Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu coming to know about Aseem’s proposal. Chandi asks her not to become like Binny after marriage. Anji acts like Binny and the sisters laugh. Mamta comes there and thinks Dabbu does not have any objection to the proposal. Dabbu says they played a good prank about Aseem, she is not so stupid. Anji says this is serious, what do you mean, its not a prank. Dabbu asks what. Chandi says she had doubt, and says Aseem has saved me from the goon. Anji says yes, we did not know she also likes him. Dabbu thinks what happened to Aseem, he has sent the proposal.

Dylan comes home and relaxes. He hears the music and smiles. He gets up and sees his mum. He dances with her. They have a laugh. He says ouch and sits. She asks what happened. His feet gets hurt by a earring and asks whose earring it is. She smiles and says her choice is good. He recalls Dabbu and looks at it. He says it has hurt my foot. He says it belongs to that duffer Debjani. She says this will happen if you hide anyone. She asks him to return it to Dabbu in office. He says he wants band aid.

Dabbu is upset. Chandi and Eshu push her and scare. Chandi jokes on her. Dabbu thinks she does not know what to say. Chandi says they will not leave her. Dabbu say she has nothing to say, she will avoid this topic. Eshu asks about her earring. Dabbu says its my fav one, where did it go. Chandi says it will be with the one with whom you spend your time. Dabbu thinks about Dylan and thinks it might have fallen in his home. She thinks she will clear this matter from Aseem. Vicky talks to Aseem and asks if anyone else come in Dabbu’s life. Aseem says this can’t happen. Vicky asks him to think about hurdles and be careful. Aseem says he will not let anyone come in her life and he will marry her. He says just animals can come in her life, not any guy. He gets Dabbu’s call.

She says she wants to talk to him, and asks him to come outside, she is waiting outside. Aseem asks her to come inside. She says no, I don’t want Vicky and Binny to know. Aseem says fine and asks Vicky not to worry, she will get some stupid problem. He goes to her and asks her to sit in car. She asks whats the need. He says if anyone sees us, they will gossip and I don’t want anyone to say wrong about you. She sits in the car and they leave to talk on the way. He asks what is it.

She says actually Binny came to home to talk about your and mine proposal and then I came to know you also want this, how can this happen suddenly. He says its not sudden for me, I like you since long, Vicky asked me and I told him. I know I should have told you, fine I will tell now, I like you a lot, but if she does not like him, she can tell him and he will end this proposal thing, we are friends first and I will accept your decision happily.

She says you are a good man and his life partner will be lucky, but she wants some time. He smiles. She says she wants to think well and decide. He says its fine. She says he is good indeed. He says he will drop her home. Its morning, Dylan gets ready and his foot hurts. He says Dabbu always hurts him. Mamta chooses a saree for Dabbu. Chandi says Dabbu that she will go office in saree. Dabbu asks whats going on. LN says he is giving suitcases since half an hour. Mamta asks her to wear. Dabbu says its news channel and she can’t wear saree. Mamta says Aseem will like you in saree. Dabbu says he sees me in normal clothes daily.

Mamta says people say right, children does not hear mum after they grow, marry by your wish, send us card, we will come to bless. LN says saree to marriage, only you can do this and leaves. Mamta emotionally blackmails Dabbu. Chandi and Eshi act like her. Dabbu looks on. Mamta says she can see what they both are doing. Chandi and Eshu run out laughing. Mamta says fine, I will keep saree back. Dabbu says fine, I will wear this saree. Mamta smiles. Dabbu says you know your emotional blackmails works just on me. Mamta asks her to wear jewelry. Dabbu says jewelry…….

Dylan talks to his staff and asks Santosh to look at him, where is his focus. Dabbu walks in costly saree and jewelry, like a bride. Evryone stare at her. Santosh signs Dylan. Dylan turns and sees Dabbu. He is stunned and mesmerized seeing her. She is unable to walk on heels. Dylan smiles. She comes near him and slips. She holds him and they have an eyelock.

Chadda asks LN to sell his house and do his daughter’s marriage grand way. LN refuses. Chadda thinks to do something. Aseem compliments Dabbu and asks her decision. Dylan looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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