Dilli Darlings 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Rashmi and Seema request a meeting with Seema


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Dilli Darlings 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pari and Rashmi reach the restaurant, she explains that she called Rashmi as she wanted to make things comfortable, Pari explains that she called her as she wanted to make things right with Pooja, it was the plan of Manya as she had called her because she wanted to teach the lesson, Pari explains that when she called Manya demanding an explanation on why she did such a thing, she got extremely loud with her saying that whatever she has done is right, Rashmi says that she is playing a very big game, Rashmi explains that she got into a fight with Seema because Manya explained what Seema said about selling crowns at her house, which instigated the problem, Pari says that she has also called Seema to solve the problem.

Seema enters explaining that she was shocked to see Rashmi and Pragati

both waiting for her, Pari explains that they call her to explain what was the problem, Seema says that she will order for her a juice which they agree, Seema says that she feels that they did not like her at first, Pari explains that she should tell whom she thought was behind it as then they will unveil the truth in front of her.
Pari asks Seema that she should not worry as they have asked her to come as they wanted to talk, Seema says that she was shocked as why she as getting the reaction,. Pragati explains that she was not aware that this was the reason she was being pumped, she is worried that this was not the case and she as really pumped, Rashmi also explains that she was just hesitant because her husband does not allow her to walk late at night, Seema wonders that she feels they should have used their brains so she takes their leave explaining that she has to reach somewhere important.
Deepshika is waiting for Bhavna as she was to come and help her in shopping, she comes urging that she leave her comfort zone and this has excellent results, Bhavna feels that she has made the right choice and Deepshika is also accepting her decisions.
Rashmi and Pari are talking that they have done the right choice to call Seema and really find out what the problem is, they then are waiting for Pooja who comes, pooja says that she was betrayed by her friends, Pari says that she was pumped by Manya who said that she would play a game with pooja as they both were old friends so she felt that their friendship would not end, Pooja feels that she would have to move forward and forget everything but she would not forget the incident, they all say that they will never come under any ones influence before leaving together.
Pooja is in her house, she saw the old videos reliving some memories with her children, she explains how good she felt as she was again in the same moment, she mentions that she has gotten the idea of setting up a photo both at the charity event of Delhi darlings so that they can also have some memories, however when she investigates about the total charges she gets shocked hearing the total cost, Pooja gets frustrated about the events cost, she ends the call as she is not able to finalize anything.
In the morning, Pooja is again calling to hire someone for the booth, however she is not convinced with anyone, she then calls Mustafa who is also experienced with arranging charity events she also feels relieved and convinced talking with someone who is experienced.
Seema says that she has organized a party for a Delhi darlings as she has bought a new house, the first one to arrive is Deepshika who comes with a gift, when she gets comfortable then Manya arrives, Seema responds that she arrived late as she was adamant to come and help her, Manya enters explaining that she got late as she was choosing something to gift her, she tales it out and it is a vase, Manya explains that she gifted it to her as she had presented a cup to her on Jalesh, they joke that both of them would be used for drinking liquor, Seema answers that she had also gifted her a shirt but she is a minimizer so came with just a vase.
They all just go and start eating, Seema is worried as her other guests are about to come, Manya immediately jumps over to food, she asks her for champagne, she drinks even after being hesitant, her other guests then arrive, she is very accepting at that they all came to her house, all of have really appreciating views about her Rashmi explains that they never had a close relations but even then never thought wrong for each other, Sona says that she has really decorated her house beautifully which is really worth appreciating.
Seema responds that she has given her best to arrange the party so is hopeful that they enjoy it, if it is not according to their standards then she is watching them.

Precap: The charity event begins with the darlings at their respective stalls, all of them are being praised for their efforts, the host comes to Shaloo asking her about her feelings and what she chose the theme, she answers that she talks with the plants in her free time, she even performs how she does it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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