Dilli Darlings 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone is busy preparing for the party

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Dilli Darlings 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pooja is with her husband in the room, she discusses with him the actress which she will be on the party, they both indulge into a discussion as pooja wants to be Aalia Bhatt because she also has the clothes according to it but he is convinced and finally decide that it will be Kareena Kapoor
Shaloo is sitting in her house trying to make a crown which she would wear in the party, she faces a lot of hurdles in the attempt to construct it even when she is not so optimistic, she has recreated the dance from Sridev’s song, plans to stun everyone by her dance.
Deepshika comes home, she explains to her daughter that she is really tired as she had to choose a lot to find the dress which matched her song which she had, her daughter decides to take a look however she does not like it at all,

Deepshika is complaining that her daughter does not like it, which has made her go into further confusion. Her daughter request her to sit with her, they search the internet and find the look which she finds interesting. They plan to go shopping again.
Manya comes and practices dance with her dog, she plans to be Chandarmukhi, as she is fascinated by it, however when she starts to practice the moves she is not able to correct it, Manya praises Madhauri for being able to do such difficult steps.
Pooja is not able to perfect the dance, her husband is forcing her to be like Kareena Kapoor, she requests him to talk nicely as she is not able to do it, her husband is forcing her which really irritates her so she completely gives in, her husband then takes her side saying that he will dance with her, she then he also makes her practice forcing her so she also gives in.
Manya pulls her husband asking to come and sit with her, she explains that she is about to become Madhuri Dixit which confuses him, she asks him to help her, she then shows which irritates him, he asks her to sit on the floor however she feels that he is not interested in it, also mentioning that he left as soon as he got the chance.
Reena calls her daughter to come and sit with her, she asks her to help her decide the personality which she is going to take, they decide on Sonam Kapoor, her daughter then takes her for the dance practice however she is not able to perfect it, her daughter is a very motivated teacher, she requests her daughter to instruct her once when she will be going to the party.
Pari reaches the party being dressed as Deepika, then Pooja comes dressed as Kareena Kapoor, Deepshika enters and is dressed is a classic theme, Shaloo is dressed as Sridev, she is also a big fan and wants to be just like her.
They all regroup they all like and compliment Shaloo on the crown which is wearing saying that she has done a lot to resemble SriDev.
Pari says that she has invited another of her friend who is Reena, Shaloo is not excited as she knows her and is afraid if it is the same person, when she comes in Reena greets everyone except which everyone also notices, they feel that both of them have a dark past filled with some hated memories, Pari is however confused as they as a trio know each other having spent quite a bit of time together, so she is unable to comprehend what happened that caused so much differences.
In the party, Pari forces them to greet each other, Shaloo explains that she met her after a long time and wanted to hug her as soon as she her however she was hurt and so was not able to do it, she gets emotional as Reena was a great friend of hers whom she also misses.

Precap: The dance begins and they are all left stunned when Sona enters as she is looking gorgeous. They all have mixed views about each other and are making critical comments.

Update Credit to: Sona

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