Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu coming home and hugging everyone. Aseem greets her. Dabbu asks how come he is here. Mamta says he came here being worried for you, it was riots and we did not let him go. Aseem says I know you and Dylan don’t get well together. She says Dylan saved my life like a hero and took good care of me. Aseem says really, its great, I will leave for office. Dabbu says she has to go. LN says no, Dylan called and says you can take leave. Aseem asks her to rest and leaves. LN gets a call from Chadda. Chadda asks him did he think well, he offered a good price, if he refuses then, he will face troubles being a fool.

LN starts scolding him on phone and says he insulted him, he will not sell his house. Dabbu asks what happened. LN says about the builder, he does not understand how can a father sell the house, where he has flower type daughters. Dabbu hugs him. Vicky says he will repay all loans. Aseem comes to talk and sees him breaking phone. Vicky says he gave 15 lakhs and they want more money.

Aseem says he has a way, Thakur Girls will be giving money to them. He says he will get lottery of 6 crores. Vicky is shocked. Aseem asks did he not understand. He explains him about the builder Chadda, LN is offered 30 crores. Vicky says what. Aseem says I have sent Chadda there and LN did not agree to sell the house. Vicky says every girl will get 6 crores if the house is sold. Aseem says yes, once LN agrees and does the deal, all loans will end and life will be luxurious.

The girls see Dabbu singing the song and they come to tease her. They ask why is she singing song. Dabbu says there is nothing. They all smile seeing Dabbu. Dabbu asks whats their problem. Binny says you were with rude boss all night and even then she did not complain about him. Dabbu says we were helpless and got together. She recalls Dylan and smiles. They all look at her. Dabbu thinks she saw a new color of Dylan, is he really rude.

Dylan eats fast and his mum asks him to eat slowly. He recalls Dabbu making maggi and eating together. He smiles. His mum asks why is he smiling. He says no, I m happy that I saved Dabbu, I sent her to cover riots so that she can improve, I did not know it will get too serious, if anything happened to her, I would have not forgiven myself. She says you are a good soul son. He says anyone would have done this, but this proves that girl is talented and fearless. She says she knows another fearless person, that’s you. He smiles.

Dabbu says she is late and hugs Mamta. Mamta stops her and says this laddoo is for your boss. Dabbu asks what. Mamta says he took care of you, I was so worried. Dabbu says I know you want to say thanks, but it will look odd to give laddoo. Mamta says what, I sent laddoo for Aseem too. Dabbu says Aseem is like family, but Dylan… Mamta says fine, I m mad to make it since morning, I did not know its embarrassing to give laddoo to boss. Dabbu says fine, I will give him. She goes thinking if he insults her for laddoos, what will happen, its better to go his home and give this.

Dabbu goes to Dylan’s home and says last time, I had to clean the house, this time I just want to give laddoo and go. Dylan opens the door and walks and talks in sleep. He says clean the house, no need to come in my room. She follows him. He falls on the bed and sleeps. She says he is strange, he gives instructions in sleep too. She says I will leave a note. She writes Dear Sir, mum has sent laddoos…. Debjani.

She keeps the note and falls beside him on the bed. The remote gets pressed and tv gets on. Dhan Ta nan…………..plays………. Dylan wakes up and is shocked seeing her. He asks what is she doing in his bed. She says she came to give laddoo, mum has sent to say thanks. The door bell rings. She says maybe Shanti came. He asks how doe she know. She says you told me. He says when did I say. He sees its his mum, and stops her. He asks her to hide. She asks why. He says my mum came. She says won’t it look odd if I hide. He says if she sees you in morning, then it will look. He says he will free her from car wash punishment if she is not caught. She gets glad and hides behind the chair.

Phool likes the laddoos. Mamta says she made it for Dabbu’s boss, she was with her boss all night. Phool asks does she not feel odd, Dabbu has spent the night with a stranger. Mamta asks what does this mean. Phool says we know our kids, but what will society say, they will gossip about Dabbu, and you are modern family. Dylan opens the door and his mum sits on the sofa. Dabbu looks on. Dylan says he has imp work, he will drop her home. She says no, I m having pest control at home, you go office, I will stay here.

She asks from where did sound come. He says no sound, concentrate on your son. Dabbu sees her scarf and worries, thinking what to do. She moves the chair and goes near it. Dylan asks his mum to chill and have a good day at spa, he will take appointment. She refuses. He is shocked seeing Dabbu moving chair. His mum asks why is he staring with big eyes. He says I m like this only. She says that chair moved. He stops her and Dabbu goes taking her scarf. His mum asks why is he behaving weird. He thinks Dabbu got hidden somewhere else, good job. She says what. He says now chair is on right place. She says I will clean your cupboard. He says fine, go ahead. He sees Dabbu hiding in cupboard and stops her, saying its big burden, I will do it.

She says he stays away and wants to do something, she will clean. She opens the cupboard and Dylan and his mum are shocked.

Vicky tells Aseem that LN is not agreeing. Aseem says he did not agree as one son in law said, but he has to agree when two son in law asks for it, and also have to give two shares. Dylan’s mum hears Dabbu’s ringtone Maa ka phone aaya…… She goes to open cupboard, while Dylan stops her. His mum is stunned seeing Dabbu inside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Superb episode…

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