Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kajal seeing Shekhawat and Abhimanyu talking. She goes to Kamya and asks what is she doing. Kamya says nothing. Dylan and Dabbu come and greet his dad. Shekhawat asks Dabbu what happened to her hand. Dabbu says I was kneading the flour, it had glass pieces and hurt my hand. Kajal asks how can this happen. Juliet brings breakfast for Kamya and says I thought my bahu will come and lessen my work, but Dabbu is not interested in managing home, she was not worried for me, it was her first rasoi which she did not complete.

Dylan says you are mistaken mom, Dabbu went to make breakfast and her hand got hurt by glass pieces. Kamya recalls how she has added the broken glass pieces in flour. Juliet does not believe this and scolds Dabbu for making her son against her. Dylan asks her why is she overreacting. Juliet gets annoyed and leaves. Kamya smiles and thinks they did not know the truth.

Chandi comes home. Mamta stops her and slaps her. Mamta and Bhu Devi confront her. Chandi asks what did I do now and cries. Bhu Devi says see she is acting so innocent. Mamta says I stopped you from meeting Raj, I have seen you with him in market. Bhu Devi adds fuel in the fire. Chandi says yes, but it was not my mistake. Mamta says I had seen enough. Dabbu cries in her room. Dylan comes to pacify her and apologizes to her. He says I m shocked seeing mom’s rude behavior. She says its fine, she is upset, I know everything will be fine in few days, its not her mistake. Mamta scolds Chandi.

Eshu calls LN. Raj tells Mamta that Chandi did not go market to meet me, don’t punish her, she was not even talking to me, I love Chandi a lot and want to marry her, I promise I will keep her happy always. Mamta asks do you think I will give Chandi to a married guy, who cheated us. LN comes home and asks whats wrong in this. Mamta gets shocked and says you don’t know about Raj. LN says I know everything, Eshu has told me everything. LN says I m sure Raj will not upset Kajal, give her divorce, and will always be with Chandi. Raj promises he will never leave Chandi.

Dylan apologizes to Dabbu. Dabbu says its fine, that time was such. He says I should have not behaved like this. She says bad time has passed, and good thing is Kamya’s statement got mom back. He says yes, but poor Kamya, her parents died and she got alone, I feel bad for her. Dabbu says you did good by bringing her home.

Mamta calls Dabbu and asks about her first rasoi. Dabbu does not tell her. Mamta says LN will come tomorrow to take you for pagphere. Dabbu thinks LN will know everything. Dylan talks to Mamta and invites all of them to come tomorrow. Mamta says no, its just a ritual. He asks her to come as his mom. Dabbu smiles. Dylan asks him to come anytime to her son’s house. She says sure, I will come. He ends call. Dabbu hugs him and kisses him. She leaves.

Its night, Dylan comes to Dabbu and romances. Dylan and Dabbu drink the milk kept there. Tujhko pee loon mann mera kaha…………… plays…………. Dylan and Dabbu get closer. They both faint by the medicine added in the milk glasses. Kamya looks at them and smiles. She recalls how she has added the sleeping medicine in the milk glasses.

Someone comes in Dylan’s house and hides seeing Kajal. Kajal hears some footsteps and goes to see. Kamya stops her. Kajal asks what happened, are you fine, what are you doing here at this time. Kamya says I have seen a dream with you in trouble and was coming to save you. Kajal laughs and says so cute, go to your room and sleep. Kamya says fine. Kajal thanks her and leaves. Kamya takes the man with her to Dylan’s room. The man lifts Dabbu and takes her out. Kamya smiles.

Kajal says Dabbu is nowhere. Abhimanyu says she is not anywhere. Dylan worries. LN, Mamta and everyone come and ask whom are they finding.

Update Credit to: Amena

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