Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chandi crying and leaving the place, after recalling Kajal. She thinks about Rajveer. Dabbu sees Sonu and Monu talking to Dylan. Dylan says he is better, but he can’t play football now, he will play later. Binny scolds the kids. Vicky comes there and hugs the kids. Dabbu asks what is he doing here. Vicky says I did not come to talk to you. He asks Binny how dare she sends police at his house, he will take kids now. Binny asks how can he sends goons to trouble her and kids. He says he will see who stops him, he will take kids with him now. He asks the kids with him. Binny and Dabbu try to stop him. Dylan comes in between and stops Vicky.

He asks Vicky to leave the kids. Vicky says its my personal matter, don’t come in between, they are my kids, I will take them. Dylan slaps Vicky angrily. He says I told you to leave kids, just remember this house is mine too, this is my family, if you trouble Binny and anyone else in this family, I will not leave you. Vicky asks what relation you have with this house. Dylan says relation of love and relation, you won’t understand this, as you know understand relation of greed, get lost else I will not leave you, if you come here again, I will come to your house and beat you. Vicky says this slap will be costly. Dylan says leave now, your kids are here, I will beat you infront of them. Vicky leaves.

Dabbu and Binny look at Dylan. Dylan says he will not trouble you again, tell me if he troubles again, take care of the kids. He goes to his room. Its night, Binny, Dabbu and LN come to Dylan’s room to talk to him. Dylan asks is everything fine. Binny thanks him. Dylan says don’t say thanks, you are Dabbu’s sister, so my sister too, can’t a brother support a sister, I just did that. Binny says I thought you are not right for Dabbu, but you are very nice person, I was wrong, Dabbu is lucky to have you. LN says I came to know what happened, thanks. Dylan says don’t say thanks, I feel like a stranger by this thanks.

LN says no, you are part of this house and hugs him. Dylan smiles. Mamta looks on and hides. LN and Binny leave. Dabbu apologizes to Dylan and says she doesn’t need to know his phone messages, she knows he loves her and will not get after anyone else. He hugs her. Naino ko pata hai…………….plays……….. He says he has to make a confession, it was Mahima’s message and I deleted it, I m just thinking why did she message me suddenly, she never messages me.

Mamta argues with LN and says Dylan is not right with Dabbu, he is afraid for marriage, as he does not want to be with Dabbu forever, he is not deserving, I don’t like him. LN says what Dylan did for Binny, and says we will talk later, as you are angry. Mamta recalls Bhu Devi’s words about Dylan’s affairs and says she will not let Dylan stay here.

Binny and Eshu see Chandi crying. Chandi does not answer Rajveer’s calls. Binny asks Chandi did she fight with Rajveer. Chandi says he is married, and hugs Binny. Binny and Eshu get shocked and console Chandi. Chandi says he has cheated me, how can he cheat me. Binny asks did he not tell you. Chandi says I met his wife today, he was flirting with me. Binny says I know you are thinking he is cheater, but… Eshu says he is a cheater. Binny says maybe he is not a cheater, if he was flirty, he would have not called you, understand what I m saying, I m elder and won’t give wrong advice.

Dabbu comes there and hears everything. She says Binny is saying right, sometimes we don’t know truth about things, talk to Rajveer once. Chandi says he is married. Dabbu says we are not defending him, its wrong he did not tell you that he is married, maybe there is something he is afraid to say, just talk to him. Binny asks her to hear him once, then it will be easy for her to move on.

Its morning, Dabbu greets Dylan. He says he has planned lunch today. She says she will be in office. He says he is her boss, so she will attend one meeting, then work from home. She says I m impressed, there are benefits to be boss’ GF. She asks whats the benefits of this relationship. He says get closer, there are more. Dabbu says I have to go. They have a talk. He says send peon, I want some tapes, I want to end the work till you come back, so that we spend some romantic time. She says I will just go and come. She hugs him. Naino ko pata hai…………..plays…………..

LN and Mamta come home from market. LN says no need to say anything to others. Mamtya says Dabbu is staying with a guy. LN says Dylan is staying with us. Mamta says tell everyone that Dylan lives all of us. Bhu Devi comes and says neighbors are saying much. LN asks her to ignite fire. Mamta says leave it, LN won’t understand. LN says no use to talk to you Mamta, I m getting late and goes. Bhu Devi makes Mamta worry more. Mamta says she has decided to make Dylan leave this house.

Mamta tells Dylan that Dabbu has risk, as Dabbu and your kundli are not matching. She says Shastri ji said Dabbu should marry the guy whose kundli has stars of having a partner, only then Dabbu can survive.

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  1. Nice episode but my favourite part was when dabbu said that ” I am impressed, that there are benefits to be boss’GF

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