mamta not to take wrong decision. Kamya smiles. Mamta says its about Dabbu’s life and takes Dabbu. Kamya thinks well done aunty, now Dylan has to become mine. Dabbu leaves Mamta‘s hand and says I won’t come with you mum, this is my home now, this is my family. Mamta asks her not to do this. Dabbu goes to Dylan and holds his hand. Kamya looks on shocked.

Kamya injects something in apple. Dabbu gives that to Dylan and he faints eating the apple. The family gets shocked.

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