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first of all am soooooooooo sorry…… for the missunderstanding.
ssoooooooooo hear we reach to our part 13.. of DEIDEN.. now.. who wants raglak mu… n. swasan love.. Then… form now.. the story began.. to walk.. to rest… noww.. am not going to back back.. let’s move to the sTory…

recap : San’s bday… rag come to now something.. make her confident by sw’s love.. n abhi settled in MM….

..next day..
San wakeup… n looks at the bed.. but it was empty.. he was confused.. then he took the glass of water n sip it… n about to walk to washroom.. find.. swara was sleeping in floor.. opposite side of bed.. make him shock.. n confused.. he runs to her… but before he call out. his eyes fall on sw’s face….n her sleepy angelic smile make him lost her sense.. n he was admiring her… n remembering all of their moments…
his thoughts got broke when. swara took a turn.. n her sleeps broke she find.. her love was blankly gazing at her.. she fumbles.. n blush ttoo…
Sw: aarreee. sanskar app..? good morning. (she seta.. )
San: (back in his sense..n. fell on floor by disbalance…. n speak) e..r… wo.. may.. wo.. actually I was going to washroom.. then I find u sleeps on floor… why..?? swara..??
Sw:(smile n looks down) wo.. actually sanskar.. its your room.. n yesterday in sleeps in couch..so how cud I sleeps in this bIG bed alone.. ?? so..
San;(speechless n sad by her answer) but..
Sw: Its okk.. sanskar am fine.. u go n get fresh. then I need to go down….
San: then u go first.. am going to morning walk.
she get up…n get fresh.. San too got fresh after her…
@mm kitchen..

swara was frying puriia.. for her bestfrnd.. n Ap was making toasts for sanskar.. as he always like lite…
@dining table..
Sw serve purria to abhi. happily make San shcok.. angry n ferocious.. he gaze at abhi.. n abhi wink him back.. make him more angry.. n before eat he left the place… make Ap n Sw shock.. abhi laugh in mind….
after that…
swara arrange his plate…n walk to their room.. find San was hitting his punch bag… angrily… and he was about to hit.. but after seeing her coming to he got numb…
“sanskar.. appka nashta… aiise khana.. chodd k Anna accha nhI hota..”– she place the plate on coffee table… “u knew.. maa ne.. kittne pyaarse kheer bannayi thi..”
“leave my room… ” he said with a hard tone….. make her shock….
“but.. sanskar……”
“I said leave my room.. n no need to come to back to this room.. coz I don’t like u sleep in fllor. so.. better Lett on letting go.. how it was….” he turn around…. n shows his back to her… make her teary eyes.. again.. but this time for him.. n him only…..

its being almost 2hours the rain starts… make ragini feel hell boring alone to this big Gm… she was all free… as laksh leave to his meeting which was seriously very important.. so he had to… she also done her all works… make her free for long… she was thinking to roam at their backyard.. where swara beautifully designed her garden.. n also watering the plants.. but all in vain.. god send attomatic rains. make her bore more….

she read almost 2 film magazine.. but this stupid rain.. did not taking the name to end.. then all sudden she think to roam to sw’s room.. n also clean her room.. as she think she walk.. n she w start taking a view of her room… but very soon she reach to her study n she again open the dairy while seating on chair.. n again open the dairy…
•••___…today.. We mate gain… I don’t knew.. what magic this man done to me…but yes.. yes yes… I like him. I him a lot… I was reaching to school n there was a meaningless rain.. make me full wet… when he saw me first for the day… then. we reach to school by his car.. n we enjoy all the day… N I really feel damn good to see his smile… with full of joy… after the day.. when we all was taking leave.. he offers me to left me.. n the rain was still on high… ____•••
ragini look outside. n find its a similar day… as swara express in her dairy… n she also remembered how laksh took care of her…n she hug him. he kiss her…. she also smile.. n again looks at the dairy.. n read……
•••____…… But.. aaaaawwwn.. his car’s tier to puncher… no…p.. this time I left him.. on my. umbrella..…__•••
ragini smile.. n imagine the moment… n again read..
•••___…… and we just start walking.. when our umbrella float away By air.. make him n me speechless.. n we both burst out in laugh… then all sudden he cups my face…n I lost myself in his touch.. then slowly he kiss me… on his lips.. for the first time.. my love was so close to me… I was in heaven… n then I got scared n run away form him…. n then I realized how much I love him….____•••
ragini skip her tears to read her confession… n “god.. pllzz dont broke her trust.. pllzz give him realization. plzz god.. ”
where ragini was most in his thought… she heard car horn. n run to the gate.. n shock to see.. Sonal was taking to him nicely.. she flumed in anger to see.. that laksh was busy to talk.. with Sonal.. n he was fully wet…n almost shivering… but she lost her patience when she saw.. Sonal hug Lak.. n he to high back.( casually)
sonal : thanks a lot.. lucky sir. if u was not there… I.. (weep)
Lak:(tapp her shoulder) sonal.. calm down.. I was only complete my duty.. no need to think it more.. (to driver). rajesh.. drop ma’am.. at her home.. n repost my. ohk.??
driver ;(nods) yes. sir…
sonal sit in car.. n teary eyes.. n the car.. move laksh also take a turn n find.. ragini was weeping to see him.. n as laksh smile. to her.. she run towards her room. make Lak shock… he too follow her……

@RagLak RooM..
ragini was weeping more n more.. n murmurs “Ohhh god.. I can’t see this.. I can’t see anyone to him… I can’t…”.

Lak:(come to rag. n hold her shoulder) ragini. its nothing like this….
rag;(shock..n weep silently )
Lak: ajj.. snoal ke vai ne… usse jor se kissi aur se shadi karrwa cha rhha tha. so.. I just help her… n she was thanking me….only..
rag:(turn n hug laksh tightly) I am sorry laksh… but I can’t.. see u… laksh .. Don’t think am taking wrong.. but I was.. so helpless… am sorry.. laksh ..
Lak:(smile n hug back) its..ohkkk.. my baccha.. I knew.. don’t cry..
rag:(broke hug..n looks in his eyes.. instantly) laksh..
Lak: (tugg her hair) haa… tell..??
rag: (looks down) I.. want.. U make love to me… pllzz..
Lak: (shock… n speechless) ragini…??
rag: I knew.. laksh . U maybe think.. I am soo shameless.. but. I want to be yours… I want… u marked me.. as yours.. I love u laksh … I love u….
Lak: (smile n pull her in his warm hug) I love u too.. and…
rag: no and laksh .. I knew.. u was not my first love. but trust me.. The day I get married to u.. I wont look back.. I can’t see u.. laksh .. with anyone else… am sorry laksh .. but trust me.. I am not able to see.u.. with anyone.. pllzz.laksh .
Lak: (pull her close.. n kiss her forehead) I love u… ragini… I love u. n I was madly waiting for u.. to make me mine.. I really wish it too…

Lak scoop her to his arms.. n again kiss her forehead.. ragini smile shyly… n clutch his collar n another hand around his neck…
Lak softly place her on bed..she close her eyes.. n turn another side… laksh smile to see her shyness…. then he open his blazer.. n also goes to her.. n nuzzle his nose to to her back… n she giggle… then laksh kiss her bare back.. n then untie her dori.. n she immediately turn n hug him..
“laksh .. ” she whisper…..
“ssssshhh.. u only wish n….. then. don’t…” laksh says while kissing her nape… n collar bone…
laksh slowly remove her… sleeves n kiss her bare arm areas.. make ragini shiver again n again………
laksh looks at her straight.. at her eyes… n she too looks at him too.. both looks at e-o a passionate way.. n ragini clutch his hairs….. n laksh leaned to her. she looks down n at last close her eyes….. finally place his lips.. on her shivering lips… nd shooks her lips passionately… she to response him… n both was slowly slowly moving another.. worlds…. n where is no tensen… not worrid.. there was only… love…..

ragini moving her hands.. to off the lights.. where laksh too help her..n both lost themselves for each other. to each other……

NEXT PART ; swasan consummation…. n something.. shocking….. well.. now do commensts.. orr else.. I upload more late..,….

I hope u enjoys this part..

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